3 Self Care Routines for More Balance

Greeting the sun, Big Island, Hawaii.

Many people are convinced that they have no time to allot to creating and following good habits.  My teacher Vimalananda used to say, ‘Westerners wear their gods on their wrists.’  By this he meant that we allow an artificial, arrhythmic version of time to regulate our lives.  All organisms require rhythm for proper functioning, but most of us ignore the natural internal and external rhythms that secretly influence us.  We try instead to create our own, unnatural time.  Our dedication to arbitrary schedules robs us of our natural rhythms and weakens our ability to adapt to stresses.  Fortunately, introducing additional routine into our lives can regenerate these rhythms.  The human organism loves routine and thrives when it is fed, exercised and rested regularly. – Dr. Robert E. Svoboda

Most of us follow the clock with little thought given to our own body rhythm and how it aligns with the daily cycle of nature.  In fact, your personal rhythm may be radically distorted so you have no clue what would actually be natural and normal for you.

The Benefits of Daily Routines Rooted in Nature

You can tell you’re off-balance if you find it hard to wake up in the morning, your energy dips in the afternoon, or you’re suddenly alert at bedtime.  Irregular elimination and digestive woes also signal a body out of whack.  Popping pills might bring short term relief, but it won’t necessarily address the root of the problem.

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