A Simple Formula for Joy

A Simple Formula for Joy

What exactly is joy?

Is joy an unexpected, momentary experience?

Or, can joy be cultivated and become an ongoing way of being?

Questions about joy have been floating around my mind since I received an Akashic Recording Reading from Heather Gray.

In case, you’re not familiar with the Akashic Records, Heather describes them as

“…a soul-level dimension of consciousness that contains a vibrational record of every individual’s soul and its journey.”

So when you access the records, via an intuitive, you can gain insight, direction, and healing tailor-made for you.

I’ve enjoyed intuitive readings periodically for a good part of my adult life.  The information I receive in this manner invariably clarifies, affirms, and encourages my own soul urgings.   And sometimes that’s exactly what I need to actualize the next step on my life path.


During the reading, I asked Heather multiple questions, including  “How I can best use the later years of my life?”   She (and the records) surprised me by responding with the suggestion of enjoyment rather than a specific preoccupation.  My “task” according to the records is to enjoy these years.  That means to relax and play, show up with love and light, let go of the “shoulds,” and avoid pushing to make things happen.Continue Reading

33 Happy Movies to Light Up Your Heart

33 Happy Movies

Seeing The Imitation Game, The Theory of Everything, and Still Alice in swift succession left me emotionally exhausted from all the pain and suffering I took in.  I’m a highly sensitive person.  The ambiance of a movie can linger in my mind and heart for days.

These dramatic stories are extremely important.  They tell the truth and remind us of the suffering in our world.  They offer us an opportunity to learn, to grow, and to practice compassion.  They remind us to do whatever we can to alleviate suffering – large or small acts all make a difference.

At the same time, I don’t think it’s good to constantly dwell on suffering.  Doing so will only bring you down and could eventually effect your health too.Continue Reading

Embrace Simplicity and Ease Through the Art of Subtraction

Simplicity and Ease

When you add something new to your life, do you subtract something else?  Or do you keeping adding and adding and adding until you feel constantly overwhelmed?

If you’re an enthusiastic person like me, new activities can easily sneak into your day.  You might think this opportunity is just too good to pass up or tell yourself it won’t take much time.  Or you might be called to take on an important responsibility like caring for ill or aging parents.

But instead of subtracting another activity in order to stay in balance, you just pile on new ones, which naturally leads to tension, overload, and overwhelm.

You might be able to juggle all the balls at first.  But, then that feeling of dread or overwhelm kicks in.  That’s a sure sign it’s time to subtract, or you’ll just get pulled further and further down.Continue Reading

Ordinary and Extraordinary Mindfulness: What’s the Difference?


People throw the word “mindfulness” about these days as a panacea for almost every possible trouble from pain to high blood pressure to psoriasis.  For many people, mindfulness does indeed offer an effective solution for an array of practical challenges.  Research backs up its potency too, in studies conducted with participants who have received bona fide mindfulness training.

More and more, people view mindfulness as a self-help technique, entirely divorced from its origin or ultimate purpose.  This single word describes a spectrum of awareness training used in such oddly different places as the military and law enforcement, elementary schools, health care settings, cognitive behavioral therapy, and traditional Buddhist centers.

This concerns me because secular mindfulness typically differs from traditional mindfulness in significant ways.  The modern world has appropriated the word “mindfulness,” just like it swallowed up the word “zen,” which originally contained such profound meaning.

Continue Reading