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Letting Go for Health and Happiness

Sunrise - Letting Go

Life has proven intense of late with too many healthcare appointments, dreaded dental work, and double house maintenance and repairs.  And that’s just part of the picture.

If you’ve read my blog for any length of time, you know that I have a problem with pushing myself beyond my personal limits.  As you can imagine, I’ve felt overwhelmed more than once in the last few weeks.  Nevertheless, the age-old urge to keep going, no matter what, kept nudging me over my line.

Fortunately, before too long, a strong voice arose:  “I cannot do this anymore.”

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How I Became a Buddhist and What It Really Means

Natural Bridges, Santa Cruz

Natural Bridges, Santa Cruz

Editor’s Note:  I wrote this post for my readers who – in my recent reader survey – said they’re curious about Buddhism.  But really, it’s about the peace, compassion, and wisdom we all so deserve.

When I was in my mid-twenties, my housemate went to see a psychic.  Suprisingly, the psychic began speaking about me, the young woman who drank and smoked too much.  She predicted I would either meet a spiritual teacher or cross over in my early thirties.  That means die, in case it’s not clear.

I found this strange and spooky and largely put it out of mind.  I wasn’t spiritually inclined at the time so the possibility of becoming so seemed unlikely.  I started to drink less, but not because of the prediction.  Alcohol soothed my frazzled emotions and helped me to relax.  But I knew it wasn’t healthy or helpful on the long run.  It would be a long time before I gave up smoking, but I continued to breathe and walk on this earth, nevertheless.

At the time, I lived by the sea in Santa Cruz, California, magnet to surfers, valley girls, tourists and alternative lifestyle seekers.  The town and surrounding areas hosted a panoply of spiritual culture from WICCA covens to the Mt. Madonna Center, where the main yoga teacher had been silent for more than 20 years and communicated by writing on a small chalkboard he wore around his neck.  (He’s brilliant, by the way.)

I never gave a second thought to any of this as I was busy running a non-profit that helped battered women.

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This Is Love

The Essence of Love - White Rose

Genuine love does not depend on externals or a relationship with someone else.  Love is a force that resides within each and everyone of us.  Love is a wondrous quality that can be awakened and cultivated through joyful diligence and a dash of patience.

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Spark Your Goodness ~ November

Cats and Kabocha Squash Flowers

At the end of each month, I publish my favorite articles from around the web, books, and resources – the ones that will help you live with more confidence, clarity, and ease.

Virtual Holiday Faire

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Great Articles Plus

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Experiment to Get Out of Your Ruts

Mountain View

You can change your opinion, and your approach.  Sounds obvious, doesn’t it?  But, if you’re like me, you might get stuck in a rut sometimes, or hung up on a limiting belief.  Then it’s easy to just go along with the status quo.

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Are Your Fighting or Flowing?

Tree in Storm

I felt hit by a bolt of lightning when chronic illness came into my life. I fought the change with all my might.  I wanted this new distress to have a name so I could fix it and make it go away.  I spend untold hours and dollars exploring solutions from doctors to healers, vitamins to herbs. All these remedies, the ones that work for everyone else, only made me worse.

I didn’t look within to consider how I could elegantly adapt to the new circumstances.  I didn’t consider lifestyle factors that might be contributing to the situation, or deeply seated, stale patterns that might be influencing my way of being.  I was stuck in place, running like mad, and suffering more and more.

This was primarily due to fear.  I clung to the belief, “There’s nothing wrong with me beyond the physical issues.”  So naturally, all I had to do was figure it out.  I couldn’t look within because distorted brain messages originating in my childhood made it shameful to do so.  I refused to see the interconnection of body, mind, and spirit.

The Opportunity to Shift Your Perspective

When circumstances change in your life, your are presented with an opportunity to shift your perspective, and possibly transform your life.  Changes, small or big, soft or dramatic, are heaven sent gifts if you are able to see them that way.  Most importantly, they can enhance you spiritual perspective inspiring you to use your time wisely, learn to quiet your mind, open your heart, and reflect on the true purpose of life.

I’m embarrassed to tell you how long I kept fighting!  It was a very long time. But everything shifted when I stopped fighting, and started accepting and flowing.  I could have saved a huge amount of time and energy if I had stepped into the center of change instead of struggling against it.  But, I know better than to indulge in regret.

Question for Reflection:

Is there something you’re fighting against in your life?  Can you imagine seeing it in a different way?  What might it be saying to you?

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