How to Let Go of Attachments and Find More Ease

Ocean - Letting Go of Attachments

“Human beings face two causes of death: untimely death and death due to exhaustion of their natural life span.  Untimely death can be averted through the methods taught for prolonging life.  However, when the cause of death is the exhaustion of the natural life span, you are like a lamp which has run out of oil.  There is no way of averting death by cheating it; you have to get ready to go. – Padmasambhava

I know!  Death is probably the last thing you want to hear or think about.  But honestly, accepting impermanence and death is the best way to learn to live fully in each precious moment given to us.  That doesn’t mean dying will be easy, but it could be easier.

The ability to meet death with an open heart depends, however, upon letting go of all your attachments.

Yes, every single one!  You have to let go of everything when you die.  Your possessions, your relationships, your work, and your body all get left behind no matter how deeply you cherish them now.

Can you imagine that?

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In the Silent Spaces, That’s Where Wholeness Lies

In the Silent Spaces, Wholeness Lies

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When I was meditating last night, an image of a nun from my Catholic elementary school came up out of nowhere.  It arose just as my body started feeling physical distress.

Some of the nuns at my school cracked the whip.  I felt in terror of them.  Disobedience never crossed my mind, at least not in my early years.  One time, however, I was caught whispering – it seems – with a classmate during morning mass.  I don’t remember the transgression.  But I remember the humiliation of the punishment – kneeling in the aisle for the remainder of mass – as a visceral impression in my cells.

“Indignity,” cries out my bones, my body, my brain. No wonder she’s suddenly appearing from the darker corners of my mind.  This memory needs to be cleansed and released so I can move closer to wholeness, untainted by the past.

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7 Brilliant Creatives {Writers, Artists, & Photographers} Share Their Best Stress Dissolving Strategies

 Creativity and Stress - Creative Images

On the surface, stress might seem like a good way to kick-start productivity, but studies show that when we are under stress we can’t think as broadly, widely or deeply. Stress can increase motor function but it decreases perception, cognition and creativity. – Beth Kuhel

If you’re someone who creates – a writer, artist, photographer, musician, songwriter or another type of creative – chances are stress has obstructed your creative process more than once.  It may even be an ongoing challenge for you, taking the form of resistance, writer’s block, self-doubt or constant overwhelm.

I believe storytelling is powerful.  Where we share our own stories of stress, others can realize:

  • They’re not alone.  They’re not the only one who has felt trapped by stress.
  • They don’t have to accept an overload of stress as the norm.
  • There’s a way out.  New ideas may be sparked that lead them out of the pit of stress.

Today, I’ve asked 7 talented women – creatives who especially inspire me – to share their personal stories of stress along with their most effective stress dissolving strategies.  I suspect at least one of their stories will speak directly to you and may bring an “aha” or two.

As I read these stories, I see common threads as well as unique angles on addressing creative stress. Ultimately, you must get to know your own stress threshold and the triggers that cause you to trip over it.  But seeing how others work with stress and then adapting the methods that resonate for you can dramatically decrease the time and energy you normally give over to stress.

Then, you’ll have space and a greater sense of ease so you can get on to what’s truly important to you:  CREATING!

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