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Month: July 2016

9 Ways to Find Serenity In A World That Never Stops


When I read about the unrelenting work demands at a company like Amazon, I’m convinced the world has gone utterly insane.

You can work as hard as you want, but eventually you’ll discover that a healthy balance between activity and quiet is essential for a happy and sustainable life.  Too much busyness will eventually lead to a breakdown of one sort or another, as illustrated by the experience of some white collar workers interviewed in this New York Times exposé of the brutal and bruising work environment at Amazon.

Accidents, injuries, and minor illnesses like the common cold often seem to arise when your life tips out of balance.  You might brush these warning signs aside, but the body and the heart refuse to be ignored indefinitely.  Eventually, stronger and deeper indicators will arrest you once again.

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How to Overcome Digital Overwhelm, Once and For All

Overcome digital overwhelm + digital overload

With an irresistible force as strong as a black hole, digital reality can suck you into a Never Never Land where you lose all track of time, sense of dimension, and gravity of importance.  Without question, digital engagement can be addictive.  In fact, university students have described digital media as a “drug.”

In a major research study, more than 1,000 college students around the world were asked to go without media for a 24-hour period.   They used terms like “addiction” and “withdrawal” to describe the decidedly distressful experience.  Imagine itching like a crackhead because you can’t use your phone.  Without their digital accessories – for just a single day – many students reported feeling sad, lonely, depressed, or even “dead”.

Do you too sometimes feel like you can’t resist the call of digital media?  The truth is it’s not easy to disconnect – for almost everyone, not just you.  Scrolling through email, typing out text messages, and looking at rising blog statistics can fire up the brain’s dopamine reward system creating a pleasure-inducing hit that has even become clinically addictive for about 6% of the population.

Isn’t it a relief to know you’re not alone?

There are many practical fixes for digital madness to help reduce the insanity.  But like any addiction or unhealthy habit, digital fascination tends to return to haunt you again and again.  That’s certainly happened for me.

So how do you uproot digital overwhelm once and for all? 

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A Simple Forumla for a Sweet Life

How to be happy + live a meaningful life.

My friend Michele was on hospice homecare for 4 years, when you’re only supposed to be end-of-life material for 6 months.

So she quit hospice. Not because she died. It didn’t matter what the scans said, she reasoned, because she felt brilliantly alive. In fact, she sparkled, despite the way cancer had inched through her body and marred her brain, her bones, and so many other organs and structures.

That’s not to say she didn’t have pain or fatigue  She did, but she took personal responsibility and learned how to manage it as best she could.

What’s Keeping You Alive?

Once, I asked Michele, “What’s keeping you alive?”   This is what she told me.

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Practical Wisdom on Money, Parenting, and Busyness {+ More}

Practical Wisdom On Money, Parenting, Busyness, and More

Every few months, I share a list of my favorite articles from around the web, just the best ones that contain practical or profound wisdom to help you shine your star in the most beautiful way.  Here are my selections this time.

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21 Joyful Quotes to Light Up Your Heart

Joyful Quotes | Happiness Quotes

We could all feel more joy.  Wouldn’t the world be a better place if we did?

But the problem is we don’t pay attention to joy. We’re so dedicated to worry, fear, self-doubt, anger, impatience, or another wayward emotion that joy takes a backseat.
Please consider breaking-up with these troublesome emotional patterns.  Instead, make a commitment to joy.

Use these joy quotes like a tonic.  Choose one a day.  Tape it to your mirror, stick it on your computer screen, or clip it to your daily planner.  Read it often and tap into joy.  Smile for no reason.  Laugh out loud.  Enjoy the beauty you notice in each moment.

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