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What’s Ahead? How to Strengthen Yourself for Whatever’s Next

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Many would agree we live in trying times.  An undercurrent of anxiety clouds their lives.  People wonder, “When will an upward shift occur?”

Do you have these worries too?

What Does the Future Hold?

According to some spiritual guides, there’s more love and light permeating our world in each moment that passes.

In Connect with your Angels, A Guide for Everyone, the Angels tell us –  through Jenny D’Angelo – that negative emotions and behaviors will continue to dominate our world for a while. But, don’t be discouraged, they say, because negativity doesn’t have a fighting chance on the long run.

The Hindu and Buddhist traditions believe we currently live in a dark age.   Known as the “Kali Yuga,” this  period is characterized by perpetual conflict.  Run by turbulent emotions like anger, desire, ambition, ignorance, pride and jealousy, many people are ill-intentioned and deceitful.

According to these Eastern traditions, there are four different ages that occur in cycles.  But, no one seems to know for certain whether the dark age lasts 432,000 years or 3,000.

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10 Important Ways to Prepare for a Natural Disaster

Are you prepared for a natural disaster?

I live on an island with an active volcano.  It would be foolish not to prepare.  But, I haven’t done so.  Have you?

Even though we’ve had two tsunami warnings and two small (4.5 and 4.9) earthquakes in the last year, until the disaster in Japan, my mind did not turn to disaster preparedness.

Thailand, Katrina, Haiti, Queensland, Christchurch, Japan.  Disasters seem to be happening in rapid succession.  It’s possible more are on the way.  We don’t need to panic.  But, it’s clear we need to prepare.

10 Basic Tips to Prepare for a Disaster

So how do you prepare for a disaster?  This is what I’ve learned from my recent research.

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