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Energy Medicine: activating your “inner mom”

“Once you choose hope, anything’s possible.” ~ Christopher Reeve

Today, we’ll look at simple ways to turn on your “inner mom” to help all your organs and energy systems work in a more harmonious and coordinated way.

This is the third article in my series on Energy Medicine.  If you haven’t done so already, you might want to take a look at Part One, an overview of Energy Medicine and the invisible energies that flow throughout your body.

In Part Two we explored Energy Medicine and the Immune System – allergies, autoimmune disease, chemical sensitivity and other immune dysfunctions.  We  learned that the triple warmer meridian – an energy pathway and one arm of the immune system – can be reprogrammed with  the self-help techniques of energy medicine to help it relax, be more discriminating, and back-off when other energy systems can kick in to do the job.

This series is based on the book Energy Medicine, Balancing Your Body’s Energies for Optimal Health, Joy, and Vitality by Donna Eden. [Just follow the link to learn more about Donna Eden.]

Activating your “inner mom”

Onto easy ways to kick-start the “radiant circuits” (strange flows) – another invisible energy system and the second arm of the immune system.  These circuits mobilize your “inner mom” to support, strengthen, and encourage all your organs and energy systems to work together like a closely-knit family.

Unlike the aggressive approach of the triple warmer meridian, the radiant circuits employ a strategy of cooperation. They quickly redistribute energies where they are most needed in light of whatever the body encounters.  Unlike meridians, the radiant circuits are not limited by specific pathways.

The spleen meridian is the leader of the radiant circuits, although like the Triple Warmer it’s also a meridian.  It is sometimes referred to as ‘spleen-pancreas’ because it corresponds roughly to the pancreas function in Western medicine rather than the function of the spleen.  The spleen-pancreas meridian greatly influences all aspects of digestive function.  According to Donna Eden, it is also “involved with the thymus, lymph, nodes, tonsils, and bone marrow and oversees the blood supply, metabolism, homeostasis, production of antibodies and the distribution of nourishment throughout the body.”

When the triple warmer is at war and the immune system has gone wacky, it conscripts energy from the spleen-pancreas meridian in particular, depleting the digestive functions and all the other activities listed above.  As you can see from a glance at the list, the magnitude of potential impact is enormous. It’s no wonder that people with overactive immune systems, often have digestive issues and acquire other co-occurring conditions.

Your chemistry follows your thoughts

Here’s the key point:

  • The spleen meridian and radiant circuits are greatly impacted by your thoughts, images, and beliefs – more so than any other energy system of the body.

Therefore, to strengthen the spleen-pancreas meridian, the other radiant circuits, and all the adversely effected functions listed above you simply need to speak to them with kindness, empathy, and understanding.

It’s true!  Your body chemistry follows your thoughts. Where you mind goes, the energy flows.

This is not hocus-pocus. Scientific research has repeatedly confirmed the beneficial effects of a positive, optimistic attitude on health and healing.  It has also documented the gains made from using visualization in the healing process.  And, all the ancient wisdom traditions of the world tell us that mind has a powerful effect on the body.

Here are just three scientifically demonstrated examples of the healing power of mind from Donna Eden’s book.  You can find many more in the research literature:

  • Cancer patients with “optimistic explanatory styles have a significantly greater survival rate than others whose styles were less optimistic.”
  • There’s a a heightened immune response after watching an inspiring film as opposed to violent one.
  • Humor reduces the physical impacts of stress.

Shower your body with empathy and understanding

There are many ways to shower your body with a positive, life-affirming force. These are a few mentioned by Donna Eden.

  • self-hypnosis
  • guided imagery affirmations
  • being in nature
  • laughter
  • pleasure and delight

In addition to several easy physical exercises for supporting the radiant circuits and improving health, Donna also provides the following exercises that use visualization and the imagination:

  • Sending joy through your body
  • Sending color through your body
  • Sending forgiveness through your body
  • Sending gratitude through your body

Take a moment to consider this – How do you feel when someone gives you love and appreciation? It almost always boosts your mood and energizes your body.  This is precisely how you turn on the radiant circuits:  with love, joy, appreciation, understanding, and positivity.

Let me be clear that this is not the same as saying that “illness is all in your head.”  Rather, it’s using the mind to heal the body.  A positive attitude is not necessarily a magic panacea on its own, but it can be a powerful element in any treatment program.

Illness comes about due to a complexity of reasons.  In the same way, healing often depends on the coming together of several different causes and conditions.  For some people, healing may occur quickly.  For others, it may take much longer.  There is no “right” way to heal.  There is just “your” own way – the route you discover on your own healing journey.  Physical healing is not always the outcome or even the main point.

The Triple Warmer – Spleen Archetype

Donna Eden believes that some of us are genetically predisposed to a Triple-Warmer-Spleen imbalance.  She says that “no energy pattern can yank a person around as much as a triple warmer-spleen imbalance.”  An overactive Triple Warmer robs the spleen of all the energy it needs to do it’s job:

“This throws off the balance in every other system of your body.  It ensures metabolic, chemical, and hormonal disarray.  It particularly affects the nervous and immune systems, and it leaves you with the feeling that you body’s reactions make no sense and that you are powerless to help yourself.”

She sees a triple warmer-spleen imbalance as responsible for:

  • food-cravings
  • a yo-yo weight situation
  • obsessive eating
  • anxiety
  • foggy thinking
  • mood swings
  • premenstrual syndrome
  • allergies
  • most autoimmune diseases
  • chemical sensitivities
  • recurrent infections

Let’s face it, modern medicine is somewhat at a loss when it comes to effectively addressing allergies, autoimmune conditions, and immune deficiency – all of which are dramatically increasing as our environment becomes more polluted.

But all is not hopeless! Amidst all the confusion and suffering, the explanations provided by Donna Eden are lucid and the tools she offers effective.  However, they are just one approach to Energy Medicine – there are many others for you to explore.

Energy Medicine is not a “quick-fix.” It requires patience, diligence, the courage to take responsibility for your own health, and the guts to work with your own mind and imagination.

It’s a whole new world of possibility and healing waiting to be discovered.

I would love to hear your thoughts about Energy Medicine and your own experiences.

I am not a medical practitioner nor offering medical advice.  I am only sharing research and information on approaches that have worked for me.  Also, I am not receiving compensation for recommending this book.

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Energy medicine for a wacky immune system

“Unless massive changes are made in the way we relate to the environment—whose pollutants overwhelm the immune system until it begins to treat almost everything as the enemy—autoimmune disease is on the docket as the illness of the future.” -Donna Eden

This is the second article in a three-part series on Energy Medicine – methods for working with the invisible energies within your body to bring about vibrant health.  You will probably want to read part one, Vibrant Health through Energy Medicine, to understand what Energy Medicine is and how it might be able to help you.

Can Energy Medicine help immune-related conditions?

Can Energy Medicine help when the immune system goes ballistic – in allergies, autoimmune conditions, or chemical sensitivity, for example?  Yes!  Can it be of assistance when the immune system goes into retreat – in immune deficiency syndromes?  Yes!

I am writing this article because I am concerned by the dramatic increase in allergies, asthma, and chronic illness in young children, and the explosion of autoimmune disorders in young adults.  The incidence of autoimmune disease is now 1:31.

More than anything, I want to communicate:  there is hope, there is help.  You can find your way to better health as impossible as it may sometimes seem.

Gradually, we are connecting the dots and learning that environmental pollutants play a pivotal role in the onset and/or exacerbation of many cases of immune-related conditions.  As remarkable as it is, the immune system is not sufficiently evolved to keep apace with the enormous amount of toxic chemicals, pollutants, and electromagnetic pollution that has flooded the world in the last fifty years.

Add the phenomenal increase in stress levels to the equation and you almost have an epidemic of chronic illness.

Modern medicine is limited in its ability to treat immune-related illnesses. Often, the medications employed are ineffectual or trigger more problems than they solve.  What can be done?

Enter Energy Medicine.  You can use the conscious mind to support and reprogram the immune system by tracing meridians, holding acupuncture points, and opening energy blocks. You can use the mind itself to direct the energy in your body.  And, you can do this on your own at very little cost.

It’s no secret that the immune system can be re-programmed.  This has been proven through medical research time and again.  The techniques offered by Energy Medicine can help you re-program your immune system to operate efficiently but with discrimination.

An Energy Medicine view of the immune system

Fasten your seat belt for a quick tour of the immune system as presented by Energy medicine pioneer, Donna Eden, in her book Energy Medicine, Balancing Your Body’s Energies for Optimal Health, Joy, and Vitality.

According to Donna’s approach – which is just one approach to Energy Medicine – the immune system is ruled by two energy systems, which in Chinese medicine are named:

  • the triple warmer
  • the radiant circuits (the strange flows)

These two systems use vastly different approaches to bring about health in the body. The triple warmer mobilizes the body for war to counter foreign invaders.  It can be seen as the equivalent to the fight-or-flight response in Western medicine.  The radiant circuits, on the other hand, organize all the systems of your body through harmony and cooperation.

In this approach, auto-immune and immune-deficiency disorders are seen as internalized forms of the fight-or-flight syndrome.  In auto-immune disorders – the fight response – the triple warmer attacks one’s own body.  In immune-deficiency, it goes into retreat.

Allergies, autoimmune conditions, chemical sensitivity:  the fight response

The triple warmer then is the system that activates the fight response to foreign invaders. Donna’s sense of the triple warmer varies somewhat from the traditional description in Chinese medicine.  My own acupuncturist says even after acupuncture school the triple warmer and radiant circuits still remain somewhat of a mystery.

Donna considers the triple warmer to be much more powerful than has been traditionally reported in the literature.  Her ability to see the full potential of the triple warmer may be a special gift for this time given the extraordinary environmental factors we face.

Here are three key points about the triple warmer meridian:

  • it works in conjunction with the hypothalamus gland in the brain, the instigator of the flight-or-fight response.
  • it networks information to all the meridians and the organs they serve – the whole body.
  • It drafts energy from any other parts of the body to support its mission, so much so that important systems can become incapacitated.

In short, the effects of an overactive triple warmer are systemic and profound.  Because of its connection with the hypothalamus, an overactive triple warmer can keep your body in a state of perpetual alarm.  It’s connected with all the other meridians and organs and thus can impact any system in your body.  In addition, it drains energy from other body systems to support the war effort, causing knock-on effects.

Is it any wonder that people with auto-immune conditions often acquire another or are plagued by co-occurring illnesses?

A key part of working with an overactive immune response is to sedate the Triple Warmer by tracing the meridian and related exercises. In her book, Donna reviews two patient cases – one patient with multiple sclerosis and the other with hay fever – to illustrate how Energy Medicine can help calm an overactive immune system and improve your health and well-being.

Several self-help energy techniques are explained to help you convert your immune system into a helpful, but not hyper-reactive friend. These include the Homolateral Crossover, Sedating Triple Warmer, the Triple Warmer Smoothie, Reprogramming Triple Warmer to Stop Attacking Friendly Forces (allergens), and Easing Emotional Overload.  A simple version of Alternate Nostril Breathing is  described to counter allergy headaches.

These self-help techniques can be used on your own and some can be performed by a partner.  Or you can receive treatments from a practitioner of Energy Medicine.

To begin reprogramming your immune system to stop attacking your body, Donna recommends adjusting your attitude as the first step:

  • practice letting go of of self-judgment;
  • cultivate compassion for yourself;
  • enter into a positive partnership with the body, instead of expressing anger or frustration towards it.

Immune system problems can rarely be corrected quickly.  It takes repeated retraining to subdue an overactive immune response, but it is possible.

Bear in mind that while you are trying to subdue your immune system, it is responding to a real threat – an increasingly toxic environment – not an imagined one.  Therefore, even if you do not have overt chemical sensitivity, it is equally important to reduce your exposures to toxic chemicals, which are abundantly found in everyday household products, personal care products, and cosmetics.  Exposure to toxic chemicals adds an extra burden to your immune system.  Understanding your stress patterns and reducing stress will also help to calm the flight-or-fight response.

Immune-deficiency disorders – the flight response

On the other end of the spectrum, the body goes into retreat in the case of immune-deficiency disorders. Six exercises are recommended to strengthen the triple warmer in this case.  These involve a 5-minute Daily Energy Routine, stretching, holding specific neuromuscular points and neurolymphatic points, balancing your chakras, and mobilizing the radiant circuits.

That might seem like an overwhelming amount to do in the case of immune-deficiency, but you can start with just one simple technique, with whatever you can manage, get help from a friend, or receive treatments from an Energy Medicine practitioner.

Hope and help

The very nature of hypersensitivities, autoimmune conditions, chemical sensitivity, and immune-deficiency conditions can make them seem impossible to conquer.  If anything, I hope this article encourages you and provides some new ideas.

I can’t guarantee that this approach will work for everyone, but I know it will work for some.  For example, my friend Libby had severe multiple chemical sensitivity and has been steadily improving using techniques from Donna Eden’s book along with other mind-body approaches.

Part Three of this series on Energy Medicine, will discuss how to activate your “inner mom” to create more harmony and cooperation among your body energies.

Please be aware that I am not a medical practitioner nor offering medical advice.  I am only sharing research and information on approaches that have worked for me.  Also, I am not receiving compensation for recommending this book.

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Vibrant health through energy medicine

“…the next big frontier in medicine is energy medicine.” Mehmet Oz, M. D.

Do you have an open mind?

If so, there’s no need to wait for the future.  All the benefits of energy medicine are available to you right now.

In fact, you can even practice Energy Medicine on your own – free of charge – to stay healthy or feel better if you are already ill.

This 3-part series on Energy Medicine will:

1. Introduce you to energy medicine – what it is and how it can help you with a wide range of physical and mental complaints.

Donna Eden’s book, Energy Medicine, Balancing Your Body’s Energies for Optimal Health, Joy, and Vitality is used as the basis for this series. There are many models of Energy Medicine – this is just one.

2. Take a look at the energy systems that impact immune function, according to the unique view presented by Eden.

3. Explore how Energy Medicine can help immune related conditions: auto-immune disorders, allergies, environmental sensitivities, chemical sensitivity, and immune-deficiency syndromes.

4. Discuss how to activate your “inner mom” to create more harmony and cooperation among your body energies.

Let’s move on to part 1, an introduction to Energy Medicine

Energy medicine – what’s that?

A flow of invisible, interconnected energies courses through and around your body day and night.  Like the wind cannot be seen but is surely felt, these subtle energies are not apparent to most people, but their impact is undeniable.

These energies include various combinations of:

  • electrical energies
  • electromagnetic energies
  • “subtle” energies

Illness occurs when energy flow in and around the body becomes obstructed.

Energy Medicine understands the body as this interconnected system of energies.  It works directly with the body’s energies to sustain health, prevent illness, and treat illness when it does occur.

A variety of modalities come within its purview.  These include using the hands and the energy that flows from them, tiny needles or fingertip pressure, movement and exercise, the mind and imagination, and others.  Even modern electromagnetic and imaging technologies can be seen in the context of energy medicine.

Invisible energy systems are the basis of many ancient healing arts including the traditional medical systems of China, Tibet, and India, the methods of acupuncture and acupressure, and exercises like Yoga, Tai Chi, and Chi Gong / Qigong.  There are many modern applications of energy medicine too – like Touch for Health.

Donna Eden explains:

“Energy medicine is the oldest, safest, most organic, most accessible, and most affordable medicine there is.”

You can learn and apply the principles of Energy Medicine on your own and at very little cost.

Or, you may choose to work with an Energy Medicine practitioner.  If you do so, self-care techniques remain important, especially to support the reversal of long-standing patterns.  Energy Medicine can be used to complement Western medicine or on its own.

Energy Medicine:  the book

Donna Eden’s book is acomprehensive guide to Energy Medicine.  It is so packed with useful information that I’m on my second read, and know I will return to it again and again.  It’s a self-help book that shows you how to apply the techniques of Energy Medicine to yourself or use them with a partner.

Fortunately, you don’t need to read the cover-to-cover.  As Donna points out, if you have chronic pain, you might want to go to directly to the chronic pain chapter.  If you are healthy, you may want to read just Part 1 to acquire an overview of Energy Medicine and learn a 5-minute daily energy routine to optimize your health.

The handy “How-to boxes” are like having an energy first-aid kit at your fingertips.

Donna’s book is divided into three sections.  Simply sharing the outline of the book’s contents, I hope, will give you a good feel for the breadth, depth, and potential of Energy Medicine and how it might help you.

Part 1 – Awakening the Two-Million-Year-Old Healer Within You

This section includes Donna’s background and story, an overview of Energy Medicine and energy testing, a simple 5-minute Daily Energy Routine to keep your energies “humming.”

Part 2 – The Anatomy of Your Energy Body

Donna reviews – in detail – nine energy systems existing within and around the body.  These include:

  • Meridians – your energy transportation system
  • Chakras – your body’s energy stations
  • Aura – contains your energy
  • Electrics – connect your energy systems with one another
  • Celtic weave – provides patterning that balances and strengthens your energies
  • The Basic Grid – provides their foundation
  • The Five Rhythms – the drummers to which you march
  • Triple Warmer – the energetic arms of your immune system, along with the  Radiant Circuits
  • Radiant Circuits – the energetic arms of your immune system, along with the Triple Warmer

Part 3  – Weaving It All Together

If that all seems like a lot, don’t worry.  Remember, you don’t need to read the entire book – you can zoom in on what’s useful for you.  Plus, in Part 3, Donna shows us how to weave it all together.

This section focuses on how to overcome illness and pain, including a step-by-step strategy for getting well and energy techniques for relieving pain. Donna also touches on optimizing electromagnetic environments and setting your habit field.

Energy Medicine how-to’s:

Interspersed throughout are 33 “How-to Boxes” – short, simple-to-use, practical guides that address an assortment of common body-mind complaints, for example:

  • How To Get Your Kids Out of Bed in the Morning
  • How To Release Neck and Shoulder Tension
  • How To Rid Yourself of an Allergy Headache
  • How to Overcome Digestive Problems
  • How to Keep Your Memory Sharp
  • How to Relieve Lower Back Pain
  • How to Feel Joyful More of the Time

Success depends on you

Energy Medicine is not a miracle cure – although miracles do occur in all systems of medicine.  It is an empowering and systematic way to work with the body’s energies to stay well or feel better.  I highly recommend this priceless self-help guide to anyone who is open to new possibilities.

Like all self-help approaches, its success lies in direct proportion to your own willingness, determination, and regular use of the techniques.  But the process doesn’t have to be full of struggle by any means!  These techniques are fun, empowering, and energizing.

Energy Medicine series:  part 2

In Part 2 of this series on Energy Medicine, I look at Donna’s approach to working with a wacky immune system and how this relates to auto-immune disorders, allergies, environmental sensitivities, chemical sensitivity, and immune-deficiency syndromes. I am fascinated by Donna’s unique presentation of the “energetic arms of the immune system” – which differs somewhat from the traditional interpretation in Chinese Medicine.

Please be aware that I am not a medical practitioner nor offering medical advice.  I am only sharing research and information on approaches that have worked for me.  Also, I am not receiving compensation for recommending this book.

Thank you for your presence, I know your time is precious!  Don’t forget to sign up for my e-letter and get access to all the free self-development resources (e-books, mini-guides + worksheets) in the Always Well Within Library. May you be happy, well, and safe – always.  With love, Sandra



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