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Month: January 2016

How to Outsmart Morning Stress & Feel More Ease All Day Long

A spike in morning stress can last till the late afternoon!

Do you rush in the morning and already feel stressed before you’re even out the door?

Research indicates an early morning increase in stress can continue all the way into the afternoon or early evening. Yikes!  Wouldn’t it be better to institute a calm morning routine?

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3 Healthy Routines for a More Balanced Life

3 Self Care Routines for More Balance

Greeting the sun, Big Island, Hawaii.

Many people are convinced that they have no time to allot to creating and following good habits.  My teacher Vimalananda used to say, ‘Westerners wear their gods on their wrists.’  By this he meant that we allow an artificial, arrhythmic version of time to regulate our lives.  All organisms require rhythm for proper functioning, but most of us ignore the natural internal and external rhythms that secretly influence us.  We try instead to create our own, unnatural time.  Our dedication to arbitrary schedules robs us of our natural rhythms and weakens our ability to adapt to stresses.  Fortunately, introducing additional routine into our lives can regenerate these rhythms.  The human organism loves routine and thrives when it is fed, exercised and rested regularly. – Dr. Robert E. Svoboda

Most of us follow the clock with little thought given to our own body rhythm and how it aligns with the daily cycle of nature.  In fact, your personal rhythm may be radically distorted so you have no clue what would actually be natural and normal for you.

The Benefits of Daily Routines Rooted in Nature

You can tell you’re off-balance if you find it hard to wake up in the morning, your energy dips in the afternoon, or you’re suddenly alert at bedtime.  Irregular elimination and digestive woes also signal a body out of whack.  Popping pills might bring short term relief, but it won’t necessarily address the root of the problem.

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The Only Anti-Abandonment Strategy You’ll Ever Need

Never Abandon Yourself

Do you fear abandonment?  You may not be quivering in trepidation every single moment of the day.  But when triggered, does an avalanche of insecurity, distrust, and worry descend from the hidden corridors of your mind?

The fear of abandonment comes into play often enough in my life.  Here are two examples.

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How to Get Tiny Bursts of Stress Relief All Day Long

Tiny Bursts of Stress Relief

Recently, I took advantage of a short wait at the dentist to close my eyes, relax my body, and let go of stress.

How do you respond when you’re required to wait?  Be honest with yourself.

  • Do you get impatient, bored, or restless?
  • Do you turn to a digital device to keep your mind busy or stave off the feeling of too much to do?
  • Do you turn to a magazine or the television screen to distract yourself?

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An Invitation…

WILD ARISINGS is a soul-stirring monthly love letter to your inbox, filled with whatever insights surface from my deepest knowing to help you heal your emotional wounds, connect with your truest self, and shine your light brightly.

In each letter, I share my own stories, especially my challenges and how I overcame them, hoping they will inspire and encourage you on your own path of authentic living. I make each message meaningful because I only want to contribute to your life in a positive way, not add to the noise.

In addition to a personal missive, each letter includes:

  • An invitation to set your intentions for the next month.
  • Guidance from my favorite tarot deck to encourage you in the days ahead.
  • Links to my best blog posts from the previous month, so you’ll never miss a beat.
  • News about new courses or free resources in the Always Well Within Library.

WILD ARISINGS arrives at the New Moon each month. Occasionally, I’ll also write to you mid-cycle when I have something new to share.

You’ll also have access to all these free self-discovery resources in the Always Well Within Library, with more being added regularly:

  • Your Stress Strategy Workbook | 17-page workbook.
  • 21 Simple Stress Tips, Reclaim Your Ease, Recapture Your Joy | 50+ page e-book.
  • Your Year In Review Workbook 2016   | 20 page workbook.
  • 33 Mantras to Quickly Calm Your Stress Response | 3-page mini-guide.
  • 21 Mantras to Boost Your Self-Confidence | 4-page mini-guide.

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How to Own Yourself In A World That Wants to Own You

The Tree That Owns It Self

The Tree That Owns Itself

If you’re not speaking your truth, whose are you speaking?  If you are not honoring your medicine,  who will midwife it into being?  – Ara Campbell

I haven’t read Free Will Astrology  for years, although I used to be an addict when I lived in Santa Cruz and the column ran in the Santa Cruz Weekly. As synchronicity goes, a friend posted a link on Facebook and curiosity brought me to an early December reading for my astrological sign on self-ownership:

Your mascot is a famous white oak in Athens, Georgia. It’s called the ‘Tree That Owns Itself.’ According to legend, it belongs to no person or institution, but only to itself. The earth in which it’s planted and the land around it are also its sole possession. With this icon as your inspiration, I invite you to enhance and celebrate your sovereignty during the next seven months. What actions will enable you to own yourself more thoroughly? How can you boost your autonomy and become, more than ever before, the boss of you? It’s prime time to expedite this effort.

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