Why Honolulu Made Me Depressed


Dwarfed by the thunderous roar of the elevated freeway, I felt an urge to jump on a return flight. A busy metropolis, Honolulu instantly overwhelmed me with its overcrowded, unending expanse of concrete and construction juxtaposed against an innocent sky, sea, and smattering of proud peaks.  Houses, stacked one just above and behind the other, tightly lined every hillside.  High risers dotted the stuffed lowlands.

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The Incredible Impact of Buying Shoes

According to Planet Shoes, it can take 1,000 years for the sole of a typical shoe to fully degrade.

1,000 years! Let that sink in and stir you up.

Knowing this puts an entirely different spin on buying footwear. At least, for me.

No more popping into a shop and picking up whatever strikes my fancy. Now, it takes time, research, and thought.

But, the process can be simplified if you have a helpful information resource and take to a reliable, eco-friendly brand or two.

Planet Shoes is one place that offers a simple guide to sustainable shoe facts. The online store provides:

  • a list 40 “Eco Brands” (see warning below);
  • A list of “Eco Logical Materials”.

But buyer beware. Here are 4 factors to consider when you are seeking less environmental impact from your footgear.

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Bee Wise

My neighbor’s honey bees have died.  All of them.

She said, in a friendly, but sarcastic tone, “Don’t worry, we won’t have bees but we’ll all have cell phones.”

There is a fantastic die off of bees all around the world, which could have a dramatic impact on the production of fruits and vegetables that require pollination.

In her article, A World Without Bees, timethief reports:

“Can you imagine a world without bees? Entomologists are studying the reasons behind an enormous bee die off.  They call it Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), and if they cannot find a solution the 80% of fruits and vegetables that require pollination may not make it to market.   Places bees can forage for pollen without being poisoned by pesticides have dramatically declined, and the cause of CCD appears to be related to diseases from pesticides, but no one is certain.”

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