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Are You Ready to Live a Heart-Centered Life?

Heart-Centered Life

The popular phrase “heart-centered” contains at least two distinct meanings.

It can mean electing love and compassion as the guiding principles of your life.  Or it can mean living in alignment with your “true” self – your values, your calling, your experiential wisdom, your intelligence, intuition, and instinct, and the messages you receive from your body.

Both forces can comfortably abide within the same person, but that doesn’t mean they always do.  Being true to yourself doesn’t automatically encompass living from love and compassion. It can simply be a narrow focus on the self and an attempt to secure your own good life.

At the same time, as we begin to uncover our true self, often a sense of love and compassion naturally arises for others.  When we see how we’re bound up in all sorts of false ideas about our self, ones that consistently cause us to hurt, we can’t help but realize it’s the same for others as well.  We’ll naturally want freedom from this insanity for others as much as for our self.

In this piece, I’m using “heart-centered” to mean being true to yourself. 

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Reason Vs. Intuition: Finding The Right Balance

Horserider for Reason vs. IntuitionThis is a guest post by Ollin Morales from Courage to Create.

 I’m a fiction writer that approaches the creative writing process with a very “holistic” philosophy.

My philosophy is that I cannot create my best work on the page if I am not healthy spiritually, physically, psychologically and emotionally. My writing is only part of my “whole” and I know that if something isn’t right in one part of my life, it will directly affect my ability to be creative.

This philosophy is the premise of my blog, Courage 2 Create (C2C). C2C is an exploration of how the lives that we live affect the artistic work that we create; and, conversely, how our lives are also a work of artistic creation.

In the process of writing my novel and sharing the experience on my blog, I have found that, for each person, the path of life is very unique and personal, and often we must each create our own, unique paths from scratch.

How Writers Rely On Their Intuition

One of the greatest challenges in trying to create your life from scratch is finding the right balance between following your reason and following your intuition.

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