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In the Silent Spaces, That’s Where Wholeness Lies

Healing + wholeness thru mindfulness.

When I was meditating last night, an image of a nun from my Catholic elementary school came up out of nowhere.  It arose just as my body started feeling physical distress.

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Some of the nuns at my school cracked the whip.  I felt in terror of them.  Disobedience never crossed my mind, at least not in my early years.  One time, however, I was caught whispering – it seems – with a classmate during morning mass.  I don’t remember the transgression.  But I remember the humiliation of the punishment – kneeling in the aisle for the remainder of mass – as a visceral impression in my cells.

“Indignity,” cries out my bones, my body, my brain. No wonder she’s suddenly appearing from the darker corners of my mind.  This memory needs to be cleansed and released so I can move closer to wholeness, untainted by the past.

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Feelings: The Source of Compassion


“Our awareness of feelings in the body and mind ranges from simple frustration and malaise to anguish, despair, and white-hot physical pain, and from simple pleasures to extraordinary ecstasy. As we become clearly cognizant of the bandwidth of our own feelings, we direct our awareness externally. We become vividly aware that myriad sentient beings around us are not simply objects of our pleasure, displeasure, or indifference, but have feelings just like ours. By turning our awareness outward and closely applying mindfulness to other sentient beings, we can empathize with their feelings. When we empathize with another’s suffering and we attend closely, compassion arises. The suffering of unpleasant feelings is the very source of the experience of compassion.” – B. Alan Wallace, Minding Closely, The Four Applications of Mindfulness

The Joys and Challenges of Being True to Yourself

Stress Alarm Katie

I love this quote from author Byron Katie, as it reminds us that the roots of stress may run deeply into the very core of our being.

Responding effectively to stress involves more than simply learning a relaxation technique.  In fact, you may never consistently practice what you’ve learned if stress has intertwined itself fully into your everyday persona.  You may resist letting go of all the tension for fear of facing yourself – blemishes included.

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Your Emotional Colors and the Quality of Your Life


Recently, I wrote in my journal, “I am frustration.”

I meant to write, “I am frustrated.”  When I caught the “error,” I laughed because the initial phrase captured my reality more accurately.

Isn’t this exactly how emotions sneak in and begin to color the quality of your life?  We tend to invisibly merge with the feeling.  Then it’s ever-present, like a boldly colored thread interwoven throughout the fabric of your days.

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Emotions Can Help Us Wake Up

white flower

“Before we can extend our compassion to others, we first have to extend it to ourselves.  How do we do this?  We have to look at our own mind and appreciate how our own neurotic expressions – our confused thoughts and disturbing emotions – are actually helping us wake up.  Our aggression can help us develop clarity and patience.  Our passion can help us let go of attachments and be more generous.  Basically, once we see that this mind of confusion is also our mind of awakening, we can appreciate it and have confidence in our ability to work with it.  It’s a good mind after all, the mind that will carry us to enlightenment.  When we understand this, we can let go of our previous attitude of revulsion toward our emotions.”

– Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche in Rebel Buddha, A Guide to a Revolution of Mind

(from Dharma Quote of the Week, Shambhala Publications)

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