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Just the Best: On the Benefits of Music, the Dangers of Screen Time, the Myth of Work-Life Balance & More

Just the Best: On the Benefits of Music, the Dangers of Screen Time, the Myth of Work-Life Balance & More. My favorite articles from around the web to help you shine.

Recently, I had the wonderful opportunity of spending 6 days with a sweet group of Brazilians. I don’t want to stereotype Brazilians, but I can say with certainty these particular people were joyful, relaxed, grateful, friendly, and vivacious.

I found it so good to get out of my own skin, my own limited vision of the world, and step into another. The way we see the world isn’t necessarily the way the world is, right? But it’s so easy to forget that and be imprisoned by our routine and limited perception.

Try immersing yourself in another culture for a time if you want to shake up stale perspectives that might be holding you back.

Here are my favorite articles from around the web, just the best ones, that offer practical or profound wisdom to inspire you to shine.  Enjoy!

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The Best Way to Declutter So You Feel Happy at Home {KonMari Style}

Simplify + declutter with the KonMari method.

I know, without a doubt, that my energy feels uplifted after tidying up or de-cluttering.  I believe that clutter and chaos depresses the spirit in an invisible way that you may never notice until after a good cleaning and clearing session like I do.

I didn’t develop a healthy habit of tidying up as a child or as a teen, as my mother did all the housework.  I tended to disorderliness, a sign I think of not having or wanting to have my feet firmly planted on this earth.

As long as it’s not noisy, I can work in a physically chaotic environment due to my enhanced ability to focus.  But it doesn’t feel optimal.  Also, I notice an immediate feeling of aversion whenever I encounter a messy house or space.  I see this as a sign that disorder is not conducive for my own well-being.  I suspect this is true across the board for almost all of us.  How is it for you?

During my one-week spring break, I went into active cleaning, decluttering, and organizing mode. It felt so good to clean out under the sinks, reorganize my closet, and reduce my archive file box to a few inches of folders from its previous bursting at the seems appearance.  During this time, I decided to read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, the Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing by Marie Kondo to keep the positive momentum going.

To be honest, I find most books on decluttering boring.  But this book is unique, perhaps due to its roots in Japanese culture.  It’s been wildly popular, selling more than 2 million copies.  Kondo’s book confirmed my intuitive claims by asserting that putting your house in order can positively effect all other areas of your life.  She even suggests that your life will change dramatically when you finish the process.

There are two phases to the tidying up process using the KonMari method:

  • Discarding
  • Finding a place for everything that remains

Here are ten of the most important tips from The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and my commentary on what I found useful or not.

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How to Embrace Simplicity and Ease Through the Art of Subtraction

Simplicity and Ease

When you add something new to your life, do you subtract something else?  Or do you keeping adding and adding and adding until you feel constantly overwhelmed?

If you’re an enthusiastic person like me, new activities can easily sneak into your day.  You might think this opportunity is just too good to pass up or tell yourself it won’t take much time.  Or you might be called to take on an important responsibility like caring for ill or aging parents.

But instead of subtracting another activity in order to stay in balance, you just pile on new ones, which naturally leads to tension, overload, and overwhelm.

You might be able to juggle all the balls at first.  But, then that feeling of dread or overwhelm kicks in.  That’s a sure sign it’s time to subtract, or you’ll just get pulled further and further down.

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Good Links for a Happy Life: From Joy to Compatibility

Two Sunflowers - Joy!

Welcome to my monthly (or so) collection of exceptional posts from around the web, a good book or two, and practical resources to help you live the best possible life.  Enjoy!

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10 Ways I Embraced Simplicity and You Can Too

Simplicity: Sun and Moon

Imagine extra time and energy, the chance to pay down debt, deeper connections, better health, improved quality of life, more meaning and purpose, less stress, and honoring the environment for a start.  These are just some of the benefits you can gain by embracing simplicity.

When you engage in simplicity, you’ll naturally begin to think about what really matters in life. Hence, simplicity can be an incomparable path of personal transformation as well.

I wouldn’t wait a moment if you feel called to simplify. Like Joshua Becker and his family, you might discover that the “abundant life is actually found in owning less.”

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Too Much Pressure? 9 Ways to Lighten Your Load

Ligthen Pressure

I’ve been wondering how to dissolve the sense of pressure that seems so ever-present in modern life.  Are you concerned about that too?

Pressure weighs on my mind for two reasons.  Firstly, I’m visited by a recurring dream, which is filled with chaos and overwhelm.  The settings shift but the tone remains one of unrelenting pressure.  Curious, isn’t it?

Secondly, I’ve felt increasing pressure as I’ve added more responsibilities into my work world.  Some days, I just want to hide under the covers and never go back to the internet ever again.  I love writing, sharing, and serving. But, as my friend Anne-Marie reminded me, I’m just one person and can only do so much.

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