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Many thanks to everyone who has responded so far.  I love hearing from you and feel deeply appreciated and encouraged by your thoughtful and heartfelt responses.

I want to be sure you feel heard so in this post I’ll share the specific requests and questions that have come in so far.  I’ll share the cumulative totals on favorite topics, interests, and challenges later, in another post, once all the responses are in.

Following are specific requests made in the comments to the survey questions so far. I will definitely write on these topics in the future since you’ve made the request. I’m also sharing links to my previous posts on these topics below, in case you haven’t read them.

  • Healing from the ugly, untrue messages of, “You’re rotten to the core!”  Healing into my True Nature.
  • Life with terminal illness.
  • Dealing with rejection from my daughter.
  • Superwoman addiction.
  • I would love to hear more about your Qigong/Tai-Chi practice.
  • Life balance for the elderly.
  • I’m always looking for posts on compassion and loving kindness.

Here are posts related to some of these topics:

On love and compassion:

On living with terminal illness:

On healing from untrue, abusive messages:

One person requested courses from the perspective of the retired.  As you noted, not all my readers are retired so I won’t be angling my courses this way.  But I’m glad you asked because I know of an online group you might enjoy:  Skin Deepest Facebook Group for Sublimely Brazen Aging Women with my friend, Loran Hills.

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Questions and Suggestions

I always love to hear your questions and suggestions.  I may not be able to accommodate every wish as I have my own limits and personal preferences.  But I definitely take your suggestions into account and try to fulfill them when I can.

Perhaps you could develop some guided meditations and/or positive affirmations to share.

I’ll keep this in mind.  I shared a guided audio meditation in my Open Your Heart to You course, and would like to add them to my self-paced Living with Ease course as well.  So I’m getting a feel for this.

If you added an index with links at the start of each Wild Arisings note, I could jump to what interests me the most.

I’ll check that out.  I’m not sure it’s possible in the format I use, but I’ll see.

Have you considered podcasting?

I’m not a natural when it comes to speaking.  In fact, it gives me the jitters. I prefer to stick with the written word.  So you probably won’t find me podcasting and definitely not as an interviewee on a podcast.

However, I’ve considered recording my blog posts so you have the option to listen as well as read. In fact, I would love to do this and have recorded a few in the past.  It’s just a question of time.

I am wondering if your health is okay recently.

Thanks for your care and concern.  I have chronic health issues, but they are manageable.  I know many people that are far, far worse off than me.  I’m not able to accomplish all that I would like in terms of creating e-books or e-courses for because I have limits due to my health.  But I accept this, most of the time, and do my best to honor the pace my body and being needs.

Thank you again for opening up and sharing yourself with me.  It helps me to feel your presence when I write and creates a nourishing sense of connection for me.

If you haven’t taken the survey, click here to share your thoughts, requests, and suggestions.

Thanks for reading!  May you be happy, well, and safe — always.  Love, Sandra