Why Do You Do What You Do?

Taking life seriously does not mean spending our whole lives meditating as if we were living in the Himalaya Mountains or in the old days in Tibet. In the modern world, we have to work to earn our living, but we should not get entangled in a nine-to-five existence, where we live without any view of the deeper meaning of life.

Our task is to strike a balance, to find a middle way, to learn not to overextend ourselves with extraneous activities and preoccupations, but to simplify our lives more and more. The key to finding a happy balance in modern life is simplicity. – Sogyal Rinpoche, Glimpse After Glimpse

“Why am I doing this?”

This question popped up in my journal so many times this year.  It’s a good question to ask from time-to-time to be sure you’re on track with your genuine heart wishes.  After all, life streams by so quickly.  I don’t want to be left with regrets.  But I also don’t want to get all wound up in fear about that either.

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