I Hear You! Reader Survey Results

Water Lillies:  Always Well Within

When I read your responses to my Reader Survey, I couldn’t help but feel you are my “perfect people.”  You get Always Well Within and you get me.

Although we are beautifully in sync, your responses show me where to focus so I can benefit you even more. And, they highlight where not to go so I don’t waste your time.

Thank you so much for your heartfelt replies.  I feel deeply moved by all that you’ve said and alert to your requests, which I will incorporate in my future posts.  Here are the survey questions and an overview of your collective responses.

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Are You Constantly Driven to Do More?

Sisyphus - Constantly Driven

Public Sculpture Sisyphus by Anna Chromy

Do you have an overbearing inner voice constantly driving you to do more?

I hope not, but productivity remains the ethos of modern culture.  Even though there’s a counter-movement towards simplifying one’s life and working less, chances are the demand to be productive has permeated your core.

Although I’m a champion of living with ease, I’ve recently discovered my “driver”, whose enthusiastically trying to trip up my year with less pressure.  She’s the one that’s always pushing me to do more, entwining her messages with the implication that I might not be good enough.

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Change Your Life Today

Sky:  Change Today Beauvoir Quote

A tragedy like the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 can arouse your compassion and sense of connectedness with all humanity. So please don’t turn off or flip the channel when you hear tragic news and harden to the sadness, pain and grief.

Empathy – which involves the recognition that we are all fundamentally the same – has the power to change the world for the better if we make it our dominant perspective.

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