22 Books Worth Reading Twice

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Would you like to get cozy with a good book or two?

Recently, I asked my Facebook friends,

What is one book that you would love to read again?

As you can imagine, they shared their most deeply cherished selections – ones with the capacity to transfix you in wonder, transport you to another time and place, or transform your confusion into clarity.

Maybe one of these titles will spark warm or wondrous memories for you too!

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Good Links for a Happy Life: From Overwhelm to Complete

My Morning View by Tammy Strobel

This is my occasional collection of exceptional posts, good books, and helpful resources to help you live the best life possible.  Enjoy!


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Perfect Gifts: 13 Life-Changing Books Plus Beauty from Fibre Tibet

Monk Contemplating

Words are powerful.  They can ignite positive change in your life and bring you more happiness and freedom.  They can transform the world into a better place.  That’s why I believe the right book is priceless, and indeed the perfect gift.

However, it may not be helpful to read too many books.  The key is to contemplate what you learn and then put it into practice instead of skipping immediately onto a new book.  Otherwise, it’s like leaving a collection of supreme knowledge to gather dust on a book shelf.  And then, just continuing on with automatic habits that leave you discontent.

I read less these days, try to capture the essence of what I read, and then do my best apply it.  My method is to draw a few key points from what I’ve read.  I’m beginning to play with mind maps as a simple way to remind myself of what’s truly important.  I sometimes journal or blog about an important theme from a book as another way to nudge the information more deeply into my being.

These are some of the amazing books that have touched my life in positive ways.  They might make a perfect gift for someone in your life.  That might even be you!

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Summer Reads: 10 Books Capturing My Attention

Pink Hibiscus FlowersUsually, I’m drawn to setting up a slew of experiments for the summer.  But, I have just one goal this sunny season:  to be at ease.

The essential threads of life will continue:  writing, responding to meditation students, clearing weeds and vines, and regular meditation practice, but intertwined this particular summer with ample time for rest, journaling, and reading a few good books.

As I recently said, I would like to integrate what I read instead of greedily accumulating more knowledge without putting it into action.  But, I’m not giving up books altogether, at least not yet.

I try to capture the essential points – just a few – from each book I read, and find ways to actualize them.   From this perspective, my summer reading list might seem on the longish side.  But, I’m not worried as it will be just as good if this reading happens to extend itself into the fall.

It’s time to finish reading these books:

It would be helpful to refresh myself on these outstanding primers on healing trauma:

These books are calling to me:

I’m beginning to realize my quiet summer may only be a dream as I neglected to consider a few major projects looming on the horizon.  Nevertheless, whatever happens, my goal is to expand my ability to be at ease and to read at least a few good books.

What’s on your reading list this summer?

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