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Mini-Mindfulness Challenge: Drink Up!

Mind-Mindfulness Challenge

Welcome to Week 3 of the Mini-Mindfulness Challenge.  I’m so glad you’re here!

The Mini-Mindfulness Challenge offers a simple prompt each week – for 4 weeks – to help you remember to be present in the moment and in so doing find better health and more ease.  If you missed Week 1 or Week 2, here they are:

The mindfulness focus this week is water, a prompt I personally need!

Did you know that up to 75% of North Americans may be chronically dehydrated?  Over time, failure to drink an adequate amount of water can contribute to many health challenges like:

  • Fatigue
  • Joint pain
  • Weight gain
  • Headaches
  • Gastritis and ulcers
  • Low and high blood pressure
  • Kidney disease
  • Elevated cholesterol
  • Cystitis and urinary infections
  • Digestive disorders
  • Premature aging
  • Weakened immune system
  • Asthma

The recommendation for daily water intake varies from 8 to 12 cups.  It would be smart to get a minimum of 8 cups per days.  Beware of coffee, milk, juice, and alcohol, which can all contribute to dehydration.

Mini-Mindfulness Challenge – Week 3:  Drink Up!

This week’s mini-mindfulness challenge is simple:

Each time you drink water, let it signal you to come back to the present moment.  Notice how the water feels as it glides down your throat.  It might feel wet, thirst-quenching, or filling.  Notice any sensation that occurs without generating new thoughts about it.  Just notice. 

If you wish, you can also keep track of the number of glasses of water you drink each day.

As you drink up this week, remember mindfulness is not over-concentration.  Mindfulness doesn’t mean being laser-focused on the task at hand to the exclusion of everything else within and around you.  Instead, just be lightly aware of your object (drinking water in this case).  You’ll still be cognizant of sights, sounds, mental impressions, and other stimuli as well.  But your main attention will be on the sensation of drinking water.

Mini-Mindfulness Challenge:  Suggested Guidelines

  • Practice the prompt for a full week if possible.  If not, try it out for 4-5 days.
  • Or, alternate the prompts we’ve worked with so far –  smile, worry, water – using a different one each day.
  • Go at your own pace.  You don’t have to be aware every time you take a sip.
  • If you forget, that’s okay. Forgetting is a normal part of the process of learning to be mindful.  Just start again as soon as you remember.
  • Never reprimand yourself for forgetting.  Be gentle and encouraging instead.
  • Don’t get stressed!  Approach the exercise with playful curiosity.
  • Each day celebrate your accomplishment to reinforce it.  Even if you drank one glass of water mindfully that day, it’s a good start.
  • Keep track of your experience in a journal if you would like, but don’t obsess about getting it “right.”
  • Return here the next Wednesday to receive a new prompt and share your experience with us.

Simple Tricks to Help You Remember Mindfulness

These simple tricks will help you to remember to be mindful:

  • Write “water” on a post it-note, and place it in a prominent place where you’ll see it often.
  • Set a timer on your watch, computer, or SMART phone to beep once an hour (or however often you like) as a reminder.
  • Briefly reflect on the benefits of drinking water each day to inspire your motivation.

Taking the time to consciously drink a glass of water can help you relax, reconnect with your body, and feel grateful for this life-enhancing elixir that’s so easily available to you.  In these small ways, mindfulness helps you experience the richness of every moment.

If you would like to know more about what mindfulness is and what it is not, please read my article:  You Can Beat Stress With Mindfulness.

How did Week 2 of the Mini-Mindfulness Challenge:  Dispel Worry go for you?  Was it too challenging or just what you needed.  I would love to hear.  And what do you think about drinking water as a prompt?

Wishing you a good week with more smiles, less worry, and plenty of water!

And here’s Week 1 and 2 if you haven’t seen them yet.

Thank you for your presence.  If you have a moment, please help me reach others by sharing this post.  If you’re new, please subscribe for free updates by email.  With love, Sandra


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  1. Jean Sampson

    What a neat mindfulness exercise, Sandra! I do drink lots of water but some of it is disguised as Jasmine Green Tea 🙂 :). I guess I drink a lot because I take lots of supplements and green drink powders. I love the idea of being mindful because sometimes (most of the time) I just chug it thoughtlessly. I do usually offer thanks for clean pure water, always when I shower and sometimes when I am drinking it. I think I will see if I can remember to be grateful EVERY time I drink something that is water based.
    As for the worry thing, I did well (I think) this week because I signed up with a really positive and powerful abundance manifesting workshop through Daily Om. I am on day 5 now and it is doing something to help me worry less, be positive more! Gratitude really does seem to be a key in keeping me present in any situation, Sandra! Love and hugs! What is happening with the lava flow now? Is the town safe?

    • Hi Jean,

      I love your approach of linking a drink of water with gratitude, another way to apply mindfulness. I know I need to get my pure water in everyday because I’m prone to dehydration. So this is a challenge I personally need!

      I’m so happy you found a supportive program to help you decrease and delete the worry. When we focus on the positive – like gratitude – there’s less room for worry.

      The lava is still flowing toward Pahoa Town and could arrive there around October 15th. The word is that it’s inevitable. But change and miracles do happen at times. We’ll see soon. I’m focusing on prayer and asking Pele, the Goddess that oversees the lava flow, to go to sleep for now.

  2. I’ve found that getting in my needed water is easy during the week. I have my bottle sitting on my desk and I regularly sip from it. But on the weekends, when I’m not in the same place for long, it is a completely different story. And I even have my bottle with me for most of the time. I like the idea of the timer on my phone, especially for those two days of the week.

    • You have this down well during the week, Jacki. You can still use those moments of drinking as a mindfulness break if you’d like. The objects can be fun and healthful, but the main point is practicing mindfulness. I know you are well aware of that.

      I hope the timer helps you out on the weekends, Jacki. Then you’ll be at 100%! I’m prone to dehydration so this is an important challenge for me.

  3. Marjorie Cooper

    What a wonderful challenge!! I just found you yesterday over at Spark and Tinder, and I love that you are speaking about mindfulness.
    Water is such a beautiful and often neglected gift! I accept your challenge for this week and I will read your previous posts to catch myself up. Thank-you!!!
    (I too am worried about your lava run.. I hope that all is doing well and that you and your family and friends are safe!)

    • Welcome, Margorie. I’m happy you’re here and are interested in mindfulness too. Water is a gift, isn’t it! And one that’s not easily accessible to all. Enjoy the challenge this week.

      The lava keeps moving at this point, but it could stop or change course. Time will tell! Thanks for your concern.

  4. I like this week’s challenge. I have to make a conscious effort to drink water because I don’t rarely find myself thirsty. Because I do hot yoga, I need to hydrate even more!

    I keep a Brita pitcher on the counter and my goal is to empty it every day. I drink a glass of water upon waking and before going to bed, but some days, I will realize at 4:00 that I have forgotten to drink. Then it’s chug time!

    • Hi Debbie,

      I find it interesting that you don’t find yourself thirsty. It’s sometimes recommended to use thirst as our guide to drinking water, but clearly that won’t work for everyone It’s easy to forget!

      I think it’s smart to start off with a measured amount like the Brita Filter. Then it’s easy to see where you’re at. At the moment, I’m filling up my 12 ounce cup and my goal is to use it a minimum of 4 times a day: 2 in the morning, 2 before lunch, and 2 before dinner. Then I’ll add 1 or 2 at bedtime and that will get me above the minimum recommended amount I’ll use meals as a trigger to remember, but I never drink during meals – just 30 minutes before.

      Good luck this week!

  5. Betsy

    Such a simple habit, yet one I too easily neglect. I’m looking forward to being more mindful about my water consumption and noticing the benefits. Thanks, Sandra!

  6. Thank you for this week’s challenge. I struggled with last week’s, “Dispel worry.” Looking forward to reflecting on water, its benefits, and how good it is for the body. Thanks, Sandra 🙂

    • Hi Maria,

      I’m glad you’re still with us, Maria! Last week’s challenge was a difficult one. I had mixed feelings about whether to introduce it or not. It’s easier to start with the physical dimension before working with thoughts or emotions. Wishing you a good week.

  7. Last week was good Sandra, after a week of smiling which i am keeping going on my daily walk, amazing how many people do not smile 🙂 I feel so much more full of joy and when I am in joy there is no worry.
    Water is something I drink every day, so important for my bones and my health. I do include my lemon water and a tea I make from fresh lemongrass and ginger too. I feel so blessed to live where we have an abundance of water that is clean and to swim in the sea giving my body ions
    Suzie xx

    • I love that you feel so much more full of joy and that being in joy dissolves your worry.

      You’re very conscious about your health. I just planted some lemon grass and look forward to have water infused with lemon grass someday. I feel blessed as well to live close to the water. I’m happy you have such a good life!

  8. I will try to be more mindful of when I drink water. I’m always drinking water. I get slightly anxious if I see my urine yellowish. I try to always stay hydrated. It helps that I do not drink soda or much alcohol. It definitely helps with your skin and health.

    • If you drink water a lot, it’s a good trigger to remind you to be mindful! It’s really smart to stay hydrated. Something I’m working on and why I need this challenge myself.

  9. Yes! Yes! Drinking water has made me feel so amazing its shocking, why didn’t I do it earlier? I tell everyone – drink more water, you will be shocked at how good you feel! I spent most of my life very disconnected from my body and suffered severe dehydration symptoms for years before I finally realized I needed to drink more water. I would often go a day with drinking NO water. Now I drink about 100 ounces a day and can gauge my health by my hydration level – if I am feeling abnormally dehydrated then I am usually getting sick with a sinus infection. I keep a water bottle with me constantly and am always looking for ways to fill it up – the first few days are the hardest but after that your body adjusts and you will be hitting the bathroom less! And I also notice that when I lapse on drinking water I am having an especially hectic day and its a signal to me that I need to slow down. Thanks for the post!

    • How inspiring, Kaylin! In fact, I’m going to run and drink more water as soon as I finish this response. Wow, it’s so amazing what you’ve discovered through adequately hydrating yourself. You are truly our inspiration for this challenge. I especially appreciate how you know it’s a sign to slow down if you lapse on your water drinking. An extra added benefit!

      Thank you SO much for sharing your story.

  10. Liz fisher

    This is very timely for me. I could send you a picture of my still-full glass of water from this morning. I also don’t get that thirsty. I drink de caf tea mostly now, but always feel better for water. It’s just remembering!

    • That’s great, @Liz! It’s been challenging for me too, but I’m committed to making it happen. This challenge has been perfect for me. 🙂

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