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A Treasury of Free Meditation Resources: 100+ Audios, Videos, & Articles

Want to learn to meditate or re-inspire your meditation. This collection includes more than 100 audios, videos, & articles on mindfulness, loving-kindness, and transforming emotions. Click through to see which ones might inspire you!

Updated on September 6, 2016

The more and more you listen, the more and more you hear; the more and more you hear, the deeper and deeper your understanding becomes.”  – Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche

You may have moments of peace and clarity, but do they last?

Chances are the upheavals of life are constantly sucking you into chaos, confusion, and uncertainty.  The small speed bumps you encounter on any given day may also slow you down and tip your mood for the worse.

Most of us would benefit from regular doses of inspiration.  Indeed, we need infusions of practical wisdom to maintain a sane perspective, keep an open heart, and see the utter ridiculousness of many of our trials and tribulations.

The Three Wisdom Tools

Meditation is one way to bring your mind home — to relax the stress, release the grasping and find greater ease.

But actually there are Three Wisdom Tools to help you discover and stay aligned to your true self:

  • The wisdom of listen and hearing
  • The wisdom of contemplation and reflection
  • The wisdom of meditation and application

Following are some of the most inspiring video, audio, and written teachings on meditation, compassion, and wisdom you’ll find in cyberspace.  And, they’re free.  They represent the first wisdom tool:  listening and hearing plus reading.

Whenever you feel lost or overwhelmed, tune in to get back on track.  Or, listen daily to inspire a more continual flow of spacious awareness.  Although these teachings are from the heart of the Buddhist tradition, they are of universal relevance and can be of help to anyone.

Top Teachings on Meditation, Wisdom and Compassion

The Dalai Lama
More than twenty-six public talks on topics like Human Compassion, Be the Change and The Art of Happiness.  You can also “like” the Dalai Lama’s Facebook Page and see a daily stream of inspiration.

What Meditation Really Is
Talks on meditation given by Daniel Goldman, Jon Kabat-Zinn, Khandro Rinpoche, Ringu Tulku Rinpoche, Sharon Salzberg, Elizabeth Namgyel-Mattis, Robert Thurman and other luminaries from the East and West.

Sogyal Rinpoche
A large collection of video teachings on Meditation, The Nature of Mind, Happiness, Compassion, and the Fundamentals of Buddhism.

Pema Chödrön
In the top menu of this homepage, click on the “articles” or “videos” for teachings on meditation, addiction, boundaries, compassion, loving kindness, karma, attachment and so on.

Sharon Salzberg
Articles and podcasts on happiness, generosity, mindfulness, caregiving, loving-kindness and tons more.

Tsoknyi Rinpoche
Click on “Offerings” in the top menu and you’ll see a drop-down menu for teachings on meditation, compassion, mind nature, motivation, and an excerpt from Tsokynyi Rinpoche’s book, Open Heart/Open Mind.

Dzigar Kongtrul
In the left sidebar on this home page, under “teachings,” you’ll find links for audio and video teachings on meditation, compassion, and related subjects as well as a blog.

Mingyur Rinpoche
A large collection of audio and video teachings on meditation, awareness, and living with joy as well as guided meditation and loving-kindness practices.

Shunryu Suzuki Roishi
Transcripts and audio recordings of many talks given by Shunryu Suzuki Roshi over the years on topics like Zen meditation (zazen), beginner’s mind, buddha nature, selflessness, and enlightenment.

These links represent hundreds of hours of enriching material, a feast to savor over an entire year.

  • First, listen to an uplifting teaching to inform and transform your mind.
  • Secondly, contemplate and reflect on what you have heard in order to integrate it more deeply into your being.
  • Lastly, utilize the instruction in your formal meditation session and apply the essential principles in daily life.
  • Then, begin again.

This is how the three wisdom tools work together to help you discover the true freedom of your mind.

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  1. I’ve been to most of these pages, but not all. To have links to all of them in one place is fabulous. I’m going to add this page to my bookmarks.

    Thank you Sandra

    Dan @ ZenPresence

  2. Wow! Thank you so much for the comprehensive list of phenomenal sites and tools. This blog is a keeper, for sure!

    • You’re welcome. I felt so happy bringing all these inspiring resources together in one place! Hoping they really nourish and encourage others.

  3. jean sampson

    Wow, Sandra, what a wonderful gift! Thank you so much! 🙂

  4. Many thanks! A great resource and something I will be looking into. Came here via Twitter!

    • My pleasure in many ways, Dianne. I’m glad you find this a helpful resource. Thanks for stopping by and all the best to you.

  5. This post went into my delicious so I can refer back Sandra.
    This is how I stay inspired and awake. I was reflecting this morning after doing my morning rituals of reading a spiritual page, meditation, journaling writing in my gratitude journal, followed by my exercises for my bones and my spine and tapping. Normally a beach walk and a swim too only it was raining this morning. This centres me and I starts my day with love and joy. I know my meditation needs a boost so I look forward to returning to this page and exploring.

    • How delicious! Wow, you have such a dedicated morning routine. I do too in a certain way but I can’t help but being impressed by yours. You are a great model for all of us. I hope you find something in this list that resonates and boosts your meditation. All my love to you!

  6. What a beautiful gift, thank you!

    I practice presence to unfolding, so I am learning to allow each moment to inspire me. As for “formal practice” I have a morning and evening meditation and gratitude exercise, and I also watch the sunrise when possible, and the sunset from the beach almost every evening.

  7. Hi Sandra,
    Love the quote in the beginning btw. 🙂
    I recently began implementing a daily rest and reflection practice in my life. I use it for a tool to review my day and see what worked and what didn’t and where I need to change certain things and behaviors in my life.

    Take care.

    • Hi Justin,

      It’s a great quote, isn’t it? Reflecting on our day is a powerful way to make positive changes in our life. You’re really taking charge! Thanks for telling us about this.

  8. Fantastic, Sandra, thank you!

  9. I love Yongyur Rinpoche’s books. I went to his page and listened to some of his teaching. I look forward to visiting some of the other links. You are right–this is a treasure trove. Thank you for putting it together and presenting it to us. Like a Christmas present!

    • Galen, I love Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche’s book too. In fact, it’s one of my two go-to resources on meditation. I’m so happy you appreciate the richness here! I feel so fortunate to have access to such wisdom myself.

  10. Hi Sandra,

    What a great list of resources. I’ve only seen a couple of these before, and so look forward to diving in. I love your 3 steps to using these resources too–listen, contemplate, utilize.

    “How do you stay inspired and awake each day?” I love to play with my children, walk and draw/paint labyrinths, and also do ‘noticing’, a writing meditation practice, as well as a little sitting meditation when I can.

    • Hi Dave,

      What juicy ideas for staying awake! I love the idea of ‘noticing’ as a writing meditation practice. And you can’t get much better than kids for bringing you into the present moment. Thanks for sharing these cool ideas.

  11. Hello Sandra,
    Thanks you so much for sharing this treasury of spiritual resources and your three steps too. Sometimes I think you read my mind. Well, not really but it’s interesting to note that you often publish post on topics I need to bring into focus. I have not done much spiritual reading in 2012 and I’m aiming to do more in 2013. I’m familiar with The Dalai Lama’s teachings and with Pema Chödrön’s teachings but not with the others, so I’m looking forward to reading theirs in the New Year.

    I am a gardener and when I expressed a desire to deepen my meditation practice with a gardening friend of mine he shared this inspiring teaching by Phra Ajaan Thate Desaransi with me.

    “Practice meditation the same way farmers grow rice. They’re in no hurry. They scatter the seed, plow, harrow, plant the seedlings, step by step, without skipping any of the steps. Then they wait for the plants to grow. Even when they don’t yet see the rice appearing, they are confident that the rice is sure to appear some day in the future. Once the rice appears, they are convinced that they’re sure to reap results. They don’t pull on the rice plants to make them come out with rice when they want it. Anyone who did that would end up with no results at all.”

    • What a beautiful story, timethief. Thanks for sharing this. I often find that people bring so much stress to meditation when the idea is to relax into it. This metaphor highlights this relaxed, patient yet diligent quality so well!

      I hope you enjoy these resources in 2013. It’s nice to be in sync although I definitely don’t have the ability to read minds. 🙂 I just sense how challenging it can be for many of us to stay inspired and awake and these kind of special resources can truly inspire our path. You also share many teachings and videos on your blog that do the same for me. Thank you!

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