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7 Top Books That Will Help You Heal Trauma 

7 tops books on trauma

Trauma is far more common than you might imagine, both development trauma, which originates in childhood, and shock trauma, which occurs in response to an overwhelming event that occurs at any time during your life.  You may not even realize how the imprints of trauma silently direct your life because trauma sometimes remains hidden within your unconscious mind.

These statistics on abuse begin to illuminate the scope of the problem, and they do not include the emotional damage that occurs from development trauma, which can occur from not having your emotional needs meant during your early years.

Research by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has shown that one in five Americans was sexually molested as a child; one in four was beaten by a parent to the point of a mark being left on their body; and one in three couples engages in physical violence.  A quarter of us grew up with alcoholic relatives, and one out of eight witnessed their mother being beaten or hit.

Let’s look at the difference between developmental trauma and shock trauma, so we can better understand our own emotional wounds and also extend a hand to others who have been impacted by trauma.

Developmental Trauma and Shock Trauma: What’s the Difference?

You may associate trauma with catastrophic events, but a different form of trauma, developmental trauma, can occur early childhood.  Both types of trauma can effect your capacity for nervous system regulation.

Developmental trauma ranges from not getting your basic emotional needs met during specific stages of childhood development to full-on abuse or neglect, often called C-PTSD or Complex PTSD.  Complex PTSD may also involve misattunement and/or shock trauma as described below.

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Want to Get Better? 6 Ways a Health Coach Can Help

6 Ways a Health Coach Can Help You

After 13 years of undiagnosed chronic illness, I had pretty much given up on doctors, natural and allopathic, and healers of all types.  Although a few doctors provided an important piece of the puzzle, no one could figure me out completely.  The medicine and supplements they prescribed usually made me worse.

I’ve learned to manage my own symptoms, primarily through diet and carefully selected supplements.  My energy is limited, my life is boundaried, but I rarely experience dramatic symptoms if I follow my self-prescribed protocol.  I can do so much more than many people with chronic illness.

That doesn’t mean I’m healed at all.  With one slip, symptoms return, with multiple slips they compound.

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15 of the Most Awesome Self-Care Gifts Ever

Awesome self-care gifts.

Working too hard, feeling overwhelmed by family responsibilities, or dealing with an ongoing challenge?

Maybe it’s time to turn your attention back to yourself and to your own self-care.

Although we often brush it aside, self-care is not optional if you want to be happy and healthy, and stay the course.  Regular self-care ensures you feel grounded, think clearly, and dwell in a comfortable emotional zone. It helps you to modulate stress, which, in excess, can quickly deplete your joy, upset your relationships, and compromise your health.

I do my best to make self-care a priority.  Over the years, Iʻve gathered a wonderful repertoire of self-care practices and resources, that Iʻd love to share with you today.   Think of them as gifts to yourself, which you so deserve, and as gifts you can bestow on others whom you love.

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How I Lost 22 Pounds In 4 Months & Improved My Health

How I Lost 22 Pounds in 4 Months

I don’t believe that beauty depends on color, size, or shape.  Each of us is born with an inherited body type that ranges from skinny to medium build to curvy.  The sooner we reject modern propaganda about the perfect size, and embrace our own nature-given physique, the better.

This is not easy, I understand.  But only you can stop the self-hate and begin to love and accept your body as it is.  What better time than right now?

So I want to be clear I’m not writing this blog post to promote a specific body size or type as the “right” one.

I know for myself, however, that I don’t feel my best when I mindlessly let the pounds pile up from over eating sweets and carbs.  For me, eating the wrong foods in excess shows up as aches, pains, and fitful sleep.  My blood sugar markers increase, heading me straight toward pre-diabetes.  I feel like I have no will power or control.

But I was able to turn my weight gain around at the beginning of this year.  I lost 22 pounds in four months and have subsequently maintained the weight loss.  I know that there isn’t one “right” way to lose weight, but perhaps hearing my story will inspire you to begin and find the best way for you.

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3 Healthy Routines for a More Balanced Life

3 Self Care Routines for More Balance

Greeting the sun, Big Island, Hawaii.

Many people are convinced that they have no time to allot to creating and following good habits.  My teacher Vimalananda used to say, ‘Westerners wear their gods on their wrists.’  By this he meant that we allow an artificial, arrhythmic version of time to regulate our lives.  All organisms require rhythm for proper functioning, but most of us ignore the natural internal and external rhythms that secretly influence us.  We try instead to create our own, unnatural time.  Our dedication to arbitrary schedules robs us of our natural rhythms and weakens our ability to adapt to stresses.  Fortunately, introducing additional routine into our lives can regenerate these rhythms.  The human organism loves routine and thrives when it is fed, exercised and rested regularly. – Dr. Robert E. Svoboda

Most of us follow the clock with little thought given to our own body rhythm and how it aligns with the daily cycle of nature.  In fact, your personal rhythm may be radically distorted so you have no clue what would actually be natural and normal for you.

The Benefits of Daily Routines Rooted in Nature

You can tell you’re off-balance if you find it hard to wake up in the morning, your energy dips in the afternoon, or you’re suddenly alert at bedtime.  Irregular elimination and digestive woes also signal a body out of whack.  Popping pills might bring short term relief, but it won’t necessarily address the root of the problem.

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9 Important Things to Know If You Want to Heal Yourself

Candle Lit Healing Environment

One evening, I went to visit my husband in his meditation space.  Two candles illuminated the darkness and soft music caressed the air.  Laying upon a fold-out futon, snuggled under a light blanket, he was quietly engaged in a body-scan meditation, a mindfulness-based stress reduction technique.

I smiled, thinking, “He knows how to create an especially relaxing and healing environment, doesn’t he!”  I even felt a wee bit envious.

Why Do We Neglect Our Own Healing?

Why do we neglect our own healing?  Although most of us need healing on one level or another – emotional, physical, mental, or spiritual – often we’re held back because we:

  • Don’t believe we can truly heal
  • Don’t feel we have the time
  • Feel guilty when we take time to relax

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