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5 of the Best Self-Care Practices for Real Change

Deep Self-Care

Do you associate self-care with physical activities like a restorative nap, a soothing bath, or time in nature?  Maybe, to you, self-care means buying something nice for yourself, or pulling out a coloring book to reduce stress.

Physical self-care is important, indeed.  If you’ve established a healthy body care routine, you rock. It takes self-love, self respect, and determination to successfully do this.

But sometimes, physical self-care can be like a band-aid that falls off after a few days, before your wound is healed, if you never take the time to look deeply within. It doesn’t necessarily reverse unhealthy beliefs, debilitating thoughts, and disabling emotions.  In fact, your healthy routine might even fall away when you inner dictator gets the best of you.

A complete approach to self-care needs to include ways to heal your wounds, support a budding sense of positive self-esteem, and encourage you to express your own voice.

I call this deep self-care.

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How to Surrender Your Resentments and Feel Light, Happy & Free

Learn how to heal resentments + feel happier too.

Most of us are sitting on a stockpile of resentments from early childhood.  You may not be aware of these bad feelings on an hour-by-hour basis, but often they silently dictate your choices, your responses, and your actions.

Resentments suddenly come alive when triggered by situations, challenges, and the words or behaviors of others. They entangle you in endless emotional drama and suck the joy right out of your life.

These hurts must be healed if you hope to find genuine happiness and become a beacon of light for others.

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How to Own Yourself In A World That Wants to Own You

The Tree That Owns It Self

The Tree That Owns Itself

If you’re not speaking your truth, whose are you speaking?  If you are not honoring your medicine,  who will midwife it into being?  – Ara Campbell

I haven’t read Free Will Astrology  for years, although I used to be an addict when I lived in Santa Cruz and the column ran in the Santa Cruz Weekly. As synchronicity goes, a friend posted a link on Facebook and curiosity brought me to an early December reading for my astrological sign on self-ownership:

Your mascot is a famous white oak in Athens, Georgia. It’s called the ‘Tree That Owns Itself.’ According to legend, it belongs to no person or institution, but only to itself. The earth in which it’s planted and the land around it are also its sole possession. With this icon as your inspiration, I invite you to enhance and celebrate your sovereignty during the next seven months. What actions will enable you to own yourself more thoroughly? How can you boost your autonomy and become, more than ever before, the boss of you? It’s prime time to expedite this effort.

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What To Do When Someone Robs Your Joy and Deflates Your Energy

What To Do When Your Energy Is Deflated

Does your energy suddenly deflate when you interact with a particular person? If so what would you do?

Recently, I asked this question on Facebook after an interaction left me feeling deflated.  I’d been joyful, confident, and excited as I described a new idea.  After a colleague’s response, especially the tone, I felt like a crumpled beach ballon. Long before a thought actually formed about the reply, every single molecule of positive energy drained from my being.

This wasn’t the first time with this person.  All started out well, but somehow our interactions degraded over time.  I appreciated the person’s expertise, so in the past I would silently take the punch or become slightly disagreeable.  I always learned something valuable in the knowledge arena, but the interactions progressively felt worse and worse. Each time, my immediate instinct was to retreat. That inclination grew stronger over time. But I also felt uncertain since I valued this individual’s knowledge and advice.

I wondered, “Do I follow my heart or do I follow my head?”

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Déja Vu: On Self Care

White Flowers - Self Care

Do you neglect yourself?  That’s not unusual in these fast-paced modern times.  The multiplicity of life demands may overwhelm you and leave little – if any – time for self-care.

But unless you crack the self-care code soon, you’ll burn yourself out.  Then it’s very difficult to regain your good health again.

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Have You Killed the Angel of Perpetual Giving?

Perpetual GivingIn her time, Virginia Woolf struggled with stereotypical expectations of women and the expression of truth as a writer.  These challenges congealed into a phantom Woolf called “The Angel in the House,” after the character in a well known poem of the day.

“I will describe her as shortly as I can.  She was intensely sympathetic.  She was immensely charming.  She was utterly unselfish.  She excelled in the difficult arts of family life.  She sacrificed herself daily.  If there was a chicken, she took the leg; if there was draught she sat in it – in short she was so constituted that she never had a mind or a wish of her own, but preferred to sympathize always with the minds and wishes of others.”

The Angel in the House tormented Woolf whenever she began to write, coaxing her to:

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