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When Things Fall Apart: How to Cope in Difficult Times


Did you know an eclipse – lunar or solar – can trigger sudden, irrevocable change in your life that comes about due to external circumstances? I used to fear eclipses for this very reason.

I disliked unexpected change.  The kind of change that can make your head spin in disbelief and leave your knees knocking loudly.  The kind of change you didn’t ask for.  The kind of change you don’t want.

Fortunately, every eclipse doesn’t effect every person so dramatically.  But still, you can’t escape change forever.  There’s also the unfolding of karma – the fruition of your past actions – which can twist your world around in abrupt and surprising ways.

Change will arrive in this lightning-like way at some point in your life.  What will you do?

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Are Your Fighting or Flowing?

Tree in Storm

I felt hit by a bolt of lightning when chronic illness came into my life. I fought the change with all my might.  I wanted this new distress to have a name so I could fix it and make it go away.  I spend untold hours and dollars exploring solutions from doctors to healers, vitamins to herbs. All these remedies, the ones that work for everyone else, only made me worse.

I didn’t look within to consider how I could elegantly adapt to the new circumstances.  I didn’t consider lifestyle factors that might be contributing to the situation, or deeply seated, stale patterns that might be influencing my way of being.  I was stuck in place, running like mad, and suffering more and more.

This was primarily due to fear.  I clung to the belief, “There’s nothing wrong with me beyond the physical issues.”  So naturally, all I had to do was figure it out.  I couldn’t look within because distorted brain messages originating in my childhood made it shameful to do so.  I refused to see the interconnection of body, mind, and spirit.

The Opportunity to Shift Your Perspective

When circumstances change in your life, your are presented with an opportunity to shift your perspective, and possibly transform your life.  Changes, small or big, soft or dramatic, are heaven sent gifts if you are able to see them that way.  Most importantly, they can enhance you spiritual perspective inspiring you to use your time wisely, learn to quiet your mind, open your heart, and reflect on the true purpose of life.

I’m embarrassed to tell you how long I kept fighting!  It was a very long time. But everything shifted when I stopped fighting, and started accepting and flowing.  I could have saved a huge amount of time and energy if I had stepped into the center of change instead of struggling against it.  But, I know better than to indulge in regret.

Question for Reflection:

Is there something you’re fighting against in your life?  Can you imagine seeing it in a different way?  What might it be saying to you?

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Are You Imprisoned by Attachment?

StrawberryCupWhen you buy or receive something new, don’t you notice how a sense of attachment comes right along?  It may not be so obvious at first, but it’s always there in the background quietly grinding away at you.

It all begins with “I like” or “I want”.  But once the immediate delight wears off, attachment inevitably gives rise to difficult emotions like worry, fear, concern, or anger as you feel the impulse to maintain or protect whatever you’ve gained.

Day in and day out, we are constantly imprisoned by attachment.  Yet we seldom notice that often it’s all these material possessions that are triggering our anxiety or fear.

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Be Careful!


How many times have I said, “Be careful?”

Anxiety rooted itself deeply within my cells.  From there it grew tendrils that encased my organs, muscles, and bones.

Despite the intensity of my repeated caution, “Be careful” never stopped life from unfolding.  My cat died, the job ended, and accidents happened, with precious moments of sweetness hardly noticed between.

How do you wake up from the illusion of control?  And then unwind the damage to your body, mind, and soul?

Ride this ever-changing river of life moment to moment with a smile, and the deeper knowing there’s nothing you can control.

Prompt:  100 Words on Saturday

What does the phrase “be careful” evoke for you?  I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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Are You Holding On?

Floating Houseboat

In her memoir  – A Three Dog Life – Abigail Thomas recounts the heart-twisting process of weaving a new life after her husband sustains a whopping traumatic braining injury, causing his personality to undergo dramatic, irreversible changes.

About “control”, Thomas muses:

“I was on a small island once, in the middle of a great big lake, mountains all over the place, and as I watched the floating dock the winds kicked up, the waves rose from nowhere, and I imagined myself lying there and the dock suddenly breaking loose, carried away by the storm.  I wondered if I could lie still and enjoy the sensation of rocking, after all I wouldn’t be dead yet, I wouldn’t be drowning, just carried off somewhere that wasn’t part of my plan.  The very thought of it gave me the shivers.  Still, how great to be enjoying the ride, however uncertain the outcome.  I’d like that.  It’s what we’re all doing anyway, we just don’t know it.”

Ultimately, she concludes:

“…now I know I can control my tongue, my temper, and my appetites, but that’s it.  I have no effect on weather, traffic, or luck.  I can’t make good things happen.  I can’t keep anybody safe.  I can’t influence the future and I can’t fix up the past.

What a relief.”

Here’s  a personal reflection for you to consider this week:

What are the ways that you hold on?  Do they bring you happiness or suffering?  Is control an illusion?  Would you find relief in letting go?  And just exactly how will you get to letting go?

Thomas’ words struck me deeply.  In particular, all the ways I want to protect and keep others safe, when, in reality, I have little if any control.  How do these thoughts impact you?

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Six Months to Live?

Do you find time slipping through your fingers?

Here’s a question for reflection to help us remember the preciousness of this life:

What would you do if you only had six months to live?  Would your life be different than it is now?  How and why would that be?  How might that influence your life now?

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