What To Do When Your Energy Is Deflated

Does your energy suddenly deflate when you interact with a particular person? If so what would you do?

Recently, I asked this question on Facebook after an interaction left me feeling deflated.  I’d been joyful, confident, and excited as I described a new idea.  After a colleague’s response, especially the tone, I felt like a crumpled beach ballon. Long before a thought actually formed about the reply, every single molecule of positive energy drained from my being.

This wasn’t the first time with this person.  All started out well, but somehow our interactions degraded over time.  I appreciated the person’s expertise, so in the past I would silently take the punch or become slightly disagreeable.  I always learned something valuable in the knowledge arena, but the interactions progressively felt worse and worse. Each time, my immediate instinct was to retreat. That inclination grew stronger over time. But I also felt uncertain since I valued this individual’s knowledge and advice.

I wondered, “Do I follow my heart or do I follow my head?”

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