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Vibrant health through energy medicine

“…the next big frontier in medicine is energy medicine.” Mehmet Oz, M. D.

Do you have an open mind?

If so, there’s no need to wait for the future.  All the benefits of energy medicine are available to you right now.

In fact, you can even practice Energy Medicine on your own – free of charge – to stay healthy or feel better if you are already ill.

This 3-part series on Energy Medicine will:

1. Introduce you to energy medicine – what it is and how it can help you with a wide range of physical and mental complaints.

Donna Eden’s book, Energy Medicine, Balancing Your Body’s Energies for Optimal Health, Joy, and Vitality is used as the basis for this series. There are many models of Energy Medicine – this is just one.

2. Take a look at the energy systems that impact immune function, according to the unique view presented by Eden.

3. Explore how Energy Medicine can help immune related conditions: auto-immune disorders, allergies, environmental sensitivities, chemical sensitivity, and immune-deficiency syndromes.

4. Discuss how to activate your “inner mom” to create more harmony and cooperation among your body energies.

Let’s move on to part 1, an introduction to Energy Medicine

Energy medicine – what’s that?

A flow of invisible, interconnected energies courses through and around your body day and night.  Like the wind cannot be seen but is surely felt, these subtle energies are not apparent to most people, but their impact is undeniable.

These energies include various combinations of:

  • electrical energies
  • electromagnetic energies
  • “subtle” energies

Illness occurs when energy flow in and around the body becomes obstructed.

Energy Medicine understands the body as this interconnected system of energies.  It works directly with the body’s energies to sustain health, prevent illness, and treat illness when it does occur.

A variety of modalities come within its purview.  These include using the hands and the energy that flows from them, tiny needles or fingertip pressure, movement and exercise, the mind and imagination, and others.  Even modern electromagnetic and imaging technologies can be seen in the context of energy medicine.

Invisible energy systems are the basis of many ancient healing arts including the traditional medical systems of China, Tibet, and India, the methods of acupuncture and acupressure, and exercises like Yoga, Tai Chi, and Chi Gong / Qigong.  There are many modern applications of energy medicine too – like Touch for Health.

Donna Eden explains:

“Energy medicine is the oldest, safest, most organic, most accessible, and most affordable medicine there is.”

You can learn and apply the principles of Energy Medicine on your own and at very little cost.

Or, you may choose to work with an Energy Medicine practitioner.  If you do so, self-care techniques remain important, especially to support the reversal of long-standing patterns.  Energy Medicine can be used to complement Western medicine or on its own.

Energy Medicine:  the book

Donna Eden’s book is acomprehensive guide to Energy Medicine.  It is so packed with useful information that I’m on my second read, and know I will return to it again and again.  It’s a self-help book that shows you how to apply the techniques of Energy Medicine to yourself or use them with a partner.

Fortunately, you don’t need to read the cover-to-cover.  As Donna points out, if you have chronic pain, you might want to go to directly to the chronic pain chapter.  If you are healthy, you may want to read just Part 1 to acquire an overview of Energy Medicine and learn a 5-minute daily energy routine to optimize your health.

The handy “How-to boxes” are like having an energy first-aid kit at your fingertips.

Donna’s book is divided into three sections.  Simply sharing the outline of the book’s contents, I hope, will give you a good feel for the breadth, depth, and potential of Energy Medicine and how it might help you.

Part 1 – Awakening the Two-Million-Year-Old Healer Within You

This section includes Donna’s background and story, an overview of Energy Medicine and energy testing, a simple 5-minute Daily Energy Routine to keep your energies “humming.”

Part 2 – The Anatomy of Your Energy Body

Donna reviews – in detail – nine energy systems existing within and around the body.  These include:

  • Meridians – your energy transportation system
  • Chakras – your body’s energy stations
  • Aura – contains your energy
  • Electrics – connect your energy systems with one another
  • Celtic weave – provides patterning that balances and strengthens your energies
  • The Basic Grid – provides their foundation
  • The Five Rhythms – the drummers to which you march
  • Triple Warmer – the energetic arms of your immune system, along with the  Radiant Circuits
  • Radiant Circuits – the energetic arms of your immune system, along with the Triple Warmer

Part 3  – Weaving It All Together

If that all seems like a lot, don’t worry.  Remember, you don’t need to read the entire book – you can zoom in on what’s useful for you.  Plus, in Part 3, Donna shows us how to weave it all together.

This section focuses on how to overcome illness and pain, including a step-by-step strategy for getting well and energy techniques for relieving pain. Donna also touches on optimizing electromagnetic environments and setting your habit field.

Energy Medicine how-to’s:

Interspersed throughout are 33 “How-to Boxes” – short, simple-to-use, practical guides that address an assortment of common body-mind complaints, for example:

  • How To Get Your Kids Out of Bed in the Morning
  • How To Release Neck and Shoulder Tension
  • How To Rid Yourself of an Allergy Headache
  • How to Overcome Digestive Problems
  • How to Keep Your Memory Sharp
  • How to Relieve Lower Back Pain
  • How to Feel Joyful More of the Time

Success depends on you

Energy Medicine is not a miracle cure – although miracles do occur in all systems of medicine.  It is an empowering and systematic way to work with the body’s energies to stay well or feel better.  I highly recommend this priceless self-help guide to anyone who is open to new possibilities.

Like all self-help approaches, its success lies in direct proportion to your own willingness, determination, and regular use of the techniques.  But the process doesn’t have to be full of struggle by any means!  These techniques are fun, empowering, and energizing.

Energy Medicine series:  part 2

In Part 2 of this series on Energy Medicine, I look at Donna’s approach to working with a wacky immune system and how this relates to auto-immune disorders, allergies, environmental sensitivities, chemical sensitivity, and immune-deficiency syndromes. I am fascinated by Donna’s unique presentation of the “energetic arms of the immune system” – which differs somewhat from the traditional interpretation in Chinese Medicine.

Please be aware that I am not a medical practitioner nor offering medical advice.  I am only sharing research and information on approaches that have worked for me.  Also, I am not receiving compensation for recommending this book.

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A Simple Approach to Boundaries, Worry, and Rest


Energy medicine for a wacky immune system


  1. Last month I attended a seminar about limiting beliefs, how they affect our energy field, and what techniques can be used to get rid of them.
    The seminar started with an explanation of how the brain and, most importantly, the heart generate an energy field, and how changing the energy field affects our physical body – fascinating.
    They also tought us the 5 minute Daily Energy routine from Donna Eden, and I’ve been meaning to read the book ever since. I’m looking forward to the rest of the series, thanks for sharing!

  2. Crisitna, Sounds like a very interesting course, one that I would enjoy and learn from. I’m glad you were able to participate.

    Thanks for letting me know about your interest in the series. It’s probably not a topic that will resonate with everyone, but I hope it reaches people who can benefit from it. All the the best to you.

  3. I’m glad you’re taking on this new series and challenging readers to embrace an openess of mind and the possibilities that go along with that. I’m interested in learning more — especially anything that might be able to help me with seasonal allergies. Traditional Western medicine hasn’t done the trick yet — and fall is right around the corner…

    Be well.

    • Thanks for your enthusiasm and curiosity, Bill! Sorry to hear about your allergies. They are irksome, indeed!

      I love sharing what I learn and what I find to be beneficial. I’ve benefited from some aspect of Western medicine, but generally it only addresses symptoms, not the root problem and isn’t oriented toward balancing the body. I’ve always been far more drawn to alternative medicine. But I also find that illness is complex – what helps one person might be completely wrong for another. We each have to find our own way. All the best!

  4. What a great topic Sandra. So nice to have a starting point for those unfamiliar with energy medicine. There is a whole world of techniques out there that can complement western medicine or work well on their own. It all depends on our own personal needs and our willingness to try something new. I have not come across this book and am very interested to hear more. Could you share a little about Donna Eden and how she came to write this book. Thanks!

  5. Hi Lori –

    Yes, there are many different wonderful modalities that we can benefit from. I’ve always had a special affinity for Chinese medicine, which may be why I am drawn to Donna’s work as it utilizes some of those principles.

    Thanks for your question about Donna. From what I understand, Donna has been able to “see” energy since she was a child. She was ill as a child and a young adult and moved to Fiji where she regained her health. After returning to the States, through fortuitous circumstances she began learning different healing modalities like Touch for Health and eventually began her practice in energy work. She has treated thousands of clients and has taught many workshops. Her intuitive ability adds an extra dimension of understanding! But you don’t need to be able to “see” energy to use the techniques presented in her book.

    I appreciate your openness!

  6. Hi Sandra

    Oh this is so up my alley! I am a huge fan, proponent and practitioner of energy medicine and I believe it truly is the future medicine. (I was pleasantly surprised to read the quote from Dr.Oz – if he is saying this kind of stuff on national tv, that is big! and great!!!)

    Thank you for sharing this book – I will definitely have to put it on my list to get in my next book order.

    I am not sure if you heard of the movie “The Living Matrix” – an awesome addition to get people hearing the power of energy medicine from world renowned and trusted professionals. It is incredible how much we are awakening and how quickly to return in my opinion to our more natural state of being – where things like energy medicine were just the normal and natural way when it came to health.

    Thank you SO MUCH for writing about this Sandra!

    • Hi Evita,

      I LOVE your enthusiasm and your big vision perspective. I haven’t heard of the movie “The Living Matrix” – I’ll keep my eyes open for it. Sounds powerful.

      You make a wonderful point in your comment: energy medicine is about return to our natural state of being!

      Thanks for your appreciation. I love to share what I learn and what works for me in the hopes it may help some others.

  7. This sounds like a very interesting book! I had tremendous success with acupuncture 9-10 years ago which addressed problems allopathic doctors just shrugged at. Unfortunately, I haven’t had much luck here in Dallas finding one who was both knowledgeable of my problems and willing to collaborate. Instead, I see a massage therapist who is able to do some energy work as well as more traditional massage to improve my chronic pain issues.

    • Jennifer – I’m so glad you joined the conversation because you add two really important points: 1) finding the right practitioner, and 2) finding a health care professional that is willing to collaborate. Alternative medicine isn’t necessarily a magical fix for all our woes. You need to know yourself and your body, find the right practitioner, and proceed with intelligence! Illness is a wonderful teacher and wellness is not necessarily in the wings if we don’t take the time to learn the lessons.

      I’m happy you have found a massage therapist in Dallas that helps relieve your chronic pain!

  8. Hi Sandra,
    Thanks for reviewing this book. I don’t read many energy books and when I do I never seem to be able to finish them. I’m not sure why I can’t connect with this material. Obviously I agree with the message, but I’m wondering if the information, for me, is limiting in some subtle way. I want to see energy medicine in mainstream health care but the politicians and scientists will try to format and regulate it. I think we need to regulate human interaction: respect, compassion, common sense, honour, but once ideology and bureaucracy gets involved we’re back to where we started. I also recognise a competitive ego at work between energy systems, and I’d suggest that modalities of energy healing, through misunderstanding, are limiting the effectiveness of treatments. Often the best healers are the ones we don’t hear about – the peaceful warriors. I’m the scrappy underdog warrior. It’s an evolving exciting field because as soon as healers or scientists believe they know what is happening, the pathway changes. Once the science of what we’re doing comes into play we’re smudging faith.
    I’d recommend everyone to ask lots of question before seeing any energy healer. It’s a magnetic intuitive gps to the right healer. Try to make a decision in a peaceful mind/heart space.
    I’m going to put the book on my to buy list and I applaud you for sharing the material. I like seeing you around, you’re some kind of special. Come over for a cup of tea sometime. Love and peace, Simon.

  9. Simon,

    I’m so happy you stopped by and shared your thoughts. With your gift, you certainly don’t need to read any books on energy work. 🙂 I fully understand your hesitation and agree that getting into the head may not be the way to go. For most of us, it helps to have some basic guidance through a book or class. But like you say, this is just one approach and not necessarily the right one for everyone.
    Thanks for sharing your advice about finding a energy healer. Those suggestions are excellent. I agree it helps to go with the gut.

    Egos about everywhere, don’t they! Oh well…part of the path.

    I’ve really enjoyed connecting with you and seeing your tweets and your kindness via Twitter. You have a beautiful spirit. I feel lucky to connect with people like you through the ‘invisible energy’ of the internet. 🙂

  10. Hi Sandra,
    Thanks so much for this VERY informative article. I have not yet read Donna Eden’s book but I will now. 🙂 I am an energetic healer and agree with Simon… this is constantly evolving. I am blown away consistently by the healings I witness and hope in my lifetime I DO see energy medicine make it’s way into the mainstream. I know when I began studying this topic I had my own reservations and now it seems all I know is NOTHING is impossible when it comes to healing.

    I also agree with Simon on finding and resonating with the right healer is so important. It has been such a joy to work with each and every client and I am always in such a state of gratitude in each session. BUT I never say my “modalities” and “Myself” are for everyone and when I do meet someone that is in need of healing services I always recommend them seek out information and find what modality and/or practitioner resonates with them.

    It has been a pleasure over the last few years to see more and more people open up to energy medicine. Traditional medicine is not working alone and think this is allowing for more people to be open to hearing about alternative approaches.

    Thanks so much again for this informative post and I look forward to reading the rest of the series.

    Love, Jenny

  11. Welcome Jenny,

    I’m so glad you shared your perspective with us. Your own healing process is an amazing story, which can encourage others greatly. I look forward to exploring your blog more.

    I think it’s natural to have reservations like you did in the beginning. We have such strong conditioning to believe that the physical realm is the only one that exists. I know that I have to continually encourage my own mind to open to new possibilities and not be stuck in the dimension of the physical realm alone.

    Modalities like acupuncture are so much more widely accepted in these times and scientific research is backing them up. People can take baby steps into energy medicine using self-help techniques like the one’s in Donna’s book if they feel uncomfortable with the less conventional forms of energy healing. There’s a big range of healing modalities available.

    I’m with you – I would love to see energy medicine become more mainstream. Thanks for your suggestions about finding the right energy worker.

    I’m so happy to connect with you and appreciate your comment so much. Wishing you continued success with your blog and your healing work.

  12. hi Sandra,

    I’m so glad you are doping a series on Eden Energy Medicine!
    Donna Eden’s books and DVD’s are proving very helpful for me. Tracing my meridians has brought a noticeable difference in how I feel and although it can seem complicated at first, with practice it becomes so easy one doesn’t even have to think about it.

    I have seen Donna Eden in person twice now and her vibrant, joyful presence is a testament to how powerful energy medicine can be. From what I understand, she had MS and used energy medicine to heal it, to the bafflement of her doctors.
    I highly recommend the book and there are also a number of old videos of hers that have been uploaded on Youtube if one wants an introduction to her without cost. (in the recent talk I attended, she actually encouraged people to go and watch those 🙂
    Additionally there are many articles and handouts on her website.

    I look forward to reading more – thank you for helping to spread the word about this excellent tool!

    • Hi Libby,

      You always stop by at the perfect time! I’m so happy to see your comment. Thank you for sharing your personal experience with Energy Medicine and Donna Eden’s work. It helps others so much to read real life experience like yours. And, BTW, I mention your success and link to your blog in Part 2 of the series. Thanks for mentioning the videos and other resources. I will be sure to link to these in Part 3.

      I’m so happy for your success and you recent ability to travel to a workshop. That is so awesome. May your healthy continue to improve exponentially. A big hug.

  13. Being related to the field of medicine, I took special interest to read your post. The allopathy system of medicine has to do with the instant cure or we can say rapid results which makes many of us to simply rely on it. But the alternative systems as the one you told here about the book on Energy Medicine can come out to bring good results, better results, I think. A great book indeed that helps you discover the energies that surrounds you… Energy healing can go a long better way as does the medicine. Interesting topic to be read, worth-reading and recommended to others. Thanks a lot, Sandra…!

  14. Sangita, Welcome! Thanks so much for sharing your perspective. It’s nice to see that as a nurse you are so open to alternative ideass too. Stay well and thanks for taking the time to comment.

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