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Digital Spring Cleaning and a Big Move

Digital Spring Cleaning

I’m preparing to move Always Well Within to SquareSpace, a different hosting platform.  The actual move will take place in one to two weeks.  I won’t publish new posts until after the move.  I have a good one ready to go though — on how not to take things personally.  So stay tuned.

My new site will have the same name and same url so you won’t need to do anything different to find me.

Between now and then, I’ll set up and finish the design of my new website and prune my archive of almost 600 posts.  Many of my earlier posts are no longer relevant or up to my current writing standards.  Since they received little attention at the time, I don’t think Google search will freak out if I delete them.

Once I make the move, I’ll have to set up 301 redirects for each remaining post on my blog, which is a way to tell search engines to go to a new link.  Otherwise, you’ll get the “page not found” message.  That will likely take several days since I’ll move around 300 posts.

During that time, if you visit Always Well Within, you may see a “Site Under Construction” page.  But rest assured, I’ll be back soon, in a matter of days.

This move will solve my SSL certificate problem, a new website requirement set up by Google search to ensure that you only go to secure sites.  I’ll also save money and will no longer have to deal with complex technical issues – like plug-in conflicts or hack attacks.  I also love the simplicity and beauty of the SquareSpace templates.

I must have seen this coming because I took a wonderful SquareSpace Design class called SquareSpace 101 more than a year ago, which I recommend highly. But then I felt daunted by the thought of making all those 301 redirects and never made the actual move.

I can’t wait to show you my new site on SquareSpace!  I value simplicity, beauty, and elegance. I think the right ambiance on a digital space can help a visitor feel relaxed and at ease rather than confused and chaotic.  I hope my new site reflects these qualities.

In the meantime, if you’re new here or simply need a good read, check out some of the gems I found as I pruned my archive:

I’m so grateful for your readership.  Writing for you gives meaning and purpose to my life.  I look forward to seeing you at the new Always Well Within.

Thank you for your presence, I know your time is precious!  Don’t forget to sign up for my e-letter and get access to all the free self-development resources (e-books, mini-guides + worksheets) in the Always Well Within Library. May you be happy, well, and safe – always.  With love, Sandra




How to Stay Strong When Life Is Hard: 48 Pema Chödrön Quotes

Whenever I face challenges, obstacles, or difficulties in life, I return to one book, time and again:  When Things Fall Apart, Heart Advice for Difficult Times by Pema Chödrön.

Chödrön knows how to distill the wisdom of the Buddhist teachings for the Western mind and heart, making them universally applicable to everyone, whatever their background, faith, or absence of faith.  She has a knack for drilling right to the core, putting her finger on exactly what we need to know to transcend unhappy and unhealthy patterns, once and for all.

2018 seems to be a repeat of what turned out to be a tumultuous 2017 for so many of us. I’m on my own emotional roller coast at the moment, which is why I turned once again to Chödrön’s book.  To help us stay strong in hard times, I’ve gathered together a collection of potentially life-changing quotes from When Things Fall Apart.

These quotes aren’t just quick memes, at least not most of them. They ask you to look deeply both within and also without, at the true nature of reality not the dream you’ve conjured up.

Find the ones that resonate for you. Then take one—the one that speaks to you in that moment or for that particular day—and sit with it for a while.  Soak it in. Let its truth permeate your being.  This will help you to begin to live from greater clarity and a kinder heart, if only for a few moments at time at first.

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What’s the Secret Formula for Radical Joy?

I’ve been reflecting on “radical joy” — the meaning, the feeling, and how to awaken it —since I received a shamanic healing from my friend Jill Walton a few days ago.  Jill told me, “Go for radical joy.”

So what is radical joy and how do you go for it?

Today, I’ll share the insights that have emerged for me.  Perhaps my insights will resonate for you or maybe you’ll want to contemplate the meaning and path to radical joy for yourself.  Ready?

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How to Spend Less, Save More, and Reclaim Your Joy

Year of Less by Cait Flanders

Cait Flanders radically simplified her life in the space of 12 months and recounts the process in her recently released memoir, The Year of Less:  How I Stopped Shopping, Gave Away My Belongings, and Discovered that Life Is Worth More Than Anything You Can Buy in a Store.

By living on an average of 51% of her income, Flanders saved $17,000 and used another $10,000 for personal travel during the year.  She also purged 70% of her belongings.  Impressive, don’t you think?

But The Year of Less is about so much more than simple living.  It’s about facing yourself and your demons, and in so doing finding the courage to create a healthier and happier life.

During her self-imposed shopping ban, which allowed her to buy consumables and replacements only, Flanders came face-to-face with her addictions, especially during periods when her life suddenly turned upside down.

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How to Soothe the Pain of Betrayal

How to soothe the pain of betrayal

Almost everyone faces betrayal during their lifetime, usually several times over.

Betrayal might come about due to the disloyalty of a parent, a child, a sibling, a partner, a friend, a boss, a teacher, or a spiritual mentor.  Whatever the cause, a breach of faith can, and often does, devastate you to the core.

So how do you soothe the pain of betrayal?

4 Ways to Soften the Initial Impact of Betrayal

Let’s start by looking at some ways to help yourself through the initial days after the revelation.  Often that’s when the sting may feel stronger than you could ever bear.  You might find yourself overcome by hurt, sadness, anger, and fear.

You need deep self-care in these moments and skillful ways to manage your emotions so you don’t perpetuate the pain.  Here are a few suggestions.

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9 Quick Communication Tips That Will Improve Your Relationships

9 Quick Communication Tips

Few of us were taught communication skills in school, yet poor communication brings so much disharmony, distress, and discouragement in our relationships.  It can ruin your chance for success on the job or in your business as well.

How would you honestly rate your communication skills?  Do you experience a lot of drama, stress, and frustration after interpersonal communications at home or at work?

If you do, this is something you can change.  Communication skills can be learned. And when you learn how to communicate clearly and compassionately, your sense of confidence, ease, and happiness will increase at the same time.

I’ve been on a campaign to improve my own communication skills over the last six months.  I know I can be reactive, finish other people’s sentences, and jump to wrong conclusions.  None of which leads to building trust, rapport, and deeper connection.

My bi-monthly women’s group offers the perfect opportunity to practice effective communication skills.  We call each other out, in a kind way, if we slip away from using “I” statements.  We practice paraphrasing what another person has said to be sure we’ve understood it.  And, there’s a specific model in place for clearing negative thoughts and feelings.

Now, I’m able to bring these skills into my everyday life.  In fact, they’re gradually becoming the automatic fall back.  I’d like to give you a glimpse of what I’ve learned because it’s helped me so much.  I bet it could help you too.

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