17 Important Insights from My Digital Break

Ahalanui Park After Iselle

Downed Tree after Hurricane Iselle, Ahalanui Park and Warm Pond, Hawaii

My digital break and time-off turned out to be more like Hurricane Iselle’s whirlwind visit to the Hawaiin Islands than the peaceful oasis I had longed for.  Iselle left a trail of downed trees, damaged homes, and broken power lines.  That’s how my life felt at times before, during, and after her appearance.  Luckily, she spared our homestead, only bending a few banana plants.

Yes, external events often pulled me into the fray during my digital hiatus.  But I wouldn’t have missed my digital sabbatical for the world.  In between the chaos and hard work,  I also enjoyed periods with:

  • Less pressure
  • Less stress
  • More space
  • More time
  • More enjoyment
  • More connection
  • More self-reflection

Does the idea of a a month-long digital break seem impossible or insane?   I understand; that’s a very long time.  And so much of modern life revolves around our digital devices.

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Déja Vu: On Self Care

White Flowers - Self Care

Do you neglect yourself?  That’s not unusual in these fast-paced modern times.  The multiplicity of life demands may overwhelm you and leave little – if any – time for self-care.

But unless you crack the self-care code soon, you’ll burn yourself out.  Then it’s very difficult to regain your good health again.

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Good Links for a Good Life: From Creativity to Cancer

Pink Sky Over Lake

Welcome to my monthly (or so) collection of exceptional posts from around the web, a good book or two, and practical resources to help you live the best possible life.  Enjoy!

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