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Eclipses: Coming Soon to a Sky Near You

Eclipse & Change

Eclipses indicate a point of change.  They represent beginnings (solar) and endings (lunar).  These two will appear soon:

  • November 25th –  Solar Eclipse in Saggitarius
  • December 10thFull Moon Lunar Eclipse in Gemini

Eclipses offer an opportunity to embrace – or scream, kick, and resist – change.   The events and changes that occur around an eclipse typically feel sudden, dramatic, out of your control, and irreversible.  Anything you think will never change, may indeed change.

But not for everyone. 

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Navigating Change with Confidence & Ease

Does it seem like someone turned the stir and shake button on high lately?  Have you received unexpected news?  Do you feel extra emotional?  Frayed by the intensity in the air?  Does time seem accelerated or has it slowed down?

It’s eclipse season.

Eclipses often herald sudden change in our lives.  It’s unusual to have three eclipses in a month’s time, but that’s precisely what’s happening right now.

  • June 1:  Partial Solar Eclipse
  • June 15:  Total Lunar Eclipse
  • July 1:  Partial Solar Eclipse

Eclipses arrive to help us change and grow.  With so much eclipse activity in play, almost everyone will be seeing shifts this time around.

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