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9 Important Things to Know If You Want to Heal Yourself

Candle Lit Healing Environment

One evening, I went to visit my husband in his meditation space.  Two candles illuminated the darkness and soft music caressed the air.  Laying upon a fold-out futon, snuggled under a light blanket, he was quietly engaged in a body-scan meditation, a mindfulness-based stress reduction technique.

I smiled, thinking, “He knows how to create an especially relaxing and healing environment, doesn’t he!”  I even felt a wee bit envious.

Why Do We Neglect Our Own Healing?

Why do we neglect our own healing?  Although most of us need healing on one level or another – emotional, physical, mental, or spiritual – often we’re held back because we:

  • Don’t believe we can truly heal
  • Don’t feel we have the time
  • Feel guilty when we take time to relax

We stay busy because, after all, there’s so much to do, isn’t there?  There are so many external demands that suck up our time and take precedence over our own healing.  Or, we obey the inner messages that say we’re too busy, it’s impossible, or we don’t deserve to take care of ourselves.

So we keep running down the same old track, getting the same tired results, and never feeling a sense of true contentment.  Because our regular habits are what we know; they feel comfortable in a funny sort of way.

9 Things to Know If You Want to Heal

I’ve fallen prey to all these same obstacles myself.  But, in the process of seeking my own wholeness, these are a few things I’ve come to know for certain about healing:

  1. Acknowledging your suffering is the first step toward healing.
  2. If you want to heal, it takes time, focus, and consistent action.
  3. If you don’t take time to heal now, there’s a good chance you’ll get worse.  That means less happiness and more distress down the road. And, being forced to take the time you think you don’t have now when/if your body or mind breaks down.
  4. You alone are responsible for your healing.  Healthcare or healing practitioners may support you, but no one else can truly heal you.
  5. It’s not selfish to focus on self-healing, especially if you dedicate your healing so that it brings benefit to others as well.
  6. Recognizing your suffering has the power to gradually open your compassionate heart.  You’ll begin to see so many others are suffering just like you are.
  7. Healing in many ways is an important purpose of our life.  As long as you are caught up in transitory and self-centered patterns of endless thoughts and emotions, you’re missing your true self.  You’re missing all the fundamental goodness within that could be shared with others.
  8. Obsessing about your own well-being will boomerang and just make you worse.
  9. You may not be able to heal physically, but you can always heal your beliefs, your emotional patterns, and sense of spiritual separation.

Your Journey to Healing Begins in Every Moment

Every moment offers the opportunity for change.  So just start right now.  Here are 6 simple ways to start or restart on your healing journey.

Decide what healing would look like for you.  Can you imagine this – you fully healed and whole?  Write or draw your vision of wellness.  Pin it someplace you’ll see everyday.  Practice visualizing yourself as the loving and radiant being you truly are.

Embrace the idea that you deserve to heal and can indeed heal.  Find a cozy, peaceful place and make a short list of any inner messages that keep you from taking time for self-healing.  Create counter-messages.  Then practice one at a time until it easily rolls off your tongue and your mindset gradually begins to change.

Select the specific practice(s) you will use.  There are so many ways to heal from tiny steps to huge leaps.  There isn’t one right way. Follow your own intuition and find out what works for you. Be willing to experiment.  Drop what doesn’t work and keep trying something new until you find a good fit for yourself.  Consistently work on one new strategy at a time until it’s established.  Then move on to the next.

Determine how much time you’re willing to give to your healing – more or less – each day or week.  If it feels overwhelming, you can start small and build up from there.  Even 5 minutes a day can be a good start if you continue consistently.

Create a cozy and supportive atmosphere for your healing.  This might be as simple as lighting a candle or brewing a comforting cup of aromatic tea.  Or, you could make a special healing spot in your home.  If nature calls to you, go for a walk or grab a blanket, picnic basket, and your journal for an extended immersion.

Look for healing in the right place.  I spent so many years looking to doctors for physical healing, when true healing awaited me within.  Eventually, I did find physical answers too.  But, they only emerged after I stopped frantically searching outside of myself. If what you’re doing isn’t working, turn around and look in a new direction.

You deserve to heal in every possible way.  This is a good time to reinvigorate your healing intentions for the year, and open to your best possible self.

A few days ago, an amazing astrologer spontaneously peaked into my Vedic chart.  He reminded me how essential MOVEMENT is to my health.  I will use movement as one way to heal myself.

How about you?  How will you heal yourself?  I would love to hear from you.

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  1. Jean Sampson

    Hey, Sandra, this is right up my alley! I have made the commitment to heal my lower back whatever it takes. I get my Network Chiropractic free because, over the last 15 years, I have helped my chiropractor/ good friend, build his business. I have done Egoscue for nearly a year now ( have slowed down and need to get back to the program) and I have found a new person who I think will help with the vertigo and the back. I gave up lifting weights when I started Egoscue at their suggestion ——made sense to not strengthen things until I was properly aligned!
    I need to continue walking these big hills around here and I need to get to bed earlier (may be easier now that Jay Leno is not around to keep me up), and really commit to eating well even when it is much easier to eat pizza (when I am teaching at night). I am exploring tapping or EMF and I have to say that I was surprised at how quickly it gets rid of pain! And it is really easy! Also, I am committed to ending the vertigo once and for all (it is still hanging around). So I do have a lot of health commitments and am pretty good at going after them but it really does seem like a full time job as I age. There really does not seem to be much “wiggle room” if you really want to age well because things do wear out or change and we have to decide what we can change and what we just have to learn to live with and that is mostly by trial and error and being consistent and persistent! I do share with others when things work for me and have sent many people to healers who have helped them and even kept them out of surgery!!!!
    Thanks for helping me to state my health commitments by writing them down. I just posted a wonderful poem on FB that states that nothing exists until it is written. I wish you well with your health commitments and also your readers!

    • Hi Jean,
      I’m so amazed by your focus and your commitment! I’m so happy you’ve found someone to help with the vertigo. That can be so disabling.

      I’ll be walking right alongside you although there’s only one hill in my neighborhood! I know what you mean, healing takes time and I really think that’s why we put it off so often. I feel we have to adapt to what our body is telling us rather than trying to force our body to adapt as it always rebels eventually. Like you say, as we age it just might take more time.

      How wonderful that you have helped keep people out of surgery.:) I wish more people knew that there’s often many things that can be done before surgery. Thanks for sharing all your healing modalities with us. I’m sure they will inspire others.

      I agree, writing things down makes a difference. I surely hope so as I’ve written it here and I really want to have a breakthrough with movement in 2014. So now I’m off to fertilize the fruit trees.

      I always love hearing from you.

  2. Thank your so much for these gifts, Sandra.

    9 Key Beliefs to Help You Heal – truer words were never spoken/written.
    6 simple ways to start or restart on your healing journey – effective ways to set yourself up for healing and to support yourself in the process.

    I have many practices. All are aimed at self healing and celebrating what’s positive in each moment. In the past I had a schedule for each one but I changed that as 2013 came to an end. Instead of deciding in advance which practice to engage in I’m scheduling daily blocks of time for self care and relying on my intuition in the now moment to make my selections.

    In addition to daily meditation practice and remaining mindful as much as possible, I’m painting frequently and I am back into group singing weekly. My voice will one of my medicines in 2014.

    It’s an informal group of women singing solely for self healing purposes, who are all loving supportive and fun to be with. We can request songs we want to sing and we can sing through our fears and tears UN-self-consciously with full support from the others.

    Rather than having to sing in a single section (soprano-mettzo-countralto) we are allowed to switch spontaneously and that freedom is so empowering, Sandra. Your see I have a 2 1/2 octave range and I was unhappy being pigeonholed into one section in choirs, compelled to read music and be perfect when it came to each note as we had public engagement dates. In this little group we do not sing for an audience and have we no public entertainment plans – we sing for self-healing only. We can read music or not and I love being able to toss it aside, close my eyes and sing by ear. Below is a little song we consider to be a theme song.

    One Voice – The Wailin’ Jennys

    • Dear timethief,

      Since I’ve known you, you’ve always been so dedicated to self-healing. I know there have been ups and downs as we are all steered away by busyness and stress at times. It’s beautiful to see how you keep going and inspire others to do the same via your blog, thistime, thisspace.

      It’s so joyful to hear how you’re using your voice for healing and what a wonderful group of women have gathered for the same purpose. Thanks for sharing this beautiful song.

      I’m glad you are continuing to paint too, You are such a creative person. Your experience illustrates how there are so many different paths to healing. I love how these skillful means are being share in the comments as I know they will help others.

  3. Hi Sandra,
    The first step to healing is ‘acknowledging your suffering’…the very first point that inspires! and yes, the busy schedule never lets us realise that we need to pay attention to self-healing. Till a particular age, we are so much immersed in a host of activities, which leaves us with no choice but hit the bed…how blissful is that time, when we are not even aware of all that you have shared here! and yes, the guilt factor of not working harder!! Once we are out of that young, busy stage of life, we start realising we need to spend some time with ourselves too.

    I think there must be people out there who experience suffering at a young age, I too had my share but I never realised there are ways of coming out of it…had no awareness about self healing! I just absorbed every moment as it came to me and you know the resistance at that stage of life is much greater…you can take all kinds of storms and let them pass, thinking they are part of life.

    Self healing began a few years ago when I found healing truly lies “within” and I am so pleased to learn you also have emphasised on that! Talking to yourself, writing as it gives you freedom of expression and cultivating a hobby…all this and much more that we keep discovering every day!!

    Thanks Sandra for another wonderful article.

    • Dear Balroop,

      This has been so true for me too > “I think there must be people out there who experience suffering at a young age, I too had my share but I never realised there are ways of coming out of it…had no awareness about self healing! I just absorbed every moment as it came to me and you know the resistance at that stage of life is much greater…you can take all kinds of storms and let them pass, thinking they are part of life.”

      It’s interesting how long we can remain on automatic and be bustled by life till we start to take control. I think there are many people waking up earlier now though. So maybe our future will be different!

      I’m happy for all you are discovering each day!

  4. I’ve healed myself Sandra, and it only really occurred when I stopped focusing on what hurt and chose to see myself as being whole and perfect. I’m always surprised at the manner the healing occurs, and always, always grateful. Thanks for your insightful ideas, I’m always glad to have more tools in my arsenal.

    • Elle,

      My heart sings with joy where I hear that you have healed yourself. You’ve made a profound and meaningful shift. I think you’re right that healing can come in very surprising ways sometimes. Thanks for your appreciate words. I always am happy for your positive presence here.

  5. This was good! There are a lot of people who on a deep level don’t see themselves as deserving of that peace. Comfort? Sure. Zoning out with pleasure? Sure. Healing? That’s a different animal.

  6. How Timely Sandra. yesterday I devoted a whole day to my healing by going to a refresher on the quantum healing method I am using currently. Your post is so timely as this morning I made a checklist of how I spend the first 3+ hours of my day that is devoted to healing on many levels. Physical, creative, spiritual, financial- I am doing the 40 day Prosperity challenge. I paint, I read, I write, I meditate, I breathe, Ecercise and I walk, swim and have a healthy alkaline breakfast. I was astounded when I looked at what I had written and after yesterday I know to fully heal me and my bones, PLUS>>>>>> Healing takes time and I realised last week I had been fudging on some of what I do on the physical healing level- yes we do have to diarise the time for both self and healing so easy allow other stuff to have priority and then it is not far to slip back down the slide and find us back in unwellness. Our health is our wealth.
    Great post and timely Namaste xx

    • I’m so inspired by all the ways you are healing yourself, Suzie. You really take it “seriously” without taking it too “seriously” if you know what I mean. You’re a great inspiration. Thanks for giving us a view of your healing process and all that it involves.

      You’re right, it takes time. And the big question is whether we are willing to give ourselves that time! Thanks for mentioning that.

  7. Hello; Thanks for reminding us to pay attention to healing all aspects of our lives especially the spiritual. I have decided that any time i am petting my doggie to use that as meditation time. she will often come up and tell me its time to put down the laptop and do my real job of scratching those spots she can’t reach. i used to get angry with her and complain about how she is keeping me from getting stuff done. I even learned how to delete my spam with my left hand so at least i would be accomplishing something. but aftr reading this post i am reminded that we don’t always have to be doing something positive. so from now on me and penny are going to meditate together. I think the rhythmic motion of petting her should be a perfect way to get myself in the right frame of mind. thanks for th post and take care, max

    • Max,

      Your post gave me a big smile! I think Penny has some wisdom there and you are so smart to follow her suggestions when she comes up giving the hint it’s the moment for some downtime. You are so clever to figure out ways to continue no matter what – even deleting spam with your left hand – but I’m happy Penny is winning out after all. What a beautiful blessing she is bringing to you. I hope you enjoy every moment of your meditation together! Thank you for this wonderful inspiration, Max. I’m so happy you shared with us! Please take care too.

  8. This post affirmed so much for me, thank yo for writing it! No. 2 of your list of key beliefs, I have found to be so true and so effective in my own process of self healing.

    • Liz, I’m happy you found this post so affirming of what you know for yourself. I’m so glad you found what is effective for you in you’re own healing process. Sometimes, it truly comes down to devoting a chunk of time to ourselves. Thanks for your thoughts.

  9. Sandra, What an amazing list of suggestions. I do believe that the landscape of our healthcare systems are such that we are continuously and consistently reminded to look outside of ourselves for cures. The majority of doctors are also very focussed on easing symptoms rather than looking for the real underlying causes of the illness, certainly that has been my own experience.
    With more realisations and proposals such as the ones you have listed here, hopefully more people will realise just how powerful they are within themselves.

    • Li-ling, Oh yes, you are so right. Doctors (for the most part) are no longer healers. And, at least in the U.S. they are so constrained by insurance and the pharmaceutical industry. It’s very sad indeed although sometimes modern medicine is crucial and can life-saving. We do have much more power within ourselves than we might ever imagine. Thank you for highlighting that.

  10. Hi! I am new to your blog .. I also write in my blog to heal! LOVE this writing about healing and it’s SO true about the process of healing. I bookmarked your blog .. I will come by and read more ..

    Thank you for sharing

    • Hi Karen,

      Welcome! I’m very happy to see you here. I’m glad you liked the post so much. Almost all of us need healing. May you blog help many heal!

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