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Set Your Goals & Create Your Shining Year 2017

Create Your Shining Life 2017 Planners

It’s getting close to the time of the year when goal setting, planners, and diaries come to the forefront of our minds, isn’t it?

When it comes to goal setting, as you’ll see from the numbers below, it’s easy to let the process slide or write down your goals and never look at them again.  I tend to be a little lose when it comes to the things of this world myself.  I know I need to gather my yearly goals in one place, where I can easily revisit them to remember, re-inspire myself, and review my progress.

I especially enjoy using the Create Your Shining Year Workbooks {partner link} for this purpose. The workbooks are artsy, colorful, and fun.  But, equally important, they ask all the right questions so you can take your business or your life or both to the next level.

According to Leonie Dawson, who created the workbooks:

  • “80% of people have no goals.”
  • “10% of people think of goals, but do not write them down.”
  • “Just 4% of the population write their goals down.”
  • “Just 1% of the population write down their goals and regularly review them.  And that 1% are among the highest achieving people in the population!”

Where do you fall when it comes to setting goals?

In the past, I would write my goals down on scraps of paper and then never look at them again.  That’s why it’s imperative, at least for me, to have one place where I collect all my goals, dreams, and visions.

These colorful and uplifting planners are available in both print and digital versions. I’ve used the digital version, which can be used on a computer or i-Pad or printed out. This year, I’m trying out the print version.

Gain More Confidence by Setting Clearly Defined Goals

One year, I took a 3-week business planning course.  It was so intense and complicated, I thought my head would explode.  Although I generated many wonderful ideas, at the end of the course, I felt so fatigued I hardly had the energy to put most of them into place.

I like using the Create Your Shining Year Workbook to set my goals because it’s a manageable approach.  Leonie has found the sweet spot between too little and too much.

Using the planner has increased my confidence too. It’s given me a template for creating my goals and a step-by-step plan plus a method of accountability.  It’s also encouraged me to look at my habits and whether they are actually serving me well.

If you want to chart out your 2017 goals in a relaxed, fun, and effective way, check out the Create Your Shining Year Workbooks (life or biz version or both) and see what you think.

As you know, I’m selective about recommending products.  I only suggest items that I truly love and believe in.  If you decide to use one of the links here and purchase a workbook, I’ll receive a small commission.  That’s a wonderful way you can support my writing on Always Well Within.  Thank you in advance!

If you decide to get one or both of the Shining Year 2017 Workbooks, I hope you’ll enjoy working with them as much as I have.  And I wish you the very best with achieving your goals, dreams, and visions.

Create Your Shining Life 2017 Planners


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  1. I have become in recent years for the most part a goal free zone. Having said that, I very much appreciate the usefulness of goals, and I would love anything that results in a shining year! In fact, when I was still using a word of the year, my word one year was Shine.

    And this might sound funny, but I love workbooks! When I was going through my several years of focused and deliberate life transformation, I had what I called the year of the workbook. If there was a workbook about it, I did it! So what a perfect combination here–a workbook leading to a shining year.

    • How wonderful that you’ve been able to go goal free, Galen. I can resonate with that as life often unfolds in ways that we haven’t planned. I like to have goals, but I like to hold them lightly.

      That sounds like a fun year with the workbooks. I’m sure it’s all part of what brought you to where you are now, able to flow without the strictures of goals. But yes, a workbook and shining goals seems like a great combination to me!

  2. In RC we would set our goals at the beginning of the year and spend time during the year counseling on them. I recently found my list of goals from 8 years ago, and it was amazing how many I had achieved. It sometimes felt sort of magical that the goal “happened” but somehow, without deliberately “working on it” the goal got met :).

    • I love hearing this, Jean. RC is so cool! What a wonderful yearly process. I find it can be that way with goals too, that once we set them sometimes they come true even if we forget about them. There is something powerful about making a strong intention.

  3. James Galan

    I think i;m one of the 80% hahahah. no goals and just going with the flow. but i’m thinking today or this year rather, would be very good start to have this kind of goal setting. thank you, Sandra for this!

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