Research has consistently shown that cultivating gratitude can lead to greater happiness, more optimism, and even a reduction in physical symptoms.

Robert Emmons, Professor of Psychology at the University of California, Davis explains:

“We’ve discovered scientific proof that when people regularly work on cultivating gratitude, they experience a variety of measurable benefits: psychological, physical, and social. In some cases, people have reported that gratitude led to transformative life changes. And even more importantly, the family, friends, partners, and others who surround them consistently report that people who practice gratitude seem measurably happier and are more pleasant to be around. I’ve concluded that gratitude is one of the few attitudes that can measurably change peoples’ lives.”

Simple, inexpensive, doable.  Here’s how:

  • Kickstart or reboot your personal happiness revolution with 100 rays of gratitude, a simple list of all that you feel grateful for right now.  Check out my own 101 rays of gratitude for inspiration.
  • Continue to cultivate gratitude by keeping a daily gratitude journal.
  • Express your gratitude, appreciation, and love to friends, family, and anyone your encounter as you go about your day.

Today, I’m deeply grateful to each and everyone of you, dear readers.  Thank you for being a part of my life and allowing me to write for you and encourage you in my small way.  Thank you for supporting Always Well Within, sharing my articles on social media, and encouraging me as a writer.   May you always be well, happy, and safe!

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Source:  Pay It Forward by Robert Emmons / image credit