Is It Time for a Digital Break?

Rushes - Digital Break

A few years ago, all the hip bloggers enthusiastically promoted the “digital sabbatical.”

They hid in the digital shadows for a month at a time.  Then they offered compelling accounts of their overpowering realizations along with detailed instructions on how you too could reap the rejuvenating benefits of a digital vacation.   Sometimes, they named their break a “digital detox,” to acknowledge the addictive quality now associated with connectivity.

I rarely see those terms used so flamboyantly these days, yet the need for digital relief has grown exponentially stronger.

At least I know that’s true for me.  So I’ve decided to take a digital break from July 15 to August 15, which coincides perfectly with my time off work.

But, I’ve planned ahead so you won’t be left high and dry.  There will be an uninterrupted flow of posts here – one every Sunday – while I’m away.  And you can grab my e-course, Living with Ease:  30 Days to Less Stress, anytime.

Do You Need a Digital Vacation Too?

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Embrace Your Shadow, Release Your Personal Power

Sunset, Shadow Side

Last night, after a particularly vivid dream and fantastic flow of insight, my shadow tendencies poured fourth.  Fears, unhelpful thought patterns, and stifled emotions – the whole lot – revealed themselves in phenomenal clarity.

The dark side!  Does it scare you?  Entice you?  Do you know what it is?

The term “shadow” was first used by the psychologist Carl G. Jung to describe the denied or repressed aspects of the self.

Children and adolescents begin to hide away parts of themselves when they’re told – often wrongly – that these aspects are “bad” or “unacceptable.”  Then, they carry their secret stuff bag into adulthood, never consciously looking into it.  Nevertheless, these hidden aspects still shape their lives.

Can you remember moments as an adult when the prospect of revealing your real self caused you to quake?  When sudden feelings of shame, guilt, or embarrassment popped out of nowhere?  When you fumed about someone’s words or actions for days?

That’s how your inner shadow screams to be set free.

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