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Practical Wisdom on Life, Love, and Loss

Practical Wisdom on Life, L

I’m expressing my love today by honoring the words of several extraordinary women.  Though some of these writings will take you to the brink of death and beyond, I promise they always culminate in loving awareness.

Yes, I’ve become a Patti Digh addict!  I think it’s a good addiction, though.

I would love to hear what resonated for you in these deep-thinking, love inspiring articles.  Please tell me in the comments.

Sending loving thoughts your way today and everyday.  Thank you for reading!  I appreciate your presence.  Have you signed up for my monthly note – Wild Arisings – yet?  Learn more and join here – you’ll get some goodies too.  May you be well, happy, and safe – always.  With love, Sandra


Are You Willing to Stand Up for Yourself? It Might Save Your Life


How Creativity Can Help You Move Through Loss – Even If You Aren’t Creative


  1. Thank you for all the good reads, Sandra! And Happy Valentine’s Day to you! <3 <3

  2. I love Patti Digh’s energy and writing, too – she is one of the first bloggers I ‘discovered’ when I began reading and writing online. I am greatly inspired by her journey. One of her articles you’ve listed here “What I Learn on the Orange Couch” could be required reading for open-hearted people!

    I appreciate the energy and time you vest to create these powerful and inspiring articles!! I always find we’re both touched by a few of the same ones (which feels very affirming) and the gift of someone ‘new to me’ to read and learn from. Thank you!!

    • Happy Valentine’s Day, Joy! Sending you lots of love!

      It’s interesting that I haven’t discovered Patti Digh until now. I’m glad you found her earlier. I trust that everything unfolds for us at the right time.

      Thanks for your appreciative words. It feels joyful to share such insightful writing with you and everyone who reads my blog. I feel fortunate. I’m glad you have some new reads and avenues of learning too. As I’m sure you also feel that learning is a continual path. Much love to you!

  3. I was immediately drawn in by the post title Sandra and I have found lots of inspiration here. I was grateful to have come across Patti’s posts last week and delighted to be introduced to the writing of Cauldrons & Cupcakes, Jasmin Cori’s blog and others just now. “Planning for a Wonderful and an Ordinary Life” is speaking volumes to me right now.

    Thank you also for including my post, it was a thrill to see it included among these posts 🙂

    Wishing you a wonderful week!

    • Happy Valentine’s Day, Liz! Thanks for your kind words. I think this is an especially special collection, myself. Jasmin doesn’t write often, but I find each piece she writes incredibly helpful. Cauldron and Cupcakes is such a great mix of light and deep. I’m glad you’re enjoying these. It’s really a pleasure to be able to share such wonderful writing with my friends here.

  4. What a lovely round up post Sandra, with much to read and think about. I especially love Alexandra Franzen’s ‘It All Matters’ which has such deep love and wisdom in it, and can’t help but influence our behaviour when we read it.

    • That’s a very special post, isn’t it, Ellen! And this is really the main point that you underscore: influencing a change in behavior. Of course, for the positive for us and all. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  5. I love how Jasmin Cori says, “Anything that leaves you relaxed, feeling safe and good inside is good for your nervous system.” It’s so nice to simplify the process of finding our way to healthy state of balance and ease!

    • That was my favorite line from the article too, Lynn! I agree, it helps to have a measure like this that makes it easier to find balance and ease.

  6. You do these roundup posts so well Sandra. This one is so filled with beauty and love that I couldn’t choose one that I liked better than another. They’re all so brilliant. 🙂

    • Thank you, Elle! I have to agree, that I think this particular collection of posts is extremely special. Not from an ego point of view at all, just because the wisdom shared by these women is amazing and so very human. Love to you!

  7. Thanks for sharing Sandra. Loved checking in on some new blogs I’ve not seen before. I was inspired by Alexandra Frazen’s piece to make a daily difference and Liz’s tips to reconnect with ourselves.

    • You’re welcome, Vishnu! I don’t do these link posts so often anymore so when I do one, I try to make it very special. I’m glad you got connected to a few new blogs and that piece from Frazen really speaks volumes, I so agree!

  8. Thank you for this list, Sandra and for introducing me to Patti Digh. I enjoyed reading her article about sitting on the orange couch, and loved her comments on helping others, especially this line, “When you believe you are helping, you might not be. Help yourself instead. Consider it likely you’re the one who needs help, not others.” Very powerful!

    • Thank you so much, Cathy, for highlighting those words. You speak a lot about that on your blog too, don’t you! It’s so important that we care for ourselves, otherwise we’re not so much use to others. I so agree with both of you. I’m so glad you resonated with Patti’s writing.

  9. Sandra, thanks so much for this impressive reading list (and also for including my Heart Sisters post about the AHA’s first ever scientific statement on women’s heart attacks (and it only took them 92 years to issue it!)

    I too have only recently discovered Patti Digh (perhaps through your site here previously?) Her “hysterical female” post should be required reading in med school…

    Happy Belated ♡ Day to you!

    • You’re welcome, Carolyn. I don’t share these links posts as often as I used to so when I do I always try to make them special. It’s hard to resist your posts, they are so informative and helpful yet also creative. I sent you a tweet with a link to her article; maybe you connected that way. I thought you might want to read it and I see it was right since you think it should be required reading in med school! Thanks for the sweet Valentine’s wishes. I’ll take love any day of the week! Wishing you the same.

  10. An inspiring collection of articles from women writers which are beautiful and heartwarming.

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