33 Mantras to Quickly Calm Your Stress Response

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Yes, I want you to talk to yourself in wonderful and soothing ways.  As soon as you start to feel stressed, please talk to yourself with clear, gentle, and encouraging words.

You see, a cascade of biochemicals courses through your body when the stress response turns on.  What happens when your body and brain go into this alarm state?  Imagine:  tight muscles, increased heart rate, impaired digestion, depressed immune system and so much more.

That’s okay occasionally, but constantly living in a state of emergency will take a toll on your health and happiness.

Fortunately, you can turn the stress response around.  One way to do so is to talk to yourself in a soothing way.  Your kind words will let your brain know the “danger” has passed and thus will allow the relaxation response to kick in.

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How Do You Really Spend Your Precious Time?

Autumn - Time Tracking

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” ― Mary Oliver

On an absolute level, time is a figment of our imagination.  Nothing exists but the present moment.

On a relative level, however, this lifetime is finite.  Therefore, we need to make clear choices with our time or we’ll end up dissatisfied and full of regrets.

Understanding the absolute perspective can bring humor when we get all tied in knots about time.  Understanding the relative perspective ensures we act responsibly and gain the most out of our limited time on this earth.

A Time Tracking Adventure

I often feel like there’s not enough time for all that I would like to do.  But is that really true?  I’ve decided to track how I spend my time for a week to find out for sure.  I’ve done this before and found it to be so effective and clarifying.

Would you like to join me?

If so, download my free 7-Day Time Tracking Log.  Let’s take this adventure into the labyrinth of time together.  If 7 days seems too long, then try it out for 3 days or even 1 day.

Time Tracking Log

The purpose of time tracking is to understand how you’re actually spending your time.

You’ll discover:

  • What you’re really doing, not what you think you’re doing.
  • Where you use your time efficiently, where you  waste time.
  • How much time it actually takes to do a particular task.  Often, we grossly underestimate the time involved in any particular activity.  At least I do!

Some people say they’re afraid to track their time.  They’re afraid to find out the truth.  I understand, but it might also be one of the most liberating experiments you’ll ever do.

Each week offers you 168 hours – no more, no less.  I want to find out how I’m using those hours.  With a clear picture, I’ll be able to reorganize, prioritize, or eliminate to decrease stress and increase contentment.

Are you in?  Here’s my free time tracking log if you’d like to join me.

Do you know how you spend your time – really?  How do you feel about the prospect of tracking your time?  I would love to hear.

Thank you for reading.  If you have a moment, please help me reach others by sharing this post.  If you’re new, please subscribe for free updates by email.  With love, Sandra

Read This When Uncertainty Strikes

Lava Moving Toward Pahoa
Lava flowing toward the town of Pahoa, Hawaii •  September 18, 2014

Transitions always occur around my birthday. Have you noticed that too?

A few months ahead, I start to (metaphorically) itch.  Inevitably, several aspects of my life, ones I used to love, begin to feel like a prized shirt mistakenly washed in hot water – too tight.  It might be my connection with a health care provider, a business consultant, or a personal relationship that needs to change.

I tend to be insanely loyal.  It’s not easy for me to release what I’ve previously cherished even when signs appear like newborn criticism, irritation, or anger.

In the past, I didn’t release these elements gracefully.  I needed to create a drama to inflame my righteousness and thus buoy my courage.

Now, when the clues appear, I know I’m shedding so I can step lightly into the new.  I do my best to let go with kindness.  I honor all the goodness I’ve received from the person or situation without making a ruckus about my new-found infantile irks.

I understand, it’s time to step into uncertainty.

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