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The Best Always Well Within Posts 2016 & What’s Ahead

Banana Plant | Big Island, Hawaii

What a year!  On a purely physical level, I felt challenged.  At the same time, it’s been a year of deep healing in the realms of emotion, mind, and spirit. I enjoyed periods of sweet bliss too.

And, like you may have experienced as well, I grappled with the undercurrent of tension and periodic shock waves that come with living in rocky and uncertain times.

Here are some personal highlights from my year:

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The Best of Always Well Within 2015

Top Ten Post - Always Well Within 2016

I traveled through peaks of excitement and valleys of despair this year in relation to my blog and my course offerings.

I started the year with a buoyant sense of enthusiasm.  But I over-planeed.  The result, after a few months:  Too much stress, too much overwhelm, and a pace I couldn’t sustain.

Over the summer, hackers drove me to the edge.  They cost me way too much money trying to secure my site.  I wondered, more than once, if this might be a sign from the universe to stop writing and sharing in this space.  Or was it a message to rise up and overcome the obstacle?

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The Best of Always Well Within 2014

Lotus Flower

Soon we’ll enter the New Year with all its momentary excitement – fireworks, champagne, and maybe even a midnight kiss.

All that’s fun, but in truth each moment is new, each moment offers a fresh opportunity, each moment can be the one that sparks healing, change, and transformation for you.

I try to capture this essential message in all my writing on Always Well Within. It’s possible because your mind is pliable, flexible, and able to embrace new directions when you give it a chance and a loving nudge.

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Good, Evil and the Meaning of Always Well Within

Sunrise Reflecting Good and Evil

How do we think about and respond to the evil that exists in our world?  One of my readers put this question forth when they responded to my Reader Survey:

“How can you always talk about good and good when the world is full of wicked, manipulative and negative minded people? All is not always well within, I think once in a while we would like to hear your views about these facts of life.”

Thank you for asking so honestly.  You’re so right, we’re not always well within.  In fact, many of us are thrown about by our own litany of thoughts, emotions, and habitual patterns.

Anger, desire, greed, envy, anxiety, fear, and doubt are just a few of the emotions that seem to constantly spark us.  Even those who aspire to lead a wholesome life are confronted by their dark emotions, not to mention those intentionally engaged in foul actions.

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Deepening Our Connection: Reader Survey

Yellow Lotus

I sometimes write spontaneously prompted by a life experience, a calling from my heart, or a subtle message from my subconscious mind floating upward in the early hours of the morning.

At the same time, my dearest readers, your needs, challenges, and aspirations reign foremost in my mind.  I always wonder, “How can my blog posts and courses, help you in the best possible way?”

I would love to hear from you.

Will you help me tune my writing to your desires, hopes, and dreams by taking this short Reader Survey?  It should only take about 5 minutes of your time.  I would be so grateful!

Thank you for reading my blog, sharing my posts, and connecting with me through your emails.  Writing for you makes my heart sing.  Whether you’re active on my blog or remain quietly in the background, I appreciate our connection and your presence at Always Well Within.

Click here to take my Reader Survey.  Thank you so much!  With love,  Sandra

Thank you again for your presence and for sharing my posts.  If you’re new, please consider subscribe for free updates by email.  With love, Sandra

The Best of Always Well Within 2013


Writing for each one of you brings meaning and joy into my life.  In fact, it’s all I would do if I could!

I know I will never hear from the vast majority of you, but I feel an invisible connection to you and am so very grateful for your readership. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your life.

The Best Always Well Within Posts of 2013

As I browsed through my 2013 blog posts this morning, I felt pleased.  I feel my best posts dig deep, ask compelling questions, and present a unique view. I’m so delighted to share them with you.

Here’s the top twenty:

  1. Limits:  The Key to a Thriving Life
  2. 4 Reasons I Don’t Believe in the Law of Attraction
  3. A Bundle of Joy and Peace:  21 Inspirational Quotations from Thich Nhat Hanh
  4. The True Meaning of Non-Attachment and How It Sets You Free
  5. How to Cultivate a Spacious Mind
  6. What Hooks You and How to Overcome It
  7. How to Deconstruct Pesky Thought Patterns and Wacky Emotional Habits
  8. Three Essential Elements of Personal Power
  9. Are You Fighting or Flowing?
  10. Cultivating Compassion:  Begin with Impartiality
  11. Walking the Labyrinth to Your True Self
  12. How To Master the Art of Quiet Time Off
  13. Drop Into Your Heart:  It’s Easier Than You Think
  14. 108 Quotations to Inspire Love, Happiness, and Freedom
  15. Step Into Uncertainty
  16. What Are You Willing to Do to Save Another Person’s Life?
  17. How to Cope with the Suffering of this World
  18. A Simple Way to Balance Your Emotions and Revitalize Your Body
  19. Is It Always Smart to Follow Your Heart?
  20. True Happiness Begins with the Right View

More Goodness

For more Best of Always Well Within, check these posts:

Looking Ahead

I try to stay in the present moment and not look ahead too much.  But, I still have aspirations for Always Well Within in 2014, which  include:

  • Post a new article once or twice a week.
  • Offer my e-course Living with Ease:  21 Days to Less Stress once each season.  The next session starts Jan. 6th and you can register now.
  • Create at least one new course and/or write an e-book.
  • Check in with you through a reader survey.

Most importantly, underlying these practical wishes is this all-pervasive aspiration:  May whatever I write be of true benefit to others, helping to free them from suffering and bringing them more happiness and ease.

I’m immensely grateful for all the loving support I’ve received this year, especially during the launch of my new course.  Thank you for sharing my posts, commenting, connecting via email or simply reading my posts.  I’m so happy to be connected with you!

I’d love to hear your aspirations for 2014.  What’s ahead for you?

I’m so glad you’re here! If you enjoy my articles, please subscribe for free updates by email. With love, Sandra

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