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Practical Wisdom on Money, Parenting, and Busyness {+ More}

Practical Wisdom On Money, Parenting, Busyness, and More

Every few months, I share a list of my favorite articles from around the web, just the best ones that contain practical or profound wisdom to help you shine your star in the most beautiful way.  Here are my selections this time.

The Border of Paradise

The Border of Paradise is shaped by darkness and the kind of delicious story that makes for missed train stops and bedtimes, keeping a reader up late for just one more page of dynamic character-bouncing perspective (an idea which came to Wang in dreams). It is the author’s stunning introduction to the literary world. —Alli Maloney, The New York Times

Esmé Weijun Wang’s exquisite, multi-generational novel, The Border of Paradise*, so captivated me, I read it in a few sessions, lying on my side in bed late into the night. As quirky as they are, I bonded so strongly with these ultra-human characters, I didn’t want to let them go when the story closed.  Wang has crafted a complex yet flowing tale told from multiple perspectives in elegant yet superbly natural prose. [*affiliate link]

The Border of Paradise provides a poignant view into the way that suffering can become so much the norm that everything else seems abnormal.  Wang draws you into an emotionally rich world, where you find ecstatic moments of light also filter through the darkness.

Moments of Inspiration

I created this quiet interlude of inspirational quotes, beautiful images, and meditative music for my Always Well Within Facebook Page.  I hope you enjoy it too!

Did one of these links especially speak to you?  I would love to hear.

Thank you so much for your presence.  If you enjoyed this article, please share it with your friends.  It makes a big difference!  May you be happy, well, and safe – always.  With love, Sandra


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  1. I love when you list articles because I am introduced to new blogs that are delightful and informative!

    I really enjoyed “How to Discipline Without Hardening Your Child’s Heart” because this is the way I parent and also ‘why’ I parent this way. When I look at the list of ‘how’ to discipline, I was raised in the ways ‘not’ to discipline and that has taken years to heal from; I parent my children opposite from that so they experience: love, peace, possibility, desire to experiment with technique and newness as they explore and create in a myriad of ways, trust in their inner essence energy along with flow and unfolding.

    Thank you!!

    • Thank you, Joy! I found that to be a very special article on discipline, too. I wish more parents understood and embraced the way that you parent. It’s hard to blame people for not know, but it would make such a difference if people learned how to parent well.

  2. Joy speaks for me too Sandra…you have introduced me to new bloggers with insightful and interesting ideas. Thank you.

  3. An interesting collection , as always, Sandra.

    I found “Why the Self-Help Industry Won’t Change the World” interesting and a little disheartening. I do feel she’s right in that personal responsibility does not replace social responsibility. However, most of the time managing myself to create positiveness is enough of a challenge for me to tackle.

    • I understand, Debbie. You give so much in your own way. I don’t think we can all do everything, we just each need to do our own part and it will look differently for different people.

  4. I am with Debbie on Why the Self-Help Industry Won’t Change the World I thought Yes I know I have been having more” political discussions in the last few weeks with some close friends UK, Aus and USA and we never talk politics. I like to talk love, abundance and peace. I told someone recently my politics was love and they thought I had lost it! Brexit – and our recent elections here where a few crazies will control our senate! Then there is Trump and that is something that could set the world back decades. I feel like the clock has been turned back years.

    It does make me wonder should we be speaking up. I believe that my staying positive, spreading love, hope and joy we can change the world one person at a time and create positive ripples of change.

    Sandra did you see the beautiful video of Thai children sitting in a circle and each morning greeting one another with a namaste and a hugs- now that could change the world .

    Loving your videos xxoo

    • I really appreciate how deeply you are taking these questions to heart. It’s complex and I don’t think there’s one simple answer. This is what struck me the most in that article: “The problems you help solve for your clients are most often symptoms of a much deeper and widespread systemic problem that we must get to the root of. You say you want to change the world, but what is it, in the world, that you want to change? You’ve got to name it to tame it.” I think we do need to go to the root and change something at the deepest possible level both within and structurally in society. We each have to find the right path for ourself. For me, I know that means speaking out about these issues more. For you it might be talking about love, hope, and joy. I don’t think there’s one way.

      I loved the video of the Thai children!

  5. Hi Sandra, I love your site. It embodies inspiration, peace and wellness. Thank you for sharing articles around the web that are helpful. Your video also speak volumes 🙂

  6. Sandra! Wow!! Thank you for this fantastic blog post – I’m so looking forward to reading all the great links you posted. And completely honored that you included one of my articles.


  7. PS: Absolutely loved, “Busyness is kind of a debt.” GREAT post!

  8. Love this list Sandra! Such a lovely collection. I’ll dig in over the week.
    And I’m So happy you included my life lessons from Rumi interesting enough to add to your list. Thank you!
    p.s. you videos are So lovely!

    • Absolutely loved your Rumi post! I love how you dig deep. Glad you like my videos. Slowly, more to come. Love to you, Zeenat.

  9. This is a wonderful idea Sandra, and your curated posts are always full of valuable reads. Thanks for introducing me to new people! Hope you are enjoying your Sunday and wishing you a great week ahead!

  10. Luis G

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