18 Before 2018 End of Year Goal Setting Challenge

I’m excited to participate in Lisa Jacob’s end-of the-year goal setting challenge:  18 Before 2018.  If you’ve lost touch with your goals or feel they need to be refreshed, you’ll love this challenge.

I have a different relationship to goal-setting than I did earlier in my life.  I’m less focused on material accomplishments and care more about personal and spiritual growth.  But you can use this goal-setting challenge in whatever way you’d like.  Your 18 goals could be exclusively focused on your work or business, if that’s what you need.

I’m also far more relaxed about achieving goals these days. That’s because I don’t want to live a pressured and stressed life.  But you might be more goal oriented than me. You might be in a different stage of life or need to pay the bills. Whatever your situation, relate to this end-of-the year goal-setting exercise in the way that best suits you.

If it isn’t clear yet, this challenge involves setting 18 goals you would like to accomplish before 2018.  You could renew goals you already have in motion, let go of ones no longer relevant, or set brand new objectives.  Life changes, let’s adjust our plans accordingly.

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