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Month: May 2016

When Things Fall Apart: How to Cope in Difficult Times


Did you know an eclipse – lunar or solar – can trigger sudden, irrevocable change in your life that comes about due to external circumstances? I used to fear eclipses for this very reason.

I disliked unexpected change.  The kind of change that can make your head spin in disbelief and leave your knees knocking loudly.  The kind of change you didn’t ask for.  The kind of change you don’t want.

Fortunately, every eclipse doesn’t effect every person so dramatically.  But still, you can’t escape change forever.  There’s also the unfolding of karma – the fruition of your past actions – which can twist your world around in abrupt and surprising ways.

Change will arrive in this lightning-like way at some point in your life.  What will you do?

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Practical Wisdom on Success, Sorrow, and Mood Swings


Every few months, I share a list of my favorite articles from around the web, just the best ones, that contain practical or profound wisdom to help you shine your star in the most beautiful way.  Here are my picks for this time.

I’d love to know which articles resonated for you.  Please leave your thoughts in the comments.

Want to Be Intentional and Master Your Emotions?

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Each guide is thoughtfully designed to help you consciously direct your life, harmonize your emotions so you feel more spacious, confident, and free, and release yourself from negative thought patterns that keep you small and scared.  You’ll find inspiration, practical information, and focused exercises in each missive.

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Come Home to Love


Inspired by the movie Frankie and Alice.

Sometimes, compassion catches you unexpectedly like a love serum secretly injected in your veins coming alive of its own accord.

You cannot resist its force, its pull, its power.  Your heart overtakes your brain, it commands your body.  Your being suddenly grows much larger, more spacious, and softer than your usual tiny ego-identified self.

The breadth of humanity stretches across your visual screen. You see what’s possible if only love would prevail, dominating each and every mind.

The sensation had been building, and a simple scene made it peak.

In a fix, she looked up at him and said, “You came for me.”  Surprise played in her eyes.

“Of course, “ he replied.

Is there any greater beauty in this world than showing up for someone else?

You might teach them how to love and appreciate themselves for the first time.  You might relieve their poverty, their disease, or their impossible struggle, whatever it might be.   You might melt their worry with a smile and a deep breath of release.

I wish this love serum would become my own life blood, never dissipating but only growing stronger and stronger.  I would become a heartbeat, my one and only job.  Each beat would send a pulse of love to uplift those in dire straights, the lonely, the angry, the aggrieved.  Throb upon throb would spread tenderness throughout this needy, love-starved world.

Then, when I die, I would seemingly fly away on the whispers of this love, yet always be near, invisibly cradling you in warmth, safety, and care.

In this effervescent grace, I will come for you.  I will come for you and hold out my hand.  I will invite you to come home to love.  I will never stop coming for you until you too find love.

With love, Sandra

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