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I find it mind-boggling to know there have been more than a million hits on Always Well Within since its inception less than two years ago.

I realize that some people have whirled by, barely stopping for a few seconds.

Still, I find it amazing that the energy – as expressed in the words, colors, shapes, and ideas on this blog – has interacted with hundreds of thousands of people.

It illustrates the power of the blogosphere as well as our potential for realizing our interconnectedness.


Whenever he would travel by air, the great spiritual master Dudjom Rinpoche would make an aspiration that anyone he flew over would be blessed.  There is no comparison between such an extraordinary spiritual being and me.

But, knowing the power of aspiration, in the same manner, I would like to make this aspiration:

May anyone who comes into contact with Always Well Within – even for a millisecond – realize true happiness and freedom.

My heartfelt thanks to all you, dear readers.  May all your aspirations come to fruition in the coming year!  If there is anything special I can write for you, please don’t hesitate to ask.

I have been gifted with so much love, appreciation, support, and guidance from others this year  I couldn’t possibly list all the names of these generous, kindhearted souls.  So let me just say that I love and appreciate you all.  May our connections remain strong, supportive, and enriching.


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A Few Personal Favorites

May you be well, happy, and safe in the new year!  With love, Sandra

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  1. I think the fact that you have the skill to filter a mass of useful information and edit it for brevity and simplicity, and the discipline to present it consistently, and the generosity to provide it without cost, is a good formula for gathering a million reads in response.

    One way to solve every problem in the world is to try to solve one problem at a time for everyone in the world who has had, or might have it. It sounds a bit counter-intuitive, but that’s the method by which your blog contributes to positive change, Sandra.

  2. You are so kind, Mike. You’ve really touched my heart. Those numbers are just another illusion when you think of the people that just stumble by for a few brief seconds. It’s amazing but strange too! I especially cherish people like you who write quality contact and make a point of staying connected as time allows. It’s an honor to know you and be informed, uplifted, and challenged (in good ways) by your writing. Wishing you the best in the new year.

  3. You are always inspiring and this is the reason why. Thank you, always, for the bright and helpful posts you share.

    • Winsombella,

      You have a generous heart! Thank you for your kind words. I appreciate your sprinklings of positivity I’ve seen around the web. Wishing you a beautiful and meaningful 2102.

  4. Dearest Sandra,
    I’ve had a such a beautiful time connecting with you and working with you this past year. Thank you for all you do and all you share so poignantly.
    And a million hits…wowza yippe yay yay!!!
    Sending you lots of love and seasons greetings,

    • The feeling is mutual, dear Zeenat. I’m so happy to know you and have your regular infusions of positivity. A needed drug for Virgo personality! All my love to you.

  5. Replacement comment. Please delete my first comment on this post. I have my husband’s eyes over my shoulder to rely on now so I can fix all the errors in the first comment.

    Dear Sandra,
    Is it almost 2 years since this blog was born? Has time really moved that quickly? The answer, of course, is “yes”. When I think of your blog I think of a big cup of green tea and time to read and then re-read your valuable posts. Without doubt you have been inspiration to me since we first met, and your writing continues to inspire me more each time I visit. If I were to sum up the essence of this blog I would tag it with health, healing and harmony.

    You have opened my mind to new ideas and provided new resources for my exploration. Your guest writers have enhanced your blog content and I appreciate that as a reader too. I have explored their blogs and am likewise exploring the blog so your other commenters. Most of all you have “loved” your readers.

    I hope you will forgive me for not being a prolific commenter. I struggle with being a taciturn introvert who has little to say. The years I have spent blogging have loosened my tongue somewhat but have not changed my personality type. I also find that your posts are so comprehensive and well written that I have nothing to say other than “wow!”, as I bookmark yet another post for re-reading.

    Best wishes with your writing career plans. May you enjoy and wonder-filled 2012.
    With much love,

    • timethief,

      It’s not quite two years, but time does move quickly!

      I love the imagery you share here of sitting back with a cup of green tea and really taking time to read and savor. I’m honored by that and appreciate that this possibility exists even within the blogosphere where so many seem to be reading and writing at lightning speed. The guest writers here have been very special indeed. Thank you for shining a light on them. You are actually one of my top commenters so I think you’ve broken out of that style to some degree! I’m very grateful for our connection and your warm and encouraging words.

      All my love to you, Sandra

  6. Sandra,

    I disagree with this statement

    There is no comparison between such an extraordinary spiritual being and me.
    If we are all one he is you. You are projecting your best self on this spiritual master.

    I love the idea of everyone who I fly over is blessed. I’m telling my daughter the flight attendant!

    • Hi Tess!

      Thanks for sharing your perspective. I thought that statement might capture someone’s attention! Yes, I agree, fundamentally we all have the same essential nature. In that way, there is no comparison. My buddha natue is the same as any buddha’s buddha nature! On a relative level, there is a difference, which I fully acknowledge. This isn’t too disparage myself in anyway, but simply to honor the greatness of this being. We all have the potential to manifest this greatness, but we are all at different places on that path. That’s my take on it at least. Lots of love to you!

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