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How to Reclaim Your Calm When Life Feels Chaotic

Reclaim Your Inner Calm

Do you long for equanimity? I do, but these days I find calm hard to come by.  The world around me, right now, teems with anxiety, anger, and fear, which understandably stirs me up too.

For example, I embroiled myself in a contentious debate on the internet yesterday morning.  An hour later, my acupuncturist told me my liver meridian, the one associated with anger, displayed signs of imbalance — partially acute, partially chronic.

The body doesn’t lie, does it?  While you might charge forward to your next activity, unless processed, anger can penetrate and accumulate in your physical being.

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9 Ways to Find Serenity In A World That Never Stops


When I read about the unrelenting work demands at a company like Amazon, I’m convinced the world has gone utterly insane.

You can work as hard as you want, but eventually you’ll discover that a healthy balance between activity and quiet is essential for a happy and sustainable life.  Too much busyness will eventually lead to a breakdown of one sort or another, as illustrated by the experience of some white collar workers interviewed in this New York Times exposé of the brutal and bruising work environment at Amazon.

Accidents, injuries, and minor illnesses like the common cold often seem to arise when your life tips out of balance.  You might brush these warning signs aside, but the body and the heart refuse to be ignored indefinitely.  Eventually, stronger and deeper indicators will arrest you once again.

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Be Still, Be Well: A Simple Practice of Mindfulness

Butterly ~ Be Still

Do you feel disconnected from your body or cut up into separate parts with a few numb or missing?

One way to avoid the body is by talking non-stop in conversation with others and with yourself, too.  I often see this when I visit the nearby hot pond.  Many people chatter away the entire time they’re present.  They don’t take a second to be still and soak in the sensation of being in the water or the sights and sounds around them.

On the other end of the spectrum, you may be obsessed with your body.  Women, in particular, are conditioned to spend endless amounts of time, energy and money shopping for makeup and the right clothes. Now, marketers push men in the same direction.  How you look may have become your identity. But, typically this leads to constant discontentment.

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Rise and Shine!

What’s your first thought when you open your eyes in the morning?

Have your ever been immediately captivated by the mood, thought, or emotion that dominated your mind when you fell asleep?

Or spontaneously drawn ahead, into the plans and activities of the day?

Our first thoughts and actions of the day are potent.  They contain the power to influence the next 24 hours.  Here’s an alternative to being enslaved by whatever pops into your mind as you awaken.

In a recent public talk, the Dalai Lama shared what he does when he wakes up each morning, at 3:00 am no less!

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