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How to Soften Your Fear, Calm Your Heart, and Find Ease Again

How to soften fear through body awareness.

Recently, I’ve found myself asking, “What is the opposite of fear?”

Some people might say courage, but I think this could be a mistake when it comes to deeply embedded fear.  You can easily reinforce fearfulness or trauma by pushing yourself to be “courageous,” or trying to go too fast.

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I find relaxation through body awareness a better starting point to counteract the kind of fear that’s been frozen in time, implanted in the body, and hidden in deeper recesses of the mind.  Fear is about contraction, isn’t it?  Whereas relaxation through body awareness allows for expansion.

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Just the Best: On Wholeness, Body Awareness, Positive Change & More

NEW EDITION - On wholeness, body awareness, positive change + more.

On my birthday, a few weeks ago, I felt so happy.  In fact, I feel happier than I ever have in my life.  This is related, I’m sure, to healing old wounds, embracing self-sovereignty, and connecting with my truest self more and more.

I’m not sharing this to brag, but because I want to encourage you.  There’s a light inside of you wanting to shine. I want you to know it’s possible to move through the darkness, the patterns, and the wounds to a lighter place.

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Are You Listening to Your Body?


“Listen to your body.”

The refrain to every question I asked the chiropractor.  He kindly gave me additional information, but he concluded every response by saying, “Listen to your body.”

Gripped by pain and temporarily disabled, I waded through my aversion and swam forcefully through my imaginary projections.

  • “What if…”
  • “When will…”
  • “Why?”

It took awhile to get my “self” out of the equation, but finally I did. Then I remembered the mountain of pain that exists in our world; mine clearly minuscule in comparison.  Prompted to drop my dramas, I took a moment to pray,  “May my pain dissolve every being’s pain this very instant.”

The truth is, I had ignored my body’s cries and whispers:

  • Sitting for long stretches at the computer.
  • Dropping my exercise routine when life got busy.
  • Moving heavy pieces of furniture.
  • Unexpectedly, falling flat on my knees on unforgiving lava rock.
  • Going with the whirlwind of stress instead of gathering my equanimity.

It wasn’t one incident that jerked my spine out-of-place.  The discomfort, it seems, piled up from failing to listen again and again.

And, unlike my twenties when it took a single whack from the chiropractor to set me straight, this time the painful twist lingered on and on.

But it got me to listen.  And, I promised to reform.  How about you?

Are you listening to your body?  What’s it telling you?

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