Read This When Uncertainty Strikes

Lava Moving Toward Pahoa

Lava flowing toward the town of Pahoa, Hawaii •  September 18, 2014

Transitions always occur around my birthday. Have you noticed that too?

A few months ahead, I start to (metaphorically) itch.  Inevitably, several aspects of my life, ones I used to love, begin to feel like a prized shirt mistakenly washed in hot water – too tight.  It might be my connection with a health care provider, a business consultant, or a personal relationship that needs to change.

I tend to be insanely loyal.  It’s not easy for me to release what I’ve previously cherished even when signs appear like newborn criticism, irritation, or anger.

In the past, I didn’t release these elements gracefully.  I needed to create a drama to inflame my righteousness and thus buoy my courage.

Now, when the clues appear, I know I’m shedding so I can step lightly into the new.  I do my best to let go with kindness.  I honor all the goodness I’ve received from the person or situation without making a ruckus about my new-found infantile irks.

I understand, it’s time to step into uncertainty.

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Four Steps to Joyful Work

Wildflowers, Joy

I’m delighted to welcome Dan Zandt from Stillmind today.

Everyone has been made for some particular work, and the desire for that work has been put in every heart. ~ Rumi

The word “spirituality” is banded about a lot these days. To be called a “spiritual person” is a compliment. Bookstores have dedicated sections, usually next to the one labelled “New Age.” We talk about spiritual paths, disciplines and teachings without a second thought.

Yet do we really have a clear idea of what the word means?

In his book Seeking Spirituality, Ron Rolheiser writes that human nature is marked by a “fundamental dis-ease, an unquenchable fire that renders us incapable, in this life, of ever coming to full peace.”

We can, I think, see this truth wherever we look.

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