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Navigating Change with Confidence & Ease

Does it seem like someone turned the stir and shake button on high lately?  Have you received unexpected news?  Do you feel extra emotional?  Frayed by the intensity in the air?  Does time seem accelerated or has it slowed down?

It’s eclipse season.

Eclipses often herald sudden change in our lives.  It’s unusual to have three eclipses in a month’s time, but that’s precisely what’s happening right now.

  • June 1:  Partial Solar Eclipse
  • June 15:  Total Lunar Eclipse
  • July 1:  Partial Solar Eclipse

Eclipses arrive to help us change and grow.  With so much eclipse activity in play, almost everyone will be seeing shifts this time around.

A solar eclipse is associated with beginnings.  They often make us feel happy.  A lunar eclipse is usually connected with endings and culminations.  Given the quality of the moon, memories, dreams, and emotions may also be stirred up.

The effect of an eclipse may be felt a full month ahead and/or a full month afterward.  But it may take more time to fully integrate the change that comes about during an eclipse.  Eclipses are also said to have a second phase that occurs six month later.

The changes that occur during a period of eclipse are typically sparked by an outside influence over which you may have no control.  This influence may be dramatic, but it also might be a minor event or passing comment that speaks to your core or gives you a brand new perspective.

Navigating Change with Greater Ease

A sudden, surprising, and significant shift occurred for me around June 1st.  Not earth shattering, but a threat to my highly valued peace and quiet.  It threw me into a tizzy for a short while.  Not surprising since change from an eclipse seems to come out of the blue.

It took a day or so, but I realized that the tizzy was causing more distress to my sense of peace than the perceived threat. So I grabbed hold of the reins of my mind and regained my sense of balance and power.  Here are some tips and insights that helped me right myself.  I hope they will help you too.

1. Change Is Good

Personally, I don’t like change so I have a hard time buying this one.  But, I know it’s true.  While it might feel difficult in the moment, usually, when we look back six months or a year later, we are immensely grateful for the changes that have taken place.  Often, it’s only in hindsight that we see how blocked we might have been or the enormous positive impact of the change.

2.  Resistance Is Futile

You can resist but it will only bring suffering.  The change brought about by an eclipse can feel enforced and often has a sense of finality about it.  So it makes far more sense to try leaning into the change.  Once the change is underway, usually there’s no going back.

3.  Wait and See

The emotions that arise during eclipse season – especially during a lunar eclipse – can cloud our judgment.  It’s wise to wait and see what’s really happening before making any serious decisions or conclusions.  The situation may not be as bad as it originally seemed.  This is not the same as resistance unless you get stuck in wait and see.

4.  Ask, What Can I Learn?

While we might not like the element of surprise, eclipses are here to help us blossom.  They shine a light on where we need to evolve and so help us to mature and grow.   New opportunities are often presented.  Take some time for introspection.  Consider your take on the changes presented to you.  Look at your resistance.  Imagine new possibilities.  Entertain surrender.

5.  Apply Flexibility and Ingenuity

It’s all too easy to feel like a victim when unwanted change occurs.  Empower yourself by applying flexibility and ingenuity.  For example, you might not like loud music, but you can negotiate, use ear protection headphones, get out of the house more, or even move if push comes to shove.  Instead of feeling stuck, look for creative solutions.

Eclipse season isn’t the only time that change occurs in our life.  But it is a time when change often takes us by surprise.  Nevertheless, we can regain our balance and ride the change toward meaningful personal evolution.

Has your life been stirred up of late?  How do you navigate change?

For more support read How to Deal with Eclipses by Susan Miller.  Photo:  Public Domain Pictures


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  1. I did have a bit of a bumpy ride on June 1st before I regained my “footing.”

    Here’s a link to another post that addresses the effect of the eclipses on our inner peace:

    I expect that you and Amy would enjoy each other’s blogs.

    • Hi Nancy,

      Those bumpy times come, but it seems like you have truly developed your natural ability to ride the waves. Thanks for this link. I will check it out.

  2. Excellent points, Sandra. Like you I resist change until forced to adapt to the new reality. Then, the oddest thing happens: I usually like the change and wonder why I waited so long.

    We are hard-wired to prefer consistency, but have a tremendous ability to adjust. The goal should be to allow that period of adjustment to happen more often. There is a whole world of new experiences and emotions waiting for us.

    • Bob,

      Your words resonated so strongly for me! Isn’t it so funny how we always wonder later why we took so long to change! We do have an amazing ability to adapt. I like your idea of allowing more time to adapt to new changes.

  3. Very pleased to meet you, Sandra, and read some of your blog. I just touched on a few and am feeling that this is a very homey place to be. You wrote earlier of having to swim against the conventional tides occasionally. T’is so true and it is comforting to know where a kindred spirit resides.

    Greetings from West Coast Canada!

    • It’s very nice to “meet” you too. Thanks for your kind words. Yes, it’s very comforting to know where a kindred spirit resides! Thank you so much for a taking a moment to connect. Wishing you the best.

  4. Sally Felt

    Hi Sandra. Found you through Nancy’s comment on souldipper Amy’s blog. (Don’t you love this sort of proof that we’re all connected?)

    My June 1 set me on a streak of super-charged creativity for about a week (following a loooooong drought). When it faltered last Thursday and pooped out on Friday, I felt bereft. But as you pointed out, eclipses upset our routines. My creative burst certainly disrupted my routine as I let other things drop away to attend it. Now that I’m blinking in the daylight, I have the chance to experiment with bringing more of what I love (creative intensity) into my daily life in a way that’s more sustainable.

    It’s already begun. I’m back to writing. Just not with the sort of appointment-missing, legs-falling-asleep single-mindedness of the first week in June.

    Thank you for the post. I’ll be following your swell blog.

    • Sally,

      What a dynamic period its been for you! It’s nice the surge of creativity has not entered into a more sustainable mode!

      Yes, I agree it’s so amazing how one link leads to another and brings us to discover even more curiously how we are all interconnected. Thanks for discovering me! I look forward to discovering you! I’m glad you took a moment to connect.

      May your creativity surge on!

  5. I, personally, used be terrified of change and would go to great lengths to avoid it….even to the point of continuing to miserable rather than make a change. I know that it is hard to buy into the concept, but I can really say now that I know firsthand that change IS good. It is how we grow, progress and evolve as individuals and as a population.

    I have learned to be open to it with an observant curiosity. It is the resistance to it that causes pain and struggle. I still get anxious sometimes, but it is a good, anticipatory feeling mostly…and when it is not, I know that I can handle it and there will be some learning. In change lies all possibility.

    • Debbie,

      I love this phrase > “open to it with an observant curiosity.” That’s the kind of approach I would like to foster within myself. I agree that it’s the resistance that causes the pain and struggle and I am slowly getting better at not going there.

      It’s always an inspiration to hear your personal story of transformation. It gives hope to all of us.

  6. Great post Sandra. Unlike many, I like change and find myself stirring things up when life becomes too stable! I’ve often wondered what my astrological chart would say about his 🙂

    My challenge lies with #3, Wait and See. I’ve noticed how often my impulsive choices or spontaneity get in the way of what I truly want. Slowing down for me is essential but not easy!

    • You are completely the opposite of me, Sandi. I’m sure our astrological charts are quite different! I don’t think any one way is the right way. We all have our different paths and approaches for a reason; there’s something to learn for each and everyone of us. But I do admire your guts and mischievous approach! It would be fun to have a bit more of that.

      I understand what you mean about impulsiveness thought because I have a streak of that. It seems like we are all striving for balance, whatever extreme we are coming from. Thanks so much for your thoughts.

      • I think that’s also why I love silent retreats so much. They balance the rest of my life and even though it may only be a week or a few days at a time, the silence and slow pace is so nourishing that I return energized and rejuvenated. Essential to my soul.

  7. Hi Sandra,
    My life is in flux, but I’ve been too busy to notice that other people’s are as well! I can’t think of a single major change in my life (other than adopting my cats) that I’ve looked forward to or really done voluntarily — not college, grad school, first job, marriage. I like life to be predictable, stable, and slow to change. Most of these have turned out, if not well, at least highly instructive. I’m sure I’ll still be dragging my feet the next time a major change comes up (I suspect it will be having to move — one of the things I like least), but I will try being more open to the possibility that it could be a good change.

    • Jennifer,

      Our astrological charts must be similar! I completely resonate with your take on change. But I do see the benefit in retrospect so I’m am slowly trying to foster more openness. It seems we all have quite different approaches and I think they are all worthy and good.

  8. Had to chuckle at #2–Resistance is futile. That’s a famous line of the Borg in Star Trek. But of course you know that, right? That seems to relate perfectly to my word of the year–Yield. In my recent meditation class, the instructor said that suffering results from struggling with reality. It is reality’s message to you that you are going to lose! (It was much funnier but no less true the way he said it.)

    Like your new look! Change inspired by the eclipses??

    • Oh yes, I know the borg! Yes, it does related perfectly to your word of the year > yield! I agree with your meditation instructor; surrender is the only way!

      Yes, the only thing I like to change is my blog theme! But I’ve now boiled it down to only two options so I might move back and forth now and then as well as make a few tweaks on each theme as I get bored with the look. Thanks for the feedback!

  9. Yes, my life has definitely been stirred up!!
    I knew we began the month with an eclipse, I just read about the eclipse this week, and didn’t know about the third. I feel relieved because this huge very significant wave of something has been front and center in my life..and now I know why–thank you!
    I embrace change..I think it is exciting and fun and I love the concept of new and different. I notice that while I am excited, even re-energized by change–those around me are sometimes afraid of it. In my life, if I am resistant to change, I know it is Ego clinging to something, so I gently and lovingly relax my grip and release..However, to embrace and release in such a way for me personally means that I have to be most present to the moment which allows me to operate from a faith centered place rather than a reactive place..

    • You are always such an inspiration, Joy! I too find it a help to simply know what’s going on thanks to the context provided by astrology. It helps me feel anchored and have a more positive perspective on what’s taking place.

      I’m glad you feel excited by change. I know it’s just that pesky old ego hanging on and an age-old bad habit to keep clinging to what’s no longer useful. You inspire me to let go a little more!

      I love the idea of operating from a faith centered place and seeing the humor in all of this! Thanks for the encouragement.

  10. > Ask, What Can I Learn?
    I’m a fan of this, especially for making the most of any situation, including “bad” situations.

    Another pattern I use for navigating change is finding others who have gone before me and finding a way to “stand on the shoulders of giants.”

    • J. D.

      Didn’t you write the book about navigating change? You certainly know a tremendous amount about it. I appreciate your spirit in this regard!

  11. Hi Sandra,

    I’m a gradual change kind of person, it’s takes me time to adapt and feel comfortable, but when I reach that point of acceptance I have so much fun with the exciting energy of something new. When the change is bad or difficult, I try to focus on solutions and keeping my balance with things I enjoy.

    On another note, the 15th is my Dad’s birthday (he passed away last year), and I will be celebrating in my heart his life and love, and letting go a bit more. How fitting to have a lunar eclipse to help me! Thank you for sharing about eclipses :~)


  12. Hi Sue,

    I appreciate the way you describe yourself as a “gradual kind of change” person. When we have this kind of insight about ourselves and know who and how we are, it helps so much! I admire how in tune you are with your self and the way you are able to get enthused about changes as you adapt. These are great tips for dealing with strong changes.

    I’m sorry to hear of your father’s passing last year. The grieving and letting go process is also a gradual one and that you will be celebrating his life and love in your heart at this one year mark.

    Thank you for being a part of my world. It’s so good to know you.

  13. Hi Sandra — I too struggle with change. While I realize it’s a necessary part of growth, I also see some validity to the wise, old mantra “Bloom where you are planted.” Too many people seem to think a change of scene will bring a change of heart; it seldom does. Sometimes, the way to grow isn’t to uproot yourself, but to reach out farther with your roots to find the nourishment you need.
    Keep up the good work!

  14. Change is inevitable, so we might as well embrace it and capitalize on it as best as we can. The good news about change is that if you are going through a rough patch, you know it’ll eventually get easier. And if you’re down, you’ll know you’ll eventually be happy again. You just need to learn how to ride out the ebbs and flows that make up each of our lives. Great post Sandra!

  15. Thanks Sandra–great content. I really like your 5 tips. One thing I’ve thought about is the difference, or perhaps nuance, of transition in light of change. It seems that often what we struggle with is not change as much as transition–endings and beginnings. Though one may think this is just semantics, it seems transition is a deeper process–perhaps as sub-process–of change. If this is so, then learning how to effectively deal specifically with transition will be crucial. Just some passing thoughts!

    • Good point! I agree sometimes there is a difference between change and transition. Change is sometimes enforced or simply happens out of the blue, whereas transitions – like finishing college or entering retirement – are more like transitions that can be considered and thoughtfully traversed. There is a subtle difference. Thanks for highlighting this point.

  16. I asppreciated this article as it holds information I’m not famailiar with. I don’t know anything about astrology but I do know that resistence to change is futile as life keeps teaching me this same lesson over and over again.

    I recently shared my experience with resistance to change in a blog post and the emotions that manifested as a result. Resisting change is innate in the human psyche rooted deeply in our fear and desire to control. I have control issues and I am know reminding myself daily that I cannot control anything other than what I am doing in the moment.

  17. Hi Sandra,

    Change and dealing with it is one of my favourite topics! 🙂

    Change is such a large part of life. If we look around, we will realize that everything changes. Nothing ever really remains the same. When I first realized this, I found it hard to accept because I easily form strong attachments to people and things. But as I came to accept the reality of change, I have learned to flow with it to a greater degree. That said, I do slip occasionally but what is important is the ability to return to my calm center quickly and remain there.

    I love all the points that you have listed to deal with change. It is particularly useful to ask what we can learn from it. This helps to give new insights into life and increases our wisdom. To be flexible, adaptable and creative is also highly important because it will help us to manage change better.

    Personally, I like to be ready for change. This means accepting that change will happen and keeping an eye out for it with my divinations. For those who do not divine, it helps to think ahead, keep up to date with events and watch out for signs of change. Doing so will enable us to pre-empt change when it happens. With this knowledge, we can make plans and prepare to deal with change when it happens.

    Thank you for sharing this lovely article! 🙂

    Irving the Vizier

    • Hi Irving,

      You are definitely supreme when it comes to charting change! Simply looking around and seeing that everything is in constant flush is a wonderful meditation on impermanence and the nature of reality. To embrace it is yet another step. Your willingness is so admirable. It’s smart to stay open and keep an eye out for change. I think the fact that we settle so comfortably into our routines and currently realities often make it that change takes us by surprise. So much smarter to pre-empt change!

  18. Sandra, well you’ve certainly caught me! It’s been a stressful time of change for me right now, as I prepare to pack my stuff and move to a new life. My bf and I will also soon be dating long-distance, which isn’t a fun thought. What can I do but submit and take the next step in the right time? I find that my ‘symptoms’ of feeling stressed during change manifest as a strange manic energy, where I feel the need to do all the projects I haven’t yet started. I realized that during these times, it’s really important for me to remember that I need to focus on what’s in front of me, rather than running off to start new things that excite me more than moving. Bouncing back to a calm center, you could say, like Irving described above. Thanks for sharing your tips on dealing with change.

    • Hi Lynn,

      You are certainly in the midst of a major life transition. I can imagine how un-steadying it could feel. You are so observant to notice your tendencies during change. It seems like our brain is always looking for a way to reduce the uncomfortable feelings and sensations that arise and new projects are the perfect diversion. It’s so smart to realize this and bring your self back to focusing on what’s in front of you. This is a powerful time to be making changes. Endings/Beginnings! May this new beginning bring greater meaning and happiness into your life.

  19. Hi Sandra

    I found this post so exciting! I love change, and the possibilities of creating new and different (as Joy would say 😉 to expand our sense of self and life, so this is what makes this time extra exciting for me.

    Thank you for sharing about the eclipses, it is always nice to know more of the technical side of things as to when, how and why. And your points about navigating change with greater ease are so right on!

    To many wonderful new adventures 🙂

    • Evita,

      I love your spirit of exciting. It feels contagious! That exactly the spirit I would like to cultivate within myself. I always appreciate having the details. For me, it creates context and takes the edge off so I can open more gracefully to what’s next.

      Yes to many wonderful new adventures > inner and outer! Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm!

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