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Set Your Goals & Create Your Shining Year 2017

Create Your Shining Life 2017 Planners

It’s getting close to the time of the year when goal setting, planners, and diaries come to the forefront of our minds, isn’t it?

When it comes to goal setting, as you’ll see from the numbers below, it’s easy to let the process slide or write down your goals and never look at them again.  I tend to be a little lose when it comes to the things of this world myself.  I know I need to gather my yearly goals in one place, where I can easily revisit them to remember, re-inspire myself, and review my progress.

I especially enjoy using the Create Your Shining Year Workbooks {partner link} for this purpose. The workbooks are artsy, colorful, and fun.  But, equally important, they ask all the right questions so you can take your business or your life or both to the next level.

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Create Your Shining New Year


Shine New Year Workbook

(Updated for 2016)

I’m having a kick filling out the Create Your Shining Year Workbook (partner link).

I love choosing one powerful word as my guiding star for each year.  But, I’ve slacked off when it comes to creating goals and staying accountable to them.

To rectify that, I bought the Shining Year Workbook, Biz Version.  I made the right decision!  I love it.

Yes, the workbook is artsy, colorful, and fun.  But, equally important, it asks all the right questions so you can take your business (or your life if you choose that format) to the next level.

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Read This When Uncertainty Strikes

Lava Moving Toward Pahoa

Lava flowing toward the town of Pahoa, Hawaii •  September 18, 2014

Transitions always occur around my birthday. Have you noticed that too?

A few months ahead, I start to (metaphorically) itch.  Inevitably, several aspects of my life, ones I used to love, begin to feel like a prized shirt mistakenly washed in hot water – too tight.  It might be my connection with a health care provider, a business consultant, or a personal relationship that needs to change.

I tend to be insanely loyal.  It’s not easy for me to release what I’ve previously cherished even when signs appear like newborn criticism, irritation, or anger.

In the past, I didn’t release these elements gracefully.  I needed to create a drama to inflame my righteousness and thus buoy my courage.

Now, when the clues appear, I know I’m shedding so I can step lightly into the new.  I do my best to let go with kindness.  I honor all the goodness I’ve received from the person or situation without making a ruckus about my new-found infantile irks.

I understand, it’s time to step into uncertainty.

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