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How to Go from Discouraged to Empowered in a Scary World


Do you worry about the explosion of fear and violence around the world today?  It might seem like there’s no way out – the human race will implode, destroying everything else along with it.  In this scenario, attempts to foster love, compassion, tolerance and other spiritual values seem futile.

The humanitarian leader and spiritual teacher Sri Prem Baba sees the world differently.  He says we’re in the midst of a planet-wide transition from fear to trust, from isolation to union, from hatred to love.  If you were able to look through the eyes of spirit, you would see an increase in light in our world.

Prem Baba uses the metaphor of being asleep in a dark room to help us understand the outbreaks of needless violence that shock us again and again.

He says, if you’re ready to wake up and someone opens the window shade, you’ll enjoy light streaming in. The light, however, will also reveal all the dirt, grime, and venomous creatures in the room. When you look around and see the state of the room, you might begin to feel anxious or depressed.  You see the room needs to be cleaned.  It might seem like an overwhelming task, especially if you need to help others clean up their mess as well.  Which is the case when our loving heart blossoms.

This increase in perception is part of the process of spiritual accession.

On the other hand, some people are so deeply asleep they feel angry when you open the shades and light pours in. They don’t want to wake up. They don’t see or care how dirty the room is.  Although there’s more light on the planet, there’s also an exacerbation of ignorance at the same time, so some people are determined to keep their head under the covers.  This leads to more violence, selfishness, and thoughtless ambition on the short-run.

In reality, some people will need to suffer more before they’re ready to wake up.  There is a way out for humanity, says Prem Baba. But for some it may still be very far away.  They’ll only wake up when they understand they’re suffering and no longer want to suffer.

This exacerbation of ignorance is also a part of the process of spiritual accession.

We are witnessing and carrying out the greatest revolution of consciousness that this planet has ever known. But it’s a fact that this change in frequency is making everything shake. And I feel that things will shake even more. Stay steadfast in love. Remember that even this shaking is the work of love so everything will eventually come back to love itself. – Sri Prem Baba

How Can You Empower Yourself in a Turbulent World?

What can you do?

You will need considerable discipline and determination to complete the transition on a personal level.  Prem Baba recommends these steps as a start:

How you can overcome your fears about the state of the world. #stateoftheworld #emotional healing #personalgrowth #spiritualinspiration #prembaba

  • Align your yourself with the frequency of light.
  • Let go of victimhood and the blame game.
  • Assume self-responsibility for your own life, your own choices.
  • Through self-knowledge seek to understand and heal negative emotions and emotional wounds.
  • Repair relationships with anyone who has caused you pain and anyone whom you’ve caused pain.
  • Develop the qualities of truth, kindness, and self-responsibility.
  • Stay steadfast in love, which includes equality, generosity, forgiveness, compassion, humility, and more.
  • Honor your purpose in the world.  Everyone has a unique purpose, which is how you share love with others.
  • Detach from what causes you stress and suffering.
  • Make a clear intention for where you want to go, and realign to it regularly.
  • Identify with your higher self through the practice of inner silence.
  • Dedicate a few hours each week in selfless service, which is the connection point between the foundational psychological work and the spiritual work to come.
  • Listen to your heart, it will show the way.

You can only ascend spiritually if you’re able to de-identify with the pains, dramas, and stories of the past. Hurts, resentments and repressed emotions drag you down.  They will draw you into compulsive thinking and strategizing.  Indications of past influences include:

  • Repetition of the same emotional patterns.
  • Inability to follow your conscious will.
  • Lying to yourself and others.
  • Victimhood and the blame game.
  • Complaining.
  • Closing the heart.

But you need to heal these wounds, not by-pass them.  The psychospiritual work outlined above is foundational.  You cannot build consciousness without it.  Once you complete this work, you will be at the starting point of ascension. There you move into greater service, faith, and surrender as Prem Baba describes in the second video below.

I hope this synopsis of Prem Baba’s September and October 2017 Global Talks, encourages and empowers you.  While the world may look grim at times, more and more light comes into the world all the time.  Whenever you feel discouraged, remember to stay to the light.

If you have time, please listen to Prem Baba’s talks yourself.  My words do not do justice to the depth of his message and only represent a portion of what he expressed.

How do you manage your fears about the state of the world and the outbreaks of violence?  I would love to hear in the comments.

Prem Baba speaks in Brazilian with English subtitles.  September talk:  22:01  October talk: 11:55















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  1. I enjoyed the tip about not identifying with the pains, dramas, and stories of the past. Early last week, I went on a meditation retreat. The monk who hosted the event also highlighted the same point about not engaging in the drama. In so doing and as you have shared, ascension begins. I certainly like the idea of staying to the light.

    • Everly, I’m so inspired that you went on a meditation retreat. I find them so helpful myself for calming the mind and remember what’s really important in life! We need to build our capacity for remaining in the present moment so the drama doesn’t suck us in.

  2. Powerful post and very timely. I like the analogy of being asleep in a dark room and somebody opening the shades and letting light in. I was asleep in that dark room for 40 some years.

    I was not familiar with Pren Sri Baba. Thank you for introducing me to him.

    • That analogy helps us to have more compassion for others, doesn’t it Debbie? If we can remember we were asleep too, it can help us be less judgmental. How luck we have been to wake up and realize there’s an option other than living in suffering.

  3. The second, third, and last points really resonated with me. Stop blaming, take responsibility, and listen to your heart. I like this teacher’s perspective that all this upheaval is evidence of a large scale transformation. Perhaps the violence and hatred, now so out in the open, will wear people down until they are willing to consider that there must be a better way. Little by little, people will sicken of the prejudice and fear, and will begin to reach out to find common ground. Thanks for sharing the videos. I’m going to get in my pajamas right now, settle in, and listen to them.

    • Hello Galen,

      It’s sad that people need to suffering in these ways to finally be exhausted by it all. I hope you are right, that we will get fed up with these unhappy ways so we can finally consider better ways to live. I appreciate how you lend your voice to positive change. Hope you enjoyed the videos!

  4. This is a really important article because if you look at the world through the fear lenses it can be very debilitating. I know this from personal experience and there a came a point where I decided to let go of all these worries and fears and to live in the present. It takes work but it is so worth it and the way I want to live. My focus and mantra is live is precious and so valuable. Time here is purely of the essence and as long as I have that in front of my mind, I can usually overcome my fears and live life to the fullest I can. From time to time I still struggle, but I also believe I have to undo years of thinking out of fear, so that puts things into perspective for me. I look at progress not perfection.

    • Marissa, Thank you! Your story of change is so inspiring. I’m sure it will inspire others. It does take work, doesn’t it, but I agree it’s so worth it. Of course, it’s only natural that you still struggle from time to time. As you say, you’re in the process of uncovering years of condition. I like your attitude to look for progress not perfect!

  5. Sandra, thank you for this MUST read by all guidance to change our World. We have it all but the will to apply wisdom for a better world! My motto of the day “pass this link out to create awareness and consciousness “
    Truly thankful for your gift to us through your priceless involvement and ❤️!!!!

  6. What a wonderful read Sandra…I’ve been saying something similar, not nearly as eloquently or as well thought out as Prem Baba and you. More of what it feels is happening to me. And I love the analogy of the light pouring in and showing us things that have been hiding in the dark.

    And how can we move them out of our sphere if we don’t even know they are there.

    Thanks for this. 🙂

    • Yes, I see you as a carrier of the light, Elle, helping us all move forward. I’m glad you resonated with the message. We can so easily become discouraged. This gives us hope, doesn’t it!

  7. Thank so much for sharing this Sandra! Can’t wait to watch the talk!

  8. Reassuring post in a time of unbelievable challenge. I’m bookmarking so I can read it again, and listen to the talks.

    I’ve been away from your blog for a couple of months because I’ve been super busy and overwhelmed, but I am so glad to be back and catching up on posts. (I read all of my backlogged Wild Arisings yesterday–I hope your cat is still doing better, and you yourself are feeling better, also.) Wishing you a peaceful and happy Thanksgiving.

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