Your Personal Year-End Review w/ FREE Workbook

I created the following 18 questions to help you capture your life lessons from 2016 and confidently move into the new year.  This simple practice of year-end reflection and integration is a powerful way to become more aligned with your true self each and every year.

You can use these questions as writing or journaling prompts and dig deeply. Or you can work with them lightly to paint an impressionistic picture of your year.  There isn’t one right way.  One word answers are fine if that’s what suits you, or you can pour your heart out if that will help you make the most of the year.

There’s no need to respond to every question unless you wish to do so. In fact, some of the questions look at similar themes from a slightly different angle.  You can select just the ones that call to you.

These questions will help you spot the sticky parts of your life, but they can also help you highlight the positive.  Resist the temptation to focus solely on the negative or the difficult.  Be sure to balance it with the good bits, and always be kind and gentle with yourself.

When you feel ready, get cozy.  Find a quiet corner or inspiring natural environment and reflect on these questions for awhile.  Download the FREE Your Year In Review 2016 Workbook to record your answers.  Set the  questions aside if you begin to feel tired or like it’s too much.  Let them percolate for awhile.  Then come back to them again when you feel ready to explore more.

Ready to begin?

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