Cultivating Self-Sovereignty

“Unacceptable!”  That’s what I thought after reading Patti Digh’s article, No You Are Not An Hysterical Female, No This Is Not Just Anxiety.

Can you imagine the frustration and disbelief you might feel if diagnosed with anxiety when the real problem is a 90% blockage in a main artery to your heart, and thus a risk for a significant, possibly life-threatening cardiac event?  In fact, Patti had to be carried down a path over the snow to an ambulance a few days after her misdiagnosis, in the throes of a heart attack.

It doesn’t matter how cool, smart, or savvy you might be in your world.  Once you’re in the grips of the so called logical, male-dominated medical model, you lose rights to your body, could become the object of shame, and might even lose your life.  Yes, you might even lose this precious miracle of a home base for your beating heart, creative brain, and non-material consciousness.

When I read a story like this, I do a double take.  My word for the year is self-sovereignty. So this story reminds me – with alarm bells ringing – how the world wants to own you and doesn’t encourage you to own your self.

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