Overcome digital overwhelm + digital overload

With an irresistible force as strong as a black hole, digital reality can suck you into a Never Never Land where you lose all track of time, sense of dimension, and gravity of importance.  Without question, digital engagement can be addictive.  In fact, university students have described digital media as a “drug.”

In a major research study, more than 1,000 college students around the world were asked to go without media for a 24-hour period.   They used terms like “addiction” and “withdrawal” to describe the decidedly distressful experience.  Imagine itching like a crackhead because you can’t use your phone.  Without their digital accessories – for just a single day – many students reported feeling sad, lonely, depressed, or even “dead”.

Do you too sometimes feel like you can’t resist the call of digital media?  The truth is it’s not easy to disconnect – for almost everyone, not just you.  Scrolling through email, typing out text messages, and looking at rising blog statistics can fire up the brain’s dopamine reward system creating a pleasure-inducing hit that has even become clinically addictive for about 6% of the population.

Isn’t it a relief to know you’re not alone?

There are many practical fixes for digital madness to help reduce the insanity.  But like any addiction or unhealthy habit, digital fascination tends to return to haunt you again and again.  That’s certainly happened for me.

So how do you uproot digital overwhelm once and for all? 

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