The ‘Busy’ Trap is an outstanding personal essay that explores how busyness has become a badge of honor in the 21st century.  Telling others, “I’m so busy” is a “boast disguised as a complaint,” claims author Tim Kreider.

Do you really want the busy badge in your collection?  I want to throw mine away!  I still get caught in the busy trap from time-to-time, but the balance is moving toward living with ease.

So how do you break away from this hard-pressed entrapment, which may be entangled with your sense of worthiness and positive self-esteem?

How can you step away from working 24/7, constantly promoting, skimming the net, or speeding along without feeling anxious, guilty, or ill at ease?

Here are the essential lessons I’m learning as I bounce between busyness and ease.

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