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Month: March 2016

Stressed? How to Slow Down the Pace

Protect your nervous system from stress.

I found myself sitting in a small, underground room, illuminated by fluorescent bulbs.  The air reeked of an old-fashioned smell, probably piped throughout the building.  This scent, along with the hot pink doors on the toilets next door, took me to an earlier era – but not early enough.

The presenter began his introduction to Organic Intelligence, a leading-edge, body-based therapy for shock trauma.  He shuffled through slides as he ambled across the front of the room, explaining how the human nervous system was designed for the reality of the hunter-gatherer period, not for our speedy, complex, and uncertain modern world.

Stress and Your Nervous System

Thus, nervous system dysregulation can impact almost everyone in these busy times, not just those subject to the distress of trauma.

When your nervous system is regulated, you’re able to respond to perceived danger in an appropriate manner and then return to a baseline of calm.  These days, perceived danger can be anything from a nasty comment to fear for your job.  More and more people find themselves constantly stressed with little recourse for turning down the frazzle.

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How to Embrace the 7 Paradoxes of Personal Growth

7 practical tips for positive change

The other day, I asked my followers on my Always Well Within Facebook Page,

Name one thing you love about yourself.

Bragging a bit, now and then, can be good for the spirit!

I especially smiled when I read this response:  “I love everything about myself.”

Isn’t that fabulous?  How many people have the confidence, courage, and sense of inner security to make a bold statement like that?  I would like to bring my own self-esteem up to that level.

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Why I Love Tarot Cards. Hint: Insight, Healing, and Guidance

The Wild Unko

Daily Guidance from the Wild Unknown Tarot Deck

I’ve been drawing oracle cards on special occasions for years, especially when I’ve faced confusion, conflicting choices, or indecisiveness.  It never occurred to me to use the cards for daily guidance until I recently took a fabulous e-course with Susannah Conway by that exact name.

For three weeks straight during the course, and continuing afterward, I consulted the cards daily.  The accuracy, insight, and coherence of my daily draws astounded me. This course has been life-altering in the best possible way.  I loved the sense of fun, exploration, and discovery in the course and among the community too.

Here are some of the benefits I personally receive from consulting either oracle and/or tarot cards on a daily basis, usually in the morning.

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