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12 Things You Cling To That Block Your Inner Peace

A guest post by Steve Waller.

Take a deep breath and try to hold it for as long as you can.

Go on… do it now.

The longer you go, the harder it becomes. Not only does it begin to hurt physically, you have to fight against your natural urge to release the breath; to let go.

A single breath, when held for too long, symbolizes one of the biggest psychological and spiritual challenges we face as beings of consciousness. It captures the desire almost all of us have to cling on to something for fear of losing it, even when it is to our own detriment.

In Buddhism, it’s known as upādāna which literally translates as fuel. This clinging is the fuel for dukkha, another Buddhist term that means suffering. So the more you cling to things, the more you fuel your own suffering.

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The Buddha’s Essential Guide to Happiness

The Buddha's Essential Guide to Happiness

When people say “Buddha” or “the Buddha,” they usually mean Shakyamuni Buddha, Gautama Siddhartha, who lived during the 6th century B.C., and taught the spiritual path now called “Buddhism.”

You don’t have to become a Buddhist, however, to benefit from the essential teachings of the Buddha because they are universal in nature.  Moreover, they remain highly relevant to successfully navigating modern life and finding the deeper sense of happiness and contentment you so deserve.

The Buddha didn’t fabricate Buddhism.  Compelled by his wish to understand suffering, he simply observed the way the mind works and how the world functions.  He then shared his observations with others who also sought freedom from constant frustration.  The Buddha’s observations therefore are meant to apply to everyone and everything, not just Buddhists or Asian reality.

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21 Joyful Quotes to Light Up Your Heart

Joyful Quotes | Happiness Quotes

We could all feel more joy.  Wouldn’t the world be a better place if we did?

But the problem is we don’t pay attention to joy. We’re so dedicated to worry, fear, self-doubt, anger, impatience, or another wayward emotion that joy takes a backseat.
Please consider breaking-up with these troublesome emotional patterns.  Instead, make a commitment to joy.

Use these joy quotes like a tonic.  Choose one a day.  Tape it to your mirror, stick it on your computer screen, or clip it to your daily planner.  Read it often and tap into joy.  Smile for no reason.  Laugh out loud.  Enjoy the beauty you notice in each moment.

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Great Links for a Good Life {Autumn Edition}

Great Links for a Good Life - Autumn

Welcome to my seasonal sharing of goodness from around the web, great resources, and sometimes a good book or two.

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Self-Mastery: The Key to Peace, Happiness, & Freedom

Joyful Wisdom Letter - Lotus

Many of my readers tell me they feel stressed by their own mental patterns like perfectionism, worry, and self-doubt and emotional states like anger, fear, and guilt.   As a result, they often feel stirred up or they shut down as a survival mechanism.

When thoughts and emotions have you by the throat, you’re not just stressed. Happiness also seems as elusive as a beautiful butterfly winging its way through the sky.

But it doesn’t have to be like this.  What’s the solution?  Self-mastery.

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How Mindfulness Meditation Can Help You Find Happiness

Mindfulness and Happiness

Cathy Taughingbaum helps parents find peace when they are coping with a child’s addiction.  You can feel her care, commitment, and clarity in every one of her articles.

I’m delighted to be featured on her blog today in a written interview that covers these topics:

  • How to reconnect with happiness even though you’re in the midst of family challenges or trauma.
  • The benefits of meditation, how it can improve your life, and what mindfulness really means.
  • How to grieve and let go of dreams that are not longer relevant or useful to you and your family.
  • Ways to accept and flow with unexpected changes in life.

Read the full interview by clicking this link.  I would love to hear from you in the comments there!  And, please help me spread the word by sharing this post.

Thanks so much for your interest and support.  May you always be well, happy, and safe.  With love, Sandra

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