Good Links for a Good Life

My Morning View by Tammy Strobel

This is my occasional collection of exceptional posts, good books, and helpful resources to help you live the best life possible.  Enjoy!


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I Hear You! Reader Survey Results

Water Lillies:  Always Well Within

When I read your responses to my Reader Survey, I couldn’t help but feel you are my “perfect people.”  You get Always Well Within and you get me.

Although we are beautifully in sync, your responses show me where to focus so I can benefit you even more. And, they highlight where not to go so I don’t waste your time.

Thank you so much for your heartfelt replies.  I feel deeply moved by all that you’ve said and alert to your requests, which I will incorporate in my future posts.  Here are the survey questions and an overview of your collective responses.

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Good, Evil and the Meaning of Always Well Within

Sunrise Reflecting Good and Evil

How do we think about and respond to the evil that exists in our world?  One of my readers put this question forth when they responded to my Reader Survey:

“How can you always talk about good and good when the world is full of wicked, manipulative and negative minded people? All is not always well within, I think once in a while we would like to hear your views about these facts of life.”

Thank you for asking so honestly.  You’re so right, we’re not always well within.  In fact, many of us are thrown about by our own litany of thoughts, emotions, and habitual patterns.

Anger, desire, greed, envy, anxiety, fear, and doubt are just a few of the emotions that seem to constantly spark us.  Even those who aspire to lead a wholesome life are confronted by their dark emotions, not to mention those intentionally engaged in foul actions.

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