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Month: November 2015

What To Do When Someone Robs Your Joy and Deflates Your Energy

What To Do When Your Energy Is Deflated

Does your energy suddenly deflate when you interact with a particular person? If so what would you do?

Recently, I asked this question on Facebook after an interaction left me feeling deflated.  I’d been joyful, confident, and excited as I described a new idea.  After a colleague’s response, especially the tone, I felt like a crumpled beach ballon. Long before a thought actually formed about the reply, every single molecule of positive energy drained from my being.

This wasn’t the first time with this person.  All started out well, but somehow our interactions degraded over time.  I appreciated the person’s expertise, so in the past I would silently take the punch or become slightly disagreeable.  I always learned something valuable in the knowledge arena, but the interactions progressively felt worse and worse. Each time, my immediate instinct was to retreat. That inclination grew stronger over time. But I also felt uncertain since I valued this individual’s knowledge and advice.

I wondered, “Do I follow my heart or do I follow my head?”

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How to Take Care of Your Heart in Brutal Times

Take Care of Your Heart in Brutal Times

The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good is my religion. – Thomas Payne

It’s been some time since the attacks in Paris, Beirut, and Baghdad, but trauma doesn’t simply fade away for many people. Trauma can etch itself into your brain, your cells, and your being.  Its impact can leave you feeling jittery, unsafe and triggered into alarm by unexpected noise or movements.

The attacks that took place in Paris, in particular, bring home a different reality to comfortable Westerners, a glimpse into the daily experience of thousands of people who live in worn-torn countries or areas besieged by terrorists.  Instead of bursting into anger or blame, this can be an invitation to walk in the shoes of the war-weary and let it break open your heart.

For your own sanity, it can help to establish a way of responding to these deeply unsettling events, which seem to be occurring with greater frequency.  And, in fact, terrorism, murder, death from hunger, rape, and abuse happen everyday whether they’re visible to us or not.

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Great Links for a Good Life {Autumn Edition}

Great Links for a Good Life - Autumn

Welcome to my seasonal sharing of goodness from around the web, great resources, and sometimes a good book or two.

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Why Do You Do What You Do?

Why Do You Do What You Do?

Taking life seriously does not mean spending our whole lives meditating as if we were living in the Himalaya Mountains or in the old days in Tibet. In the modern world, we have to work to earn our living, but we should not get entangled in a nine-to-five existence, where we live without any view of the deeper meaning of life.

Our task is to strike a balance, to find a middle way, to learn not to overextend ourselves with extraneous activities and preoccupations, but to simplify our lives more and more. The key to finding a happy balance in modern life is simplicity. – Sogyal Rinpoche, Glimpse After Glimpse

“Why am I doing this?”

This question popped up in my journal so many times this year.  It’s a good question to ask from time-to-time to be sure you’re on track with your genuine heart wishes.  After all, life streams by so quickly.  I don’t want to be left with regrets.  But I also don’t want to get all wound up in fear about that either.

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5 Simple & Effective Antidotes to Worry

Do you worry a lot?  I used to be a big worrier.  For example, I would be on pins and needles whenever my husband flew until he touched down safely.

Eventually, I realized:  Worry never helps, it only harms me.

Since that “aha” moment, I worry far less.  I can’t say I’ve extinguished worry entirely, but it’s no longer such a prominent force in my life.

According to WebMD:

When worries and anxiety become excessive, chances are you’ll trigger the stress response.

In addition to stressing you out, chronic worry can make you physically ill. Repeatedly turning on the fear, flight, fight stress system in your body can contribute to annoying symptoms like headaches, insomnia, and muscle aches and even big health problems like immune suppression, digestive disorders, and heart disease. If you need more help with stress, read:  21 Ways to Eliminate Stress from Your Life.

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