How to Awaken Love for Yourself and Others

Awaken Love - Yellow Tulip

A few months ago, I attended a celebratory gathering of friends that buzzed with delectable food, aromatic teas, and live music featuring guitar, ukelele, tapas, harmonium, and djembe.

Midway through the  evening, a Hawaiian kumu (teacher), adorned with waist-length gray hair and a colorful tunic, suddenly appeared. As her tiny feet took the floor to speak, the man next to me whispered,  “This is going to be a $1,000 presentation.”

Yes, the kumu’s words made a positive impression on me.  But, it was the mesmerizing movements of her hula dance that split open my heart.

As my tears tumbled, the world expanded.  I felt an uncontainable love as the magical life force of sacred, old style hula (hula kahiko) touched and opened me in unspeakable ways.

In that moment, I knew “love” would be my guiding word for 2015.

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Great Links for a Good Life * Feb 2015

Great Links for a Good Life - Wild Flowers

Welcome to my occasional collection of exceptional posts from around the web, inspiring resources to help you live the best possible life, and sometimes a book or two.  Enjoy!

I hope you find something here that sweetens your day and enhances your life! I would love to hear which articles resonated for you.  Be happy, be well!  With love, Sandra

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Plagued by the Past? How to Let Go.

How to Let Go of the Past

The stars surprised me.  At the beginning of the year, they told me I need to focus  on healing, surrender, and closure all the way till August.

“Be sure to include a big dose of rest and maybe even a creative retreat,” they insisted.  “Look back on the last 12-year life cycle and focus on the loose ends, forgiveness, and letting go,” they said.

I’m used to looking back a year at a time, but 12 years!  Sounds like a good precaution to avoid the top of regrets of the dying.  But holy-moly, at first I couldn’t even remember the last 12 years.

“Nothing happened,” I thought.  Funny that mind of ours, isn’t it?

With this starry nudge, I’m getting into the retrospective groove.  Just in case you want to look back too, this is what I’m up to.

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