WILD ARISINGS is a soul-stirring monthly love letter to your inbox, filled with whatever insights surface from my deepest knowing to help you heal your emotional wounds, connect with your truest self, and shine your light brightly.

In each letter, I share my own stories, especially my challenges and how I overcame them, hoping they will inspire and encourage you on your own path of authentic living. I make each message meaningful because I only want to contribute to your life in a positive way, not add to the noise.

In addition to a personal missive, each letter includes:

  • An invitation to set your intentions for the next month.
  • Guidance from my favorite tarot deck to encourage you in the days ahead.
  • Links to my best blog posts from the previous month, so you’ll never miss a beat.
  • News about new courses or free resources in the Always Well Within Library.

WILD ARISINGS arrives at the New Moon each month. Occasionally, I’ll also write to you mid-cycle when I have something new to share.

You’ll also have access to all these free self-discovery resources in the Always Well Within Library, with more being added regularly:

  • Your Stress Strategy Workbook | 17-page workbook.
  • 21 Simple Stress Tips, Reclaim Your Ease, Recapture Your Joy | 50+ page e-book.
  • Your Year In Review Workbook 2016   | 20 page workbook.
  • 33 Mantras to Quickly Calm Your Stress Response | 3-page mini-guide.
  • 21 Mantras to Boost Your Self-Confidence | 4-page mini-guide.

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