Fairy TalesWriting a short fairy tale of your life is a potent way to examine, understand, and change the entangled stories that may repeatedly diminish your happiness.

The process can expose the truth, sometimes with a jolt,  On the other hand, it contains the power to unleash a wave of self-compassion and self-acceptance.  This is especially so when you write in the third person and experience your personal suffering almost as though it belonged to another.

Like medicine, recognizing and owning your story can soothe long-held bruises and abrasions.  At the same time, capturing your saga gives you the chance to see and reinforce your strengths and celebrate your victories.

Exploring your embedded patterns through fairy tale illustrates where you are headed.  Is that where you want to go?  Grab the opportunity to exert rightful dominion over your existence  Imagine yourself in new, empowered ways  Drive your fable to a satisfying and meaningful conclusion.

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