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How to Embrace the 7 Paradoxes of Personal Growth

7 practical tips for positive change

The other day, I asked my followers on my Always Well Within Facebook Page,

Name one thing you love about yourself.

Bragging a bit, now and then, can be good for the spirit!

I especially smiled when I read this response:  “I love everything about myself.”

Isn’t that fabulous?  How many people have the confidence, courage, and sense of inner security to make a bold statement like that?  I would like to bring my own self-esteem up to that level.

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Great Links for a Good Life {05.24.15}

Great Links for a Good Life

Welcome to my personal selection of exceptional posts from around the web, inspiring resources to help you live the best possible life, and (sometimes) a good book or two.  Enjoy!

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To Beat Your Stress, Know Your Stress

When my husband began teaching Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction (MBSR), I was eager to take one of his 10-week courses.  I know that MBSR is a highly effective way to reduce medical symptoms, manage chronic pain, ease stress, and relieve psychological distress based on more than 30 years of proven medical research.

Honestly, few of us escape the ravages of stress in modern life.  Stress has without question played an overbearing role in my own life.  Post traumatic stress has etched unhelpful grooves into my brain that can sometimes turn on alarm bells at the least provocation.  Fortunately, we now have tools like MBSR to retrain and rewire the brain and modulate the stress response.

To beat stress, the first step is to know your stress.  At the start of the MBSR course, I received a simple, open-ended “Stress Assessment” to complete.  I took my time – a few days, actually – to explore all the causes of stress in my life.

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Indulge in Midsummer Mischief!

I can’t believe there was a time in my life when the long summer months stretched out before me.  Unbounded time to play, explore, be lazy, and even indulge in a bit of innocent mischief.

Now, work, combined with my ambitious summer aspirations, is piling up as high as an Himalayan mountain.  I find I need to make a conscious effort to create time and space for frolicking aimlessly.  Is it the same for you?

Decreasing Excess Activity

In a stroke of synchronicity, I received my July I-Ching Reading from the Vizier.  The theme:  Great Excess!   Images like a loaded pillar at the point of breaking caution me to reduce and eliminate excess.  Moderation, apparently, is my path to success.

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