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Morning Sky with Trees

Are You Afraid of Stillness and Space? Part 2

Modern life conditions us to busyness and a breakneck pace.  So much so that we almost become afraid of stillness and space.

Morning Sky with TreesIn my last post, I suggested nourishing yourself with space.  I explained how space is a vital element that brings balance into our lives, helping to keep stress, distress, and illness at bay.

But, with a strong habit of busyness in place, it can seem almost impossible to nourish yourself with space. Life has sped up dramatically in just the past decade alone.  It seems like everything and everyone is pulling us in the opposite direction from space.

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Nourish Yourself with Space – Part 1

Do you take time to nourish yourself with space?

Or is your life so crammed full you’ve forgotten the taste, the feel, and sumptuous joy of spaciousness?

Having a full life is not necessarily a bad thing.  It can be a sign of passion, enthusiasm, and dedication as well as the source of great happiness.

But when you start to feel frazzled and overwhelmed – as though there’s not enough time or space – something’s gone awry.

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